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10 RV T-Shirts for RV Owners: Introducing TREKKN Tees!

10 RV T-Shirts for RV Owners: Introducing TREKKN Tees!

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RV owners love hitting the open road and exploring all this amazing world has to offer. We also enjoy expressing our love of RVing, which is why these RV T-Shirts are perfect for the RV owners in your life. 

Introducing TREKKN Tees – RV T-Shirts and Baseball Tees

Explore. Wander. Freedom. Adventure. Home.

Those are just a few words to describe what the RV lifestyle means to us. 

RVing allows you to explore while going at your own pace.

RVing allows you to wander through towns, cities and National Parks that have long been on your bucket list.

RVing allows you to live a life of adventure.

RVing allows you the freedom to travel in style and comfort.

While you can definitely say that travel in general, no matter the form of transportation you choose, allows all of these things, there’s only one way that you can bring so many of the comforts of home with you.

And that’s via RV. Your RV becomes your home.

It was with these thoughts in mind that Todd designed our TREKKN Tees. 

All of these RV shirts are available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes plus a variety of different colors.

1. My Airstream Is Home Tee

Do you love your “silver bullet” camper? Do you call it home? This design is for you!

Check prices on Amazon

2. My Fifth Wheel Is Home

My Fifth Wheel Is Home RV T-shirt

Have you made a fifth wheel your home on the road? Home is where you park it!

Check prices on Amazon

3. This Is My Adventure Shirt – Fun & Cute RV Shirt

RV T-shirt

This is the perfect RV tee to wear on the day you hit the road! Put on your adventure shirt and get ready for a very fun RV trip.

I’m partial to this one. (Side note: I’m wearing a medium.)

This Is My Adventure Shirt - RV T-Shirt

Check prices on Amazon

4. I Say Bad Words When I’m Parking My Camper

I Say Bad Words When I'm Parking My Camper Funny RV Shirt

Hey, parking a camper can be stressful especially when trying to back it into a tight spot at the RV park. Or when you show up to the RV park at night. Stress sometimes equals a few bad words. 🙂

Check prices on Amazon

5. Campfire Construction Squad – Camping T-Shirt

Camping T-Shirt

Are you part of the Campfire Construction Squad? If you love camping and you love building campfires, this camping t-shirt is for you.

Check prices on Amazon

6. TREKKN Logo Tee

TREKKN Tee - RV Brand

We’re partial to this one for obvious reasons. (Side note: Todd is wearing a large.)

TREKKN Logo Tee - RV Brand

Check prices on Amazon

7. More Airstream T-Shirts


Airstream t-shirt

Check prices on Amazon


Check prices on Amazon


Check prices on Amazon

8. Fifth Wheel Wander T-Shirt

Fifth Wheel t-shirt wander

Have you made a fifth wheel your home on the road? Or are you just passionate about your fifth wheel? This design will perfectly express your love of wandering!

Check prices on Amazon

9. RV Mode Activated

RV Mode Activated T-Shirt

Let everyone know you’re in RV mode and ready to hit the open road in your home on wheels.

Check prices on Amazon

10. Raglan Baseball Tee RV Shirts

We also have several designs available in Raglan Baseball style tees. 

baseball style rv shirt

airstream baseball style tee

TREKKN baseball style tee

See all TREKKN Tees on Amazon

Don’t see an RV t-shirt you like? No worries. We’re working on new designs every month and will continue to add them here as they are released. If you have any ideas you’d like to see on a t-shirt, let us know! 

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