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Is Full-Time RV Living Right For You?

Is Full-Time RV Living Right For You?

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It’s a doozy of a question, isn’t it?

“Should I drop everything I know, leave it all behind and embark on a nomadic, adventurous journey that will leave many people wondering if I’ve completely lost my marbles?”

You have found yourself tempted by the wanderlust-laced lifestyle of full-time RVing, and I want to try and help you out a little bit by walking you through some important considerations before you bite the proverbial bullet.

You see, I’ve been there, my friend.

In early 2017, my family and I stood on the edge of this momentous decision. And the weight of that decision pretty much fried my circuits and left me incapable of communicating for a while.

Nope, I am not exaggerating. I found myself reduced to staring and nodding.

It’s HEAVY stuff, I know. So let me help you walk through it with some experience-guided perspectives and some penetrating questions to take you to the core of this hairy thing.

And maybe, just maybe, we can keep your circuits intact.

Book Cover for "Is Full-Time RV Living Right for YOU?"

Is Full-Time RV Living Right For You?

Ultimately, the answer depends on several key pieces that we are going to explore here. But it all starts with this one question:

What’s Your Why?

I believe we often choose not to examine our whys very closely because something in us, in a place we are not even consciously aware of, knows that process will take us directly into the heart of our deepest fears.

And that is exactly why it must be done. So let’s start with these questions:

  • What, if anything, are you choosing to run away from with this decision?
  • Do you believe you will escape something by choosing the RV lifestyle?
  • What positives are you expecting to find in this life that you are not currently experiencing?
  • How do you feel that you are “wired” for this lifestyle and/or will adjust very
    quickly and naturally to it?

These questions are designed to assist you in seeing more clearly, to help you understand your situation and your motivations before moving forward. There is nothing more important than that at this point in your journey.

— If you’re interested in the full discussion on “What’s Your Why?”, you can grab my ebook – Is Full-Time RV Living Right For You? – for only $6. It walks you all the way through this decision-making process and provides far more detail. —

The Important Conversations

Once you’ve worked through these questions, it’s time to turn your attention to important conversations with loved ones.

But brace yourself, because I have some news for you that might be difficult to hear: Some people might think you have lost your friggin’ mind for even considering the full-time RV life.

I know. It’s shocking, but true. And even crazier is the fact that those “some people” may be the ones you love the most.

Now, this next statement may seem rather obvious to you but I feel like it is important enough to mention, just in case. Before you decide to hint at this RVing life “dream” with your boss, or even your best friend, take some time to really talk through the idea with your immediate family first.

You will be tempted to do this backwards, but trust me when I say that starting to toss this full-time RVing idea around in public before you have even fully discussed it with your immediate family members is just a bad idea. Really.

If you have kids, start with some questions like these to get a feel for where their heads are at:

  • How does it feel to think about not seeing your friends for several months?
  • Does it really bother you to think about leaving behind your church group / sports team / social club / community group for several months at a time?

But most importantly, understand this: A good question, surrounded by space and silence, will be your biggest ally in this process.

— If you’re interested in a complete list of suggested questions, you can grab my ebook – Is Full-Time RV Living Right For You? – for only $6. It walks you all the way through this decision-making process and provides far more detail. —

Dealing With Your Piles O’ Crap

After you come face-to-face with your deepest why and you start the conversations with your loved ones…it’s time to get real.

It’s time to talk about your stuff. Your precious, ever-growing piles of stuff. (No judgment here. I had them also!)

The reality is that nothing can move forward while you are still drowning in those piles. It is a hurdle that you have to clear, whatever that looks like for you.

Now, you might be thinking that it is too early in the process to be dealing with this issue. But listen to the voice of experience on this one, friend. You NEED to start this process now. It is bigger, hairier, more time-consuming and more physically and emotionally draining than you can now imagine. You have to trust me on this.

And so, let’s get the ball rolling with a game! It’s called the 30-day minimalism game courtesy of theminimalists.com .

Basic idea of the game: On Day 1, you donate or sell 1 item.
On Day 2, you donate or sell 2 items.

And on it goes for 30 days.

At the end of the 30-day period, you will have rid your life of 465 items and created a little much-needed breathing room.

— I’ve got plenty more to say about this topic of thinning out your possessions in my ebook – Is Full-Time RV Living Right For You? – and you can grab it for only $6. It’s nearly 40 pages of assistance to help you decide what is best for YOU as you stare down this question. —

And Now You’ve Got A Decision To Make

Other than the topics that I’ve touched on above, the RV Living ebook also covers Expenses on the Road and Location-independent Income, two topics that absolutely must be a part of this decision. If you don’t have a solid understanding of what your expenses and income will look like before you strike out on this route, you just can’t reasonably expect that things will end well.

So here are a few highlights of the book to give you a better idea of what to expect:

  • The simple process for discovering your “WHY” for RV living
  • The questions you must ask your loved ones to avoid regretting a decision
  • Who to discuss this possibility with first to avoid HUGE headaches later
  • The magical 3-Stage Filter to help you finally deal with your piles o’ things
  • The ONE thing you must remember when projecting your finances on the road
  • The biggest mistake to avoid when it comes to your location-independent income

Full-time RV living is absolutely an incredible adventure that will give you the opportunity to see more places than you ever have before and check many items off of your bucket list. But that doesn’t mean you can assume it’s the right path for you. And maybe it’s the right path, but not the right time.

I truly hope that this experience-guided perspective has been helpful for you and I hope you’ll consider going deeper with my RV Living ebook if you are determined to get to the right answer.

If you have any questions, please comment below and I will be happy to provide whatever insight I can into your situation. But for now…

Keep on TREKKN!





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