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Get Road Trip Ready with the Ultimate RV Travel Planner

It’s here! We updated our RV Travel Planner and it’s available now in the TREKKN shop. Order today and instantly receive your digital download. Packed with more than 50 pages, this planner is designed specifically for RV enthusiasts.

You will have everything you need to organize, plan, and keep track of your road trip adventures.

A cover page and checklist example from RV travel journal and planner.

Why Did We Create an RV Travel Planner?

The bottom line is we love to travel. And our mission at TREKKN is to help others who share our passion for outdoor adventure. To that end, we share our knowledge, curate helpful lists and resources, and create useful tools for our audience of RV and outdoor travel enthusiasts.

While we all make good use of dozens of digital apps like Campendium, Gas Buddy, and Campspot, having a record of campground reservations, bucket list destinations, RV maintenance logs, and even meal planning ideas in one place reduces the stressful side of RV living.

Benefits of This RV Travel Planner

Here are some of the great benefits of using an RV Travel Planner:

  • All notes, records, and journals are kept in one place, which makes it easy to find the information you need
  • Sections are organized and easy to find
  • Pages can be printed and reprinted as often as needed for future travel
  • Stay organized when planning your road trip. It’s easy and useful to jot down ideas in one place. You will also have all your notes ready for subsequent travel days.
  • Use the campground reservation pages to chronicle the sites you enjoyed and will want to revisit (as well as any places you will want to avoid).
  • Add personal notes to your campground pages and visits to National Parks to create a wonderful keepsake you can enjoy for many years to come.
  • This planner can be tailored to your needs. Print the pages that fit your travel style. Use a hole punch and place the pages in a 3-ring binder. You will be able to add new pages whenever needed.

You can bet that when we set off on our next RVing adventure, we’ll have the RV Travel Planner printed out, placed in a binder, and ready to go.

Updated RV Travel Planner

We created our original RV Travel Binder a few years ago and it was time for an update.

This updated version has a new design and includes more than 50 pages to help you plan, organize, and chronicle your upcoming RV road trips. Here are a few examples of the pages that are included in this new updated RV Travel Planner and Journal:

  • Campground Planning
  • RV Travel Packing Lists
  • RV Repair and Maintenance Logs
  • RV Setup and Departure Checklists for Motorhomes and Trailers
  • U.S. National Parks Checklist
  • Parks Trip Planner
  • RV Travel Journal Pages
  • Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping
  • Weekly Planning and Monthly Calendar

Head over to our TREKKN shop to get a copy of this comprehensive planner for RV travelers. Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download a digital .pdf file.

It’s that simple. Buy today and receive your planner instantly.

Set Up Your Binder

The RV Travel Planner is designed for standard US Letter 8.5″ x 11″ copy paper.  You can print it at home, hole punch it yourself, and place it in a binder.  Or you can send it a local office supply store (e.g., FedEx, The UPS Store, etc.) for printing and binding.

Setting Up Travel Planner

Personally, I prefer to print it myself and use a 3-ring binder because then I can add additional pages with each road trip.

You will likely want multiple copies of various sheets in the binder. We recommend printing more than one sheet of the Campground Reservation, Journal Pages, and National Parks Planner pages.

That’s one of the great benefits of this digital download – you can customize your Travel Binder for your individual needs.

Send Us Your Feedback

We hope you enjoy using our updated RV planner. Use it to organize your RV trips and to chronicle your travels. You will have a journal to look back on for years to come.

When you have a chance, please leave us a review. Let us know if it has all the content you need to be helpful during your travels. Are there any additional lists, journals, logs, or checklists that would help make it more useful?

Let us know in the comments below or contact us directly.

Visit the TREKKN Shop to get your copy today.

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