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The 5 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs to Relax Outdoors

We spend a lot of time outside cooking, playing board games, and watching sunsets. We traveled for a long time without heavy-duty camping chairs because we were always comfortable on our trailer stoop or the steps of the van. Why would we ever need camping chairs?

We’ve always thought that we didn’t need chairs for the outdoors. But, as I’ve gotten older, I now find that sitting still on the ground or on a step isn’t cutting it anymore.

So we’re on the hunt for some heavy-duty camping chairs. I’ve done my research and have the top five to recommend to our TREKKN audience. Get ready for some serious relaxation time outdoors!

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

An Overview of Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

In this guide, we will review some of the most popular camping chairs out there to help you do exactly what we did: find camping chairs that hold up for years and years to come.

But first, let’s see what we considered before we finalized our list!

Key Considerations When Buying Camping Chairs

You might be wondering, “Erin, how difficult can you make buying camping chairs?” To that, I answer, it’s more difficult than it should be. You want to find the right fit, size, and comfort. For RVers, you also want to consider weight and storage.

No, I’m not trying to over complicate the process. But, there are a lot of options on the market. And we want to narrow it down to help you easily find the best of the best.

Here are a few factors I took into consideration before deciding on camping chairs for our outdoor hangouts:


Durability heavily relies on which materials are used to construct the chairs. Understanding what materials are truly heavy-duty versus “meh” duty can make all the difference.

We want the chairs to last a long time. It wouldn’t make sense to buy something then throw it out after only a few uses.


Whether you’re tall or small (like me!), the height of your camping chairs is important. Thankfully, the people who use my camping chairs are relatively the same size I am. Shorter camping chairs will work best for our situation as we often use a cooler or smaller camping table to rest our drinks or for playing board games.

Heavy Duty Camping Chair


No one wants to lug a heavy camping chair around very far. Depending on where you plan on taking your camping chairs, you’ll want to think about how heavy each option is before purchasing.


In this day and age, reviews are everything when it comes to outdoor gear, including camping chairs. I put a lot of stock into customer reviews before making a purchase these days.


Of course we can’t forget about the cost. With higher quality comes a higher price, but we don’t like to break the bank unless it absolutely makes a difference. Finding the best chair for the best price is ideal when it comes to outdoor gear and camping chairs are no different.

With all that said, there are some pretty awesome, heavy-duty camping chairs out there that we found that made the top of our list. It’s time we dive in and see what we found!

Our Top Picks for Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

From campground chilling to backcountry relaxing, there are heavy-duty camping chairs that fit almost any situation. Here are a few of our favorites.

Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs

The ever-popular Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs are a fan favorite for a reason. These are truly heavy duty camping chairs that offer support, adjustability, and durability all in one. Let’s see what this particular chair has to offer.


  • Holds up to 250 lbs.
  • Is roughly 34 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 44 inches high. Plenty of room for a person of almost any size!
  • No assembly required.
  • Easy to fold up and store almost anywhere in your RV.
  • Offers a resistance level that supports you, instead of throwing you backwards when you get into it.
  • Made of steel and durable, strong textile.
Zero Gravity Chair-Grey

Made with a steel frame and UV-resistant mesh.

  • No assembly required
  • 26.4"D x 70"W x 48"H
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For under $100, you can get two Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs shipped directly to your door. That’s an incredible price point for two outdoor chairs that will last a long time. Clean, maintain, and store them properly.

Other things to note about these chairs are the non-slip footrest and detachable headrest. They also have an ABS system that allows you to adjust your support. With these features, you’ll find yourself lounging longer and longer as the day goes on.

Best camping chairs for outdoor relaxation

YETI Trailhead Camp Chair

Need a little more durability and strength in your camping chair? YETI’s Trailhead Camp Chair offers more of both, albeit also at a higher price point than the Zero Gravity Recliners.

Let’s look at the details.


  • Maximum weight allowed in this chair is 500 lbs.
  • A carry bag is included for easy transport and safe storage.
  • Packaway frame for simply fold and storage, which is perfect for RV and trailer spaces.
  • The dimensions are 30″ x 25″ x 36″.
  • Made of FlexGrid fabric, this chair gives you the strength and support you need to help alleviate and avoid backaches.
  • V-UV Rated to prevent the chair from falling apart after time in the sun.

This chair is much more expensive than most of the other chairs on our list, but it’s made with durability, strength, and ruggedness in mind.

This chair is not a budget option. That said, even at this higher price point, you can expect quality from YETI products. The company designed this chair to make it easy for just about anyone to rest.

One customer review caught our attention. The owner of this great chair said he even forgot how much he paid for it after relaxing in it for a few hours at camp! Must be a good chair to forget doling out a few hundred dollars, right?

YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair

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REI’s Outward Low Lawn Chair

REI’s Outward Low Lawn Chair is a great chair to ponder on (and in!). This 4.75 star-rated chair is one that’s affordable and durable for campfire hangouts under the stars. But what else does it bring to the (camping) table?


  • Maximum weight is 250 lbs.
  • The seat height is 11 inches off the ground.
  • Made of 300 denier rip-stop nylon for durability with an aluminum frame.
  • Weighs 7lbs 7oz.
  • Unfolded and ready for sitting, the dimensions run 26.5″ Deep x 24″ Wide x 23″ High.

For one Outward Low Lawn Chair, you can expect to pay about $90. With highly-rated reviews, this chair, according to REI, is highly abrasion resistant and has a durable water repellent to keep water and stains away.

Remember that as an REI member, you can receive a rebate. The estimated 10% rebate for this chair will put about $9 in your REI membership account. That effectively brings the net price down to around $81. A lifetime membership currently costs $30.

We purchased an REI membership a couple years ago and received a letter recently reminding us we have a $70 credit! I’ve got my eye on a new bike helmet. It’s super fun to gift shop with a store credit!

So back to the chair. While it doesn’t include a carry bag, it does have built in backpack straps. Remember, it’s just over 7 pounds so it’s too heavy to lug around on a hike. But, the straps come in handy when carrying gear from the trailer to your campsite.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

If you’re more of a traditional camping chair fan, the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is your best bet for durability at an affordable price.

This chair is highly recommended and is built to be one of the best heavy duty camping chairs you can find. Let’s find out why!


  • Made with 600D polyester and supported by a powder-coated steel frame, you can bet that this chair will last you quite a while.
  • Each armrest is adjustable and comes with your standard camping chair cup holders for people who enjoy an adult beverage now and then.
  • This chair has the highest weight capacity we’ve seen with an 800 lbs maximum weight.
  • The dimensions are 38 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 38 inches high.

Note that this chair weighs about 13 pounds, which is fairly heavy for a folding camping chair. But, it makes sense as it has a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds! Now we’re really talking heavy duty.

It’s also designed so that you can use the shoulder carry bag and sling it on your back when transporting to and from the campsite.

Another nice design feature of this chair are the pockets on each side, and even on the back. These are great for storing magazines, books, cards, and even your sticks for s’mores while you lounge around the campfire.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair
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Guide Gear Club Oversized Camp Chair

If you want extra comfort, the Guide Gear Oversized Camp Chair is calling. This outdoorsy-styled chair is perfect to curl up in after a long day on the trail or for a lazy day at camp. Let’s see what sets this chair apart from the other heavy-duty options on this list.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Made with a foldable alloy steel frame and a 600D polyester and polyurethane coated seat.
  • Sits at over 17 inches high.
  • Includes a deluxe compression carry bag with backpack straps for easy carrying
  • Weighs roughly 16 lbs
  • The dimensions are 34 inches long, 25 inches wide (deep), and 37 inches high.

This chair is much different than the others on this list because it offers a deeper, padded, and more comfortable seat than most heavy-duty camping chairs. You’ll also have a ton of colorways to choose from, a hanging cup holder, and a mesh pocket where you can store your phone or other small items.

The manufacturer, Guide Gear, states that even bigger, burlier men will love the embrace of this chair. I have to say, I think I agree!

Guide Gear Oversized XL Camping Chair

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Final Decision on Buying a Camping Chair

At the end of the day, we all have an individual preference for which chair will work best. Your preference may be different from mine. You may be taller, thinner, or have more storage space in your rig.

The key factors I took into consideration because they were most important to me were weight, durability, and comfort. I decided to select what I view as the chair that sits (pun intended) somewhere in the middle of all these options.

My top choice is the REI Outward Low Lawn Chair.

I admit, they’re a little bigger than I wanted when I consider storage space. But, they’re sturdy, and lightweight compared to the other options. These factors were important to me. The Low Lawn Chair also offers support and comfort we want and need to enjoy our time outside.

Quality Outdoor Camping Chairs

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