Close up of baby crying with text 'hits shin on hitch'

11 Funny RV Memes That You Can Probably Relate To

Traveling by RV is the best, am I right? The freedom of the open road. Camping in beautiful locations and becoming one with nature. The stress of the black tank, arriving in pitch black, or hitting your shin (again) on the hitch. It’s time to have a good laugh. We created some RV memes we think all you RVers can related to.

OK, enjoy a nice time out to relax and have a good laugh.

RV Memes to Make RVers Laugh

Fun fact: our daughter created these memes for TREKKN and I’d say she did a good job. You’ll definitely see an RV meme below that’s very personal to her. You see, she had the lucky opportunity of sleeping on the dinette that turned into a bed when she traveled with us. And she loved it. *Sarcasm*

From sleeping on an uncomfortable bed and bad weather you can’t control to things you say while backing up the RV, we’re pretty sure you can relate to at least one or two of these RV memes.

That Hitch is a Doozy

Close up of face of sad baby with text 'hits shin on the hitch'

Oh, that hitch! It’s a doozy when you run into it. 

Backing Up Your Rig

Deer with head on the ground and text 'I'm sorry for what I called you while trying to back in the RV'

Backing in your rig can be tough!

We’ve all seen the “I’m sorry for what I said…” meme, but what about the “I’m sorry for what I called you while trying to back in the RV” one? Not that your family name calls. Ahem.

First, there are those small spaces you’re pretty sure the RV park created just so they could watch you try to maneuver your way into it. I mean honestly, why did you put a bush there?!

Then there are the times you get to an RV park at dark. That’s always fun.

Plus there are those long travel days when backing your rig into a space the size of a football field seems challenging.

Wait, Where Are We?

Cat sitting in sink with a confused expression and text 'when you wake up the day after a move'

“Where are we?!”

If you’re on an extended RV trip or are full-time RVing, there are mornings you wake up and wonder exactly where you are. “East coast, west coast, the desert, the beach…” who really knows.

Sleeping Options in an RV

Soft down comforter on one side and concrete on the other with text 'normal bed vs dinette bed'

If you’ve ever had the joy of sleeping on the dinette that turns into a bed, this just might be relatable. 

Full Hookups … AND a Connection!

Girl showing lots of excitement and text 'when you find RV park with sewer, electricity, and good cell service'

When you find an RV park with full hookups and rockin’ cell service, it’s like hitting the camping jackpot! Unless you want to be off-grid and then you couldn’t care less about service. But if you work from the road as we did, cell service is the difference between hitting work deadlines and not.

RV Travel Days

Happy terrier dog running and sleepy bulldog with text 'leaving for new campsite vs getting to new campsite'

Travel days can be exhausting. You start the day off ready to hit the road for that next destination and then you get there, set up and crash.

When Everything Falls

Young girl with hands on her cheeks and text 'make a shart turn and hear everything in the fridge fall'

The fridge, the cabinets, the shelves, the wall hangings…everything can be in trouble when it comes to a sharp turn in your RV.

Weather Happens

Dark clouds and lightning with text 'set up our new campsite'

Sometimes the weather just likes to play around with you. Specifically, as you’re setting up camp!

Shifts in weather patterns are such a big part of an RV lifestyle that it’s enough for two funny RV memes.

Toddler sound asleep and woman curled in bed frightened with text 'sleeping in house vs a stormy night in RV'

I’ll never forget the first big rain storm in our travel trailer. The rain was so loud on the roof, we couldn’t hear each other talk! Add to that the nights that start out calm and the rainstorms come in so fast and heavy it practically shakes you out of bed.

Road Trip Meals are Snacks on Wheels

White Labrador dog with stick in mouth and text 'traveling for six hours'

Sometimes on travel days, you just want to get to your location as fast as humanly possible. Which means taking the time for a real meal just isn’t happening. So you snack and snack and snack some more.

Crossing the Border

Snow falling on squirrel with text 'time to go to a new state'

Do you love travel days that involve entering a new state? Us too! It gives us much excitement.

We hope you enjoyed these RV memes. RV travel is never boring! Feel free to share this post with RV travel-loving friends.


Funny RV Memes that you can probably relate to

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