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The Top RV Parks & Campgrounds Near Seward, Alaska

At first glance, it may seem like there are not too many options for RV parks in Seward, Alaska. It is, after all, a rather small town.

Contrary to this belief, Seward provides quite a few options for RVers and tent campers alike. If you find yourself in the great state of Alaska, whether with a rig of your own or a rental, making the drive down to Seward is a no-brainer.

A simple Google search of places to park your RV can end up being a little bit confusing. I am here to provide a detailed guide for the best campgrounds for RV travel in Seward.

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What to Know About Camping in Seward, Alaska

Generally speaking, the camping options in Seward are diverse and plentiful for the area. you can choose from RV parks, tent camping, or even areas along the road where you can park and rest. Seward also offers numerous recreational opportunities. Among the many outdoor activities are kayaking, boating, hiking, and fishing.

The city of Seward also manages some of the local campgrounds.

The city has passed an ordinance prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in public places. That includes city campgrounds. It’s best to comply with this rule to avoid a fine of up to $300. I don’t think you’ll miss a few drinks while staying in this small town. The mountain views alone are a better experience than a bottle of your favorite bubbly.


Alcohol consumption is prohibited in public places, including in city campgrounds.

Tips About Visiting Seward Alaska

Before we review the campgrounds, here are a few additional tips about spending time in the Seward area.

  • This is bear territory. Store all food in your vehicle or in durable, bear-safe containers. Stay alert and wear a bear bell while hiking.
  • Call campgrounds in advance of reaching your destination. Reconfirm your reservation and understand the rules and regulations of the campsite.
  • Check the weather often and always prior to driving. Road conditions can become hazardous in certain weather conditions.

OK, let’s get to that list of RV Parks and campgrounds so you can find a great place for your outdoor camping adventure in Seward AK.

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RV Parks and Campgrounds in Seward

Seward Municipal Campgrounds

The first decision an RVer in Seward has to make is whether to find a place to park in town or out of town. If in town is more your style, then look no further than Seward Municipal Campgrounds.

Seward Municipal Campgrounds is an overarching term that applies to every campground owned and operated by the City of Seward, and there are a good handful of campgrounds that fall into that category. All of these RV sites will be dry camping and lack electric hookups, with the exception of a couple areas.

To book one of these RV sites, check the availability on Campspot. This reservation system allows you to see the plethora of RV sites available within the Seward Municipal Campgrounds, including the different amenities that are offered and price quotes.

Aerial view of aqua blue lake near Mt Marathon in Seward Alaska

Let’s take a deeper look at the different options that are offered:

Waterfront Park

Located on the east side of town, the Waterfront Park is, well, right on the water. Arguably one of the best campground views you could have while staying in an RV, the Waterfront Park is an ideal location for many different reasons.

One thing to note about this area, however, is that you will not have much privacy, especially during peak season. The park is basically one large gravel parking lot. Although this RV Park is not much to look at, there is no better place for stunning mountain views.

The term “Waterfront Park” doesn’t refer to a single RV park, but rather the general location of a bunch of different “parks”. The Waterfront Park is broken up into many different sections that offer varying amenities.

Amenities that are offered for every campground within the Waterfront Park include a restroom/shower building that allows campground guests to shower for a price of $3 per ten minutes, as well as a free dump station and free trash service.

Here is a breakdown of the options that exist within the Waterfront Park:


  • Dry camping
  • Back-in parking
  • Pet-friendly
  • Tent Sites
  • Fits vehicles up to 30-feet long

Tucked between Wellington Picnic Area and Scheffler’s Creek, Alice Campground offers favorable access to salmon fishing in the creek and is in close proximity to 4th street restaurants and shops.

Campspot/Seward Municipal Campgrounds


  • Dry camping
  • Back-in parking and parallel parking
  • Pet-friendly
  • No fires allowed at these campsites
  • Fits vehicles up to 40-feet long

As the northern-most waterfront campground, Harborside offers superb views of harbor vessels setting off for adventure. It boasts prime access to salmon fishing in Scheffler’s Creek and is walking distance from 4th street shops and restaurants.

Campspot/Seward Municipal Campgrounds


  • Dry camping
  • Back-in parking
  • Pet-friendly
  • Fits vehicles up to 30-feet long

As the southern most waterfront campground, Iditarod is a cozy campground situated directly on the waterfront. It sits right next to the Alaska Sealife Center and is minutes walking distance to historic downtown Seward.

Campspot/Seward Municipal Campgrounds


  • Dry camping
  • Back-in parking and parallel parking
  • Pet-friendly
  • Fits vehicles up to 40-feet long

With magnificent views of Resurrection bay, Marathon Campground offers waterfront access and is in close proximity to both historic downtown Seward and 4th street shops and restaurants.

Campspot/Seward Municipal Campgrounds


  • Dry camping sites
  • Sites with water and electricity
  • 20-Amp, 30-Amp, 50-Amp sites
  • Back-in parking
  • Fits vehicles up to 40-feet long

In the heart of our waterfront campgrounds, Resurrection Campground boasts stunning views of Resurrection bay, Mount Alice, and Mount Marathon. It is just a few minutes walk from historic downtown Seward.

Campspot/Seward Municipal Campgrounds


  • Dry camping
  • Back-in parking and parallel parking
  • Pet-friendly
  • No fires allowed
  • Tent sites
  • Fits vehicles up to 40-feet long

Just minutes walking distance to Historic Downtown Seward, Resurrection South sits on the Seward waterfront, offering both convenience and spectacular views.

Campspot/Seward Municipal Campgrounds


  • Water and electric hook-ups
  • Back-in parking
  • 20-Amp, 30-Amp, 50-Amp sites
  • Pet-friendly

Sitting directly on the Seward Waterfront, Resurrection Premier sites offers front row views of Resurrection Bay and are walking distance to historic downtown Seward.

Campspot/Seward Municipal Campgrounds


Another option within the Seward Municipal Campgrounds ecosystem is the Forest Acres Campground.

This campground is not as close to downtown as the Waterfront Park. Located about two miles away from downtown Seward, it’s still a great spot to park your rig.

Back in the summer of 2020, my girlfriend and I stayed at this campground. We weren’t staying in an RV during that visit, but it allowed us to get a feel for the campground as a whole.

Surrounded by tall Sitka spruce trees, this campground feels much more secluded than the Waterfront Park. You still won’t have much privacy from your neighbors, but the trees provide a bit of a barrier between you and the rest of town.

Amenities for the Forest Acres Campground include:

  • Back-in parking
  • Pull-through sites
  • Pet-friendly
  • Fire ring
  • Fits vehicles up to 40-feet long

Two miles from historic downtown Seward, Forest Acres offers the perfect balance of seclusion and convenience.

Campspot/Seward Municipal Campgrounds


The last Seward Municipal Campground is Spring Creek, a first-come first-served campground located on the opposite side of Resurrection Bay.

To get to this campground you must get on Nash Road and drive approximately five miles. Spring Creek Campground is settled on the right-hand side of the road, right along the water. If you end up driving into the shipyard, you’ve gone too far.

Spring Creek offers views of the city, Mt. Marathon, Bear Mountain, and Iron Mountain.

Amenities for the Spring Creek Campground include:

  • Back-in parking and pull-through sites
  • Pet-friendly
  • No reservations required

Spring Creek is a rather unique campground in comparison to the other RV parks in Seward. The reason is the drastically different views you get on the east side of Resurrection Bay.

When you choose a great RV park in Seward proper, you get to enjoy views of Mount Alice and the surrounding peaks. It is undeniably beautiful. But, in Spring Creek, you will enjoy a view of the entire city of Seward in the distance, as well as beautiful views of the famous Mount Marathon, Bear Mountain, and Iron Mountain.

I often travel to this side of the bay to get a different view of the beauty that surrounds Seward. I am never disappointed.

No reservations are required, so it will always be a gamble if you drive to this campground in search of a place to park. If you’re willing to be a little way out of town, I would say it’s worth a check.

Spring Creek in Alaska

Independent RV Parks in Seward AK

The next three RV Parks are stand-alone private campgrounds that are neither owned nor operated by the city of Seward.

RV Stoney Creek RV Park

Stoney Creek RV Park is a campground located about six miles north from downtown Seward. This makes it the campground farthest away from the city, and that fact is very evident once you see the park for yourself.

Surrounded by towering spruces, with a crystal clear creek flowing along the northern border of the RV park, you can expect to enjoy some true peace and quiet.

Stoney Creek RV Park contains 81 large RV sites, all of which provide electric and water hook-ups, as well as a satellite TV connection. Out of the 81 sites, 68 of them offer a sewer connection.

On their website, Stoney Creek RV Park boasts that they are “Seward’s only luxury RV park”, and I can’t say I disagree with them. Compared to the other RV parks on this list (with one exception), Stoney Creek is certainly providing the most amenities. This will of course come at a cost to guests wanting to stay here (on average, only a 15% increase from other RV parks), but if comfort is what you are looking for, Stoney Creek RV Park can provide it.

This is what you can expect when you stay at Stoney Creek RV Park:

  • Water and electric hook-ups
  • Select sites with sewer hook-ups
  • Select sites with fire rings
  • Back-in parking and pull-through parking
  • Free showers
  • Pet-friendly

Another thing to note about Stoney Creek RV Park is the guest limit. With the base price of an RV site, the campground allows 4 people to inhabit an RV. If you have any more guests over that limit, they will charge an extra $5 per day (if the additional person is over 2 years old).

If you have any additional guests that will not be staying in your RV, Stoney Creek allows tent camping in select sites. Their website states that tent camping is “discouraged”, but they will accommodate the need for a price of $20 per night. Tent camping is only acceptable if accompanied by a motorhome or other RV.

Seward KOA Journey

The next park on the list is probably recognizable to a lot of readers. KOA (Kampgrounds of America) is a company that can be found all over the U.S. Their brand reputation is important to them.

Astounding views, full hookup amenities, and areas designed for kids make this RV park special.

This RV park is a brand new addition to the collection of campgrounds around Seward. Newly opened in 2019, Seward KOA Journey hosts brilliant views of the valley where it resides.

Located on Herman Leirer Road, this KOA is very close to the entrance of Kenai Fjords National Park, with Exit Glacier mere miles away. Downtown Seward is approximately 5 miles away. If you’re looking for a more secluded area, this campground should fit you nicely.

KOA has a playground and game room, which makes it a nice place if you’re traveling with kids.

Similar to Waterfront Park, the KOA Journey campground is essentially one large gravel parking lot with a main office. That said, if you’re anything like me, the RV park itself isn’t the main attraction. The location and views make this RV park special. Moreover, with full amenities (water, electric, sewer), you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

On top of this, all of the reviews I have heard, both in-person and online, have remarked that the facilities are well-maintained and very clean.

This is what you can expect when you stay at Seward KOA Journey Campgrounds:

  • Water and electric hook-ups
  • Sewer hook-ups
  • Back-in parking and pull-through parking
  • Dump station
  • Clean restrooms
  • Free showers with heated floors
  • Pet-friendly with dog park
  • Laundry facilities

Miller’s Landing Campground

The last RV park on this list, but certainly not the least, is the Miller’s Landing Campground located on Lowell Point. Lowell Point is located south of downtown Seward by approximately two miles. Home to quaint cabins and adventure companies that offer amazing experiences such as sea kayaking, Lowell Point is Seward’s even more remote option.

Getting to this campground requires driving south on Lowell Point Road, which is the only road that takes you further south than downtown Seward. The road leads you right along the water where you’ll enjoy killer views, including the chance to see wildlife such as bald eagles and harbor seals.

However, this road is not the greatest, particularly for big rigs. It’s gravel all the way down with occasional pot holes that can definitely rattle you. There is also no separation between your rig and the ocean, so driving carefully is a necessity.

Two Options: main Campground and Annex

Miller’s Landing Campground offers two different “lots” to park your RV: the main Miller’s Landing Campground and the Miller’s Landing Annex Campground. Both of these areas differ greatly from the previous two RV parks, as far as “luxury” goes. But with beautiful views from both oceanfront RV sites and wooded RV sites, luxury will most likely not be at the forefront of your mind.

The Main Miller’s Landing Campground only offers electric hook-ups, while the Annex does not offer any hook-ups. If you’re camping at Miller’s Landing, it’s important to come prepared.

The closest dump station is located back in town at Waterfront Park. A trek back across the slightly intense Lowell Point Road is necessary. It does seem that Miller’s Landing has plans to add a dump station within their campgrounds in the future which would certainly improve the guest experience.

Hot showers are on the premises, but for the price of $1 per two minutes.

Outside of the amenities offered at this campground, the main attraction for prospective guests is the location. Lowell Point is a small area of land, so walking will not be an issue if you want to spend an afternoon at the beaches of the Lowell Point State Recreation Area.

The Tonsina Point trailhead is also located on Lowell Point which is quite a convenient trail to have close by.

What to expect at Miller’s Landing Campgrounds:

  • Electric hook-ups (not at the Annex)
  • Back-in parking
  • Showers ($1 per 2 minutes)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Campfire pits

To continue searching for amenities and features that are a close match to your RV travel style, we recommend using Campspot to view other listings in Seward, Alaska.

Which RV Park in Seward Will You Visit First?

No matter which RV park you decide on, your time spent in Seward is sure to create beautiful memories that will be cherished for years to come.

If you’re in need of things to do while in Seward, check out our post about the best hikes in Seward!

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