Motorhome driving on road with snow-capped mountains in background inspire desire to rent RV and travel Alaska

Alaska RV Rentals: A Guide for Frontier Adventurers

RVing in Alaska is a fantastic way to see this beautiful and unique state. Follow along as we share some of the top Alaska RV rentals, plus some tips for RVing in this location.

RV Travel in Alaska is a Great Idea

We believe Alaska is a destination RVers should visit at least once. There are so many must-see locations that will absolutely blow your mind. What better way to see this great state than from the comfort of an RV?

Our Personal Alaska Connection

We might be a tad bit biased when it comes to visiting Alaska since we lived there from 1999 to 2002. It’s also where our first son was born. 

We spent three years in Anchorage, Alaska and we had some of the best years of our lives. People who have lived there will tell you that you form a bond with the location and the people that is very unique. I agree wholeheartedly.


Our friends and family who visited Alaska while we lived there enjoyed one of their favorite vacations of their lives. I’d like to think that was because of us. But really it’s the great outdoors of Alaska that makes a lasting impression.

Remember when I told you that our middle child was born there? Well, he just recently moved back to work a seasonal job and is as happy as can be. It’s nature like this he gets to see every day.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Incredible right? Yeah, we’re jealous. Needless to say, we can’t wait to get back to Alaska.

Should You RV to Alaska?

RVing to Alaska is no joke. There’s a lot to know and research before you go. It’s definitely not a trip to take on a whim. But many have traveled to Alaska by RV and recommend the journey.

Gone with the Wynns, who are full-time RVers turned full-time sailors, completed a road trip to Alaska. They share a lot of detail about what you need to know if you’re planning to drive to Alaska. The post is a bit dated by now, but I still think it’s worth a read.

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Renting an RV in Alaska

If an Alaska RV road trip seems a bit daunting, a fantastic alternative is renting an RV once you arrive in the North to the Future state. You can fly into Anchorage, pick up your RV, and head off on a great adventure.

Let’s see some of the amazing RVs that are available for rent. After reviewing the rental options, we provide our top tips for renting an RV in Alaska.

We Recommend Outdoorsy

When we want to travel and rent an RV, we always turn to the Outdoorsy rental marketplace. We have had good experiences with Outdoorsy in the past. In fact, we even met the Outdoorsy team personally. They’re the real deal.

There are a few things I particularly like about Outdoorsy. Safety is a top priority. In addition, they offer insurance protection, 24/7 roadside assistance, and a dedicated support team. I always feel confident that we will be taken care of if we need anything while on the road.

10 of the Best RV Rentals in Alaska

We’re mainly sharing RV rentals in Anchorage because that’s the most popular place for pick up, but we’ll also list a couple of Fairbanks RV rentals.

We started our research with Class C rentals in Alaska.


Alaska RV rentals

About this RV:

  • Sleeps 4 – 6
  • 3 burner gas stove, microwave and oven
  • Well Stocked kitchen with pots and pans
  • Bedding included
  • Drop off at Ted Stevens International Airport is a possibility

Take a peek inside.

Alaska RV Rentals


Alaska RV Rentals

About this RV:

  • Sleeps 4
  • Include all linens, dishware, toilet paper, camp chairs, portable table, two fishing rods, movies, games, heck even body wash, shampoo, and conditioner AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!!
  • Unmatched bathroom size
  • Hydraulic jacks with level indications controlled from the driver’s seat
  • Portable table and fold up chairs included (not extra)

Here’s the kitchen where you’ll whip up tasty meals and the bed where you’ll sleep like a baby.

Alaska RV Rentals


Alaska RV Rentals

About this RV:

  • Sleeps 8
  • Initial Disposables (plates, spoon, forks, and cups) Kitchenware, 4 folding camp chairs and table, a Portable propane grill and 2 Ice chest(coolers) are INCLUDED!!!
  • Features included are TV/DVD, back-up camera, refrigerator, stovetop, oven, microwave, and awning to relax under

The couch you’ll be relaxing on.

Alaska RV Rentals

This unit may not be quite as simple as the previous few that we looked at, but it’s still a manageable size that will give you plenty more creature comforts that you might be looking for to make your adventure unforgettable and enjoyable.


Alaska motorhome rental

About this Alaska motorhome rental:

  • Sleeps 6
  • Perfect for a family of four but easily able to accommodate a larger group of six adults
  • Features a comfortable walk around queen bed in the rear with upgraded foam
  • Transformable couch/dinette

Take a peek inside.

Alaska motorhome rental

With the lighter interior in this unit, you’ve got an extremely comfortable and livable space that will be hard to leave when your adventures are over.

Here are a few select campervan rental options in Alaska.


Alaska RV Rentals

About this Alaska camper van rental:

  • Sleeps 4
  • Fold down bed in back
  • Two captains seats in the middle row
  • Top pops to create a second sleeping platform
  • Easy to set up and breakdown, so more time is devoted to fun

This could be you!

Alaska RV rentals

If simplicity and mobility are at the top of your list for your visit to Alaska, this really is about as good as it gets.


Alaska camper van rental

About this Alaska camper van rental:

  • Sleeps 2
  • This is a micro-camper van
  • A conversion van with a sleeping area in the back that easily converts to a sitting area
  • The van is outfitted for camping and comes with everything you need
  • Add-ons include: 10’x10′ bug-screen tent, bear spray, bear-resistant food container and more

Take a peek inside.

Alaska camper van rental

This smaller unit with that optional bug screen tent is a great option to consider. During our travels, that screen room came in very handy when five of us were in our smallish travel trailer so don’t overlook that possibility.


Alaska camper van rental

About this camper van rental:

  • Sleeps 2
  • The back part of the van is set up for cargo area
  • Newly remodeled with new flooring and built-in slide out couch/bed
  • Amenities include Yeti cooler, Coleman propane stove, REI sleeping bags and/or standard sheets and blankets, pillows, cookware, coffee press, and dishes

Take a peek inside.

Alaska camper van rental

Simple, rugged and ready to roll out for some serious Alaskan adventure. I’m ready to book this one myself!


Alaska camper van rental

About this Alaskan camper:

  • Sleeps 4
  • Savannah is what we call a Subagon, a Vanagon with a Subaru engine swapped into it creating a more reliable, more powerful, and safer vehicle
  • Can sleep four but best suited for two
  • Includes basic cooking, eating, and sleeping gear for two adults, a full onboard propane tank, two camp chairs, and a cooler

One more peek at this beauty.

Alaska camper van rental

Okay, we’ve got a soft spot for this one! We rented a 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia in Austin, TX for a weekend and had a fantastic time. It’s a bucket list experience you will never forget!

Here are a couple of RV Rentals near Fairbanks, Alaska.


Fairbanks RV Rentals

About this RV:

  • Sleeps 4
  • Features leather couch, recliner, and bucket seats
  • Full shower with wand and skylight
  • Separate toilet and sink
  • Queen bed in back with lots of closet space and drawers
  • Auto-leveling electric jacks

Take a peek inside.

Fairbanks RV Rentals

I’ve got to say that these smaller Class As are really growing on me! Every time I look at one these days, I start wondering if it could be our next RV for hitting the road again. She’s a beauty!


Fairbanks RV rentals

About this Alaska motorhome rental:

  • Sleeps 8
  • All of the comforts of home while making awesome memories in the great outdoors!
  • Master Queen (with privacy door), bunk beds (with privacy door), over cab bunk, dinette and couch convert
  • All linens and cookware and 4 camping chairs are included with your rental!

Doesn’t this look cozy?

Fairbanks RV Rentals

It reminds me of a tiny cabin on wheels, and what could be more perfect for exploring the wonders of Alaska?

Top Tips for RVing in Alaska

Choose the Right RV for You

If you’ve never driven an RV before or any other large vehicle, most likely the smaller you go the better. On average you’ll see most of the Alaska RV rentals range from camper vans to Class C’s, with only a few Class A’s mixed in.

Beware of the Age Restriction

If you’re planning on renting an RV in Alaska, or anywhere for that matter, be sure you check the age restrictions. Most require you to be 21 to rent, but some even say 25.

Prepare for Poor Road Conditions

Alaskan roads take a beating in the winter and when the snow melts, all kinds of road issues are revealed. Just like with any winter location, spring and summer is construction season. On our drive to Seward, it got a little tricky at times navigating the potholes and construction. Just realize it is what it is.

Additional Expenses

When planning your Alaska RV road trip, take into account the extra expenses when it comes to renting an RV. 

One big cost will be fuel. As of this writing, the average fuel cost in Alaska is $3.31 a gallon. Use the GasBuddy app to check prices and save on gas.

You may also need to buy additional supplies to stock the RV with the items you need. Be sure to check the listing and communicate with the RV owner to confirm the list of supplies provided with the rental. Most rentals will provide all the necessities you need to hit the road, but not all will include an outdoor grill or lounge chairs, for example.

There may also be added fees for additional amenities. Check the costs and confirm with the RV owner if there is an expense for renting RV accessories like bikes, chairs, or a grill.

Meet the Mosquitoes

I have to add this tip because it’s important. Alaskan mosquitoes are no joke, so if you’re not used to bugs in general, you’re going to want to either bring with you or purchase once you get there some good bug spray. 

We purchased a pop-up gazebo during our 17-month RV journey. I will never own an RV again without also having a portable gazebo. There were places we stayed where the bugs were so intense it would have been tough to enjoy the outdoors without the screened in gazebo. Of course you’re not going to check one of those into baggage claim at the airport. But, it’s worth asking the owner of the RV rental if they have one.

Get Educated on RVing basics before you go

For those of you who are brand new to RVing, I highly recommend you understand the basic RV systems. That includes water, sewer, and electrical connections.

Some RV owners provide YouTube videos for you to watch. They also generally provide a checklist so you know exactly what you need to do to set up and tear down camp. If they don’t provide this sort of thing, take some time to do your own research. Look on YouTube and search for the specific type of RV you’re renting (e.g., camper van, Class C, Class A).

It’s not rocket science and it’s nothing to be nervous about. But, you do want to be prepared ahead of time. Trust me, if you know what to expect once you arrive at the campsite, you will set yourself up for an amazing vacation. On the other hand, trying to back a vehicle you’ve never driven before into a dark campsite after traveling all day might not be they way to start fun holiday.

Choosing Your Campsites

Camping in Alaska in the summer is obviously quite popular. I can’t tell you how great it feels once winter has decided it’s done and summer officially arrives. Everyone is outside and soaking in that beautiful Alaska sunshine.

You can wing it when it comes to campgrounds in Alaska, but making a reservation might be the safest way to go.

A great resource for RV parks and campgrounds is They have over 400 options for you to search.

A great way to save money on RV park fees is with a campground membership. There are a few options that can save you money even if you only use it for a couple of weeks. It may take a little time to determine whether the membership cost is worth it. Double check the campground network for the locations of sites that will be covered by the membership you choose.

Related Reading: Campground Memberships

Daylight Hours

One final thing to note is that summers in Alaska are full of daylight.

For example, in Anchorage in July you’re looking at around 19.5 hours of daylight. The other hours I would describe as dusk. The farther north you go, the longer the daylight hours are. Fairbanks in July sees around 22 hours of daylight.

Hopefully the RV you rent has some sort of curtains to shut out the daylight so you can sleep. Check the pictures and possibly ask the owner before you rent.

RV Rental Resources and RV Travel Destinations

Are you ready for an RV adventure through Alaska? We hope this select list of Alaska RV rentals and our tips inspire you to consider exploring more. In fact, if you’re looking for even more RV destinations, we can recommend quite a few!

We have traveled by RV from coast to coast and have shared a lot of detail about National Parks, RV Campgrounds, cities, beaches, and many of our activities along the way.

The following is a list of resources to help you learn even more about renting RVs.


Renting an RV in Alaska

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