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15 RV Renovation Ideas on Instagram for Design Inspiration

Do you love looking at RV renovation ideas as much as we do? We are always amazed at how RV owners have taken an average looking travel trailer, motorhome or camper and turned it into a space that is bright, modern and absolutely beautiful. Enjoy browsing through these 15 Instagram accounts who share amazing RV remodeling before and after photos.

I’ve mentioned this at least 10 times here on TREKKN, but yet, I’m going to mention it again. Todd and I are not remodelers or very handy when it comes to changing the look of a space. Even mentioning the idea of painting the walls of our travel trailer resulted in groans first from Todd and then from myself when I realized all that would entail.

This is our idea of RV renovation – a new faucet and stick on subway tile. This was my birthday present and I was so excited to make even the smallest changes to our travel trailer. (Don’t look at my dirty oven. :P)

RV renovation ideas RV renovation ideas   

My latest thing is mentioning how we should get an old beat-up van and remodel it to travel in. We stop and think about it and then we laugh and laugh because that’s just not something we’re comfortable with.

Since we’re not renovating an RV anytime soon (or ever), I love to live vicariously through others, specifically on Instagram.

15 RV Renovation Ideas on Instagram

1. Katie and Eric from @MountainModernLife


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The very first RV renovation before and after photos I stumbled upon on Instagram was the couple from Mountain Modern Life. They were the reason I bought a white fluffy rug to place on our ottoman. I loved that rug.

Mountain Modern Life’s slogan is “Creating the environment you want to live in.” Their Instagram is stunning to scroll through and their website is chock full of RV remodel ideas.

2. Kevin and Mandy from @188sqft


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Another couple I found was Kevin and Mandy from 188sqft. They’re all about “Sharing the good, bad, and funny of living with four pets in our remodeled camper.” I love the photos they share with their cats and pups. They’ve created a space where they can all live comfortably, plus it’s beautiful. Just look at that kitchen!

3. Ashley from @ArrowsandBows


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Ashley and her husband, along with their 3 kids sold their home, bought 2 acres of land and moved into a travel trailer while they built a new house. They’re now out of the travel trailer after 17 months and into a home, so on the Arrows and Bows blog, you’ll find inspiration for all kinds of intentional and tiny living. They also have a Casita in San Jose you can stay in via Airbnb. *Adds that to bucket list*

4. Steve and Trina from @RVFixerUpper


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If you’re looking for a luxury RV remodel, these are your people. Their Instagram says they’re currently taking clients and that they’re located in Pheonix, Arizona. One quick scroll through their feed and you can see they do beautiful work. I now want an island with blue cabinets. 🙂

5. Aaron and Mandy from @WilsonGrandAdventures


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This full-time traveling family shares their RV remodel photos, RV organization ideas and their adventures around the country. They haven’t launched their blog yet, but stay tuned! This couple has created such a beautiful tiny home on wheels for their adventuring family.

6. Ashley from @RVInspiration


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Ashley shares not only photos of her RV but others as well. The RV Inspiration blog is all about helping you “Make your RV feel like home.” You’ll find design inspiration, full-time RV living tips, storage and organization ideas and more.

Isn’t that an amazing workspace in the photo above?!

7. Cortni from @TheFlippingNomad


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Cortni has been a full-time RVers for 5 years. She shares her beautiful RV remodel photos for her Keystone Montana fifth wheel. She’s currently working with Keystone for their series #MontanaMonday. You can watch the videos via the Keystone RV Facebook page or via YouTube. Watch week 6 here.

*You can see our RV tour of the Keystone Montana anniversary edition here.

8. @GypsyAndAPirate


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This couple travels with their sidekicks, Batman the Bulldog and Ruckus the Airedale Terrier. They’ve renovated a 36″ RV and share the details on their blog.

9. Wendy from @WendyWiseSpaces


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Wendy is a “Small space designer obsessed with eradicating the color brown from RV interiors.” Amen to that Wendy! And she has done a great job at replacing the brown with beautiful colors that make your tiny home on wheels look and feel more spacious.

Be sure to check out the before and after of the dining room pictured above.

10. Karlee and Weston from @KarleeMarsh


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This husband and wife duo remodel RVs and sell them. So if you want to skip the remodel part and go straight to a beautiful home on wheels done for you, this is the way to go! Be sure to not only scroll through their Instagram feed, but also this Craigslist ad of theirs for a 2008 Montana Fifth Wheel remodel.

11. Dylan and Renee from @pleadingthefifth_wheel


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Not only do they have a great Instagram name, but they were recently featured on Apartment Therapy for their 350-square-foot RV remodel. 

I love the story of why they moved into a fifth wheel. Dylan is an officer in the Navy, which meant they moved around every year or two. So instead of constantly renting, they decided that taking their home with them every time made the most sense. And what an amazing home on wheels it is!

12. Ashlin @WhiteHouseMuddyFeet


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Ashlin is a wife and boy mom who’s living the camper life in their remodeled 5th wheel. It’s a gorgeous tiny modern farmhouse on wheels and was recently featured on Mountain Modern Life. They purchased their 1999 camper for around $3800 and spent $3500 remodeling it.

13. Doug and Sarah from @forrest_and_fiona


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Doug and Sarah have remodeled Forrest, a skoolie and Fiona, a 1970 VW. If you’ve ever dreamed of remodeling a school bus, this Instagram account is for you! The picture above is a peek inside Forrest.

For pictures of the outside of Forrest + more details on renovations, visit their Instagram!

14. Bo and Madison from @bestofourtodays


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Bo and Madison share pics and details of their van build and camper remodel on their Instagram and website. I’m in love with both of the spaces they’ve created!

Since we sold our Keystone Passport, we’re on the hunt for our next rig and vans are currently catching our attention.

15.  Asphalt Gypsy @AutumnBailey


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Last but not least, Autumn who blogs at lives with her family of five in a renovated 42′ toyhauler. Her husband travels or work, so instead of the family being apart for long periods of time, they’ve committed to living small.

How amazing is that back view into their toyhauler?

Did you get some serious RV renovation inspiration? I hope so! Not only did I get ideas and a wish list for our next rig, but I’m also stealing some of the decor ideas for our apartment.

For more RV remodel goodness, you can search the hashtags #RVrenovation or #RVremodel on Instagram.


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