Row of evergreen trees in front of Valley of 10 Peaks, a breathtaking part of hiking Mount Bourgeau in Banff National Park.

Who We Are

In 2017, a wanderlust couple took a leap of faith, sold their house, and bought a brand new travel trailer to explore the country with their kids. TREKKN was born from their passion to share with the world their real life explorations of national parks, RV life, outdoor cooking, and just about anything related to an epic road trip adventure.

When TREKKN changed ownership a few years later, it was time to expand beyond the road warrior lifestyle. We celebrate the near and far to discover local living, weekend adventures, brag-worthy dining experiences, and everything in between. That includes continuing to reinforce our expertise in RV Living by sharing tips, recommendations, and insights based on real experiences. To that end, we expanded our distributed team of writers and support staff.

One thing remains the same and that’s our unwavering passion for travel, exploration, experiences and adventure.

So whether we’re delving into the tranquility of a serene lake, discovering a local art school, or uncovering the natural wonders of the most visited national park in the country (Great Smoky Mountains), we aim to provide our audience informative, enjoyable, and inspiring content. We draw from real-life, first-hand experiences to provide you with the best tips, advice, and recommendations to ignite your desire for adventure.

Whatever led you to our site, we hope you enjoy our personal stories, recommendations, and research. We hope our articles, graphs, tables, charts, and photographs inspire you to create a never ending bucket list filled with beach and mountain travel destinations, national park visits, local events, and must-try dining experiences.

Thank for being a part of our quest.


A Bit About Our Contributors

Woman with daypack hiking on trail

Kristen B lives & works from her RV, primarily boondocking off-grid. She owns and operates a women-led travel company, Legit Trips.  Kristen loves to explore new places and inspire others to do the same.  If she’s not typing away on her laptop, she’s off on an adventure- hiking, biking, or SUP boarding. You can follow her RV adventures @PerpetualMoves and learn more about her travel company at

A writer and outdoor explorer, Sarah, with her dog Orion.

Sarah K has been a full-time solo traveler for 4 years and counting, but she’s been a solo adventurer for decades. She owns her own copywriting business, Flourish Writing, which she operates from the road. Sarah loves to explore state and national parks with her two dogs, Orion and Piper—wherever they’re allowed, of course. When she’s not whipping up web copy for fellow entrepreneurs, she’s probably out hiking or paddle boarding with the dogs in tow. Learn more about her freelance writing business at

Woman hiking with trekking poles across snow covered trail

Jane C is based in Santa Barbara, California, where she draws inspiration from the juxtaposition of sea and mountains that frame her surroundings. Her experiences as an outdoor educator on both coasts cemented Jane’s belief that time spent in nature leads to extraordinary moments of growth and connection. Today, whether at work as a project manager, educator, and writer, or at play in the wilderness of the U.S., Canada, and beyond, Jane seeks to weave together the practical with the profound.

Dolphin doing tricks out of water at Hawks Cay Resort

After graduating from college with a degree in animal behavior, Isabel O allowed herself some time to get closer to nature. She took a leap to the European countryside and hiked her way through Switzerland, Italy and Portugal before returning to the US. It’s clear now she was meant to be an outdoorsy gal as she spends her days camping and hiking the trails along both coasts and cozies up to the campfire with pen and paper to chronicle her travels. TREKKN is fortunate to have her on the team.

Woman wearing backpack hiking solo

Erin M is rooted in South Dakota, but wanders every chance she gets to see the beauty that nature holds. From hiking to climbing, there’s not an adventure she’ll turn down. After renovating her 1976 Airstream Argosy, Erin knows the ins and outs of living life on the road and trailer maintenance. Whether she’s on the road with her dog and partner or at home curled up with a good book, Erin is always planning her next adventure because life is meant to be lived outdoors.

Man viewing ocean in Nova Scotia on RV trip

Todd B loves a competitive game of table tennis, a breathtaking hike, and exploring new places. He lived and traveled in an RV with his family as they traveled throughout much of the US and parts of Canada. Todd has extensive knowledge about RV travel, safety, and accessories and has shared many of his stories here on TREKKN. When he’s not busy launching and building small businesses, you may find him staring at pictures of Glacier National Park (probably his favorite spot on earth).

Woman standing near edge of Wild Goose Island while visiting national park

Julie B specializes in helping you whip up delicious meals in your tiny RV kitchen, as well as RV organization tips and helping fellow RVers make their RV feel like home. Her favorite RVing spot is in Banff National Park in Canada where yes, the water really is that blue and the people really are that nice.

Man in blue puffer jacket

Josiah B gained invaluable experience while living on the road with his family, during which time he felt overcome with the desire to continue exploring. That search landed him in Seward, Alaska, where he currently resides. His love for the outdoors is welcome with open arms in the Last Frontier, and with an endless amount of hiking and backpacking to be done, he’s eager to share the best that Alaska has to offer.

Editorial Policy

Our team carefully supervises and reviews each article. TREKKN’s goal is to offer our readers inspiration, trip planning advice, quality reviews and recommendations, and helpful tips. We prioritize honest, reliable, quality information in our content. To that end, our team of contributors and support staff continuously review all content to ensure it remains accurate and current.

TREKKN creates original images, illustrations, and videos and supplements certain articles with public use stock photography (with appropriate credit) in the best interest of our readers. Photos and videos are never altered in a way to mislead.

Contributors and content are independent from advertisers and brands. All reviews are the honest opinion of the writer based on personal use or product testing.

Our aim is to deliver top-quality information and content that is designed and created by real people. TREKKN prohibits the publication of content using AI writing tools.

Content Updates and Corrections

All articles are written by real people. We primarily publish evergreen content and follow an ongoing review process to ensure it remains current and up-to-date.

We welcome comments and feedback from our readers. If you believe we have published a factual error within any of our articles, please let us know. There are three options for submitting your suggested correction, comment, or general feedback. You can use the comment box at the bottom of the article, use the online form to contact us, or send an email to [email protected].

Product Reviews

As RV owners, expert travelers, hikers, campers, and local explorers, we have first-hand experience with products that can help improve your travel experiences, RV lifestyle, and outdoor adventures. From portable batteries and camping stoves to storage solutions and interior decor, we research and curate recommended lists of great products.

While the author may receive a sample product to test (which will be disclosed in the article), product reviews are solely the opinion of the author.

We may receive an affiliate commission for some (not all) of the products referenced within Trekkn if you click through to the retailer site and make a purchase. There is never an additional cost to you.

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We are a distributed team of part-time and full-time travelers. Collectively, we have home bases in various regions of the United States. Given our nomadic lifestyle, the best way to contact us is by email at [email protected]. You can also use the online Contact Us form.

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