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5 Florida Keys RV Parks for a Visit to Remember

Within the United States, it is very safe to say that there is nothing else even close to the experience you will have in the Florida Keys. It is pretty much a world unto itself, and within this world, there are several Florida Keys RV parks that you should consider in order to make your visit top-notch.

Florida Keys RV parks to visit

Our own visit to the Florida Keys in the Spring of 2018 was definitely an unforgettable first experience. I guess you could say that we “lucked out” when we found ourselves staying at one of the best RV parks around: Fiesta Key RV Resort. I’ll give you plenty of details about that option below.

But that’s not your only RV park option in the Keys. We will cover several great choices that you can explore to find the one that fits your preferences, needs and wallet perfectly.

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5 Florida Keys RV Parks for a Visit to Remember

By the time we headed from the Orlando area down toward the Florida Keys, we had already spent nearly a month in Florida. For all of us, this was our first real visit to the state and we were really enjoying our time there.

So far our visit had involved a week of visiting Universal Studios Orland0 (which was extremely enjoyable, especially with the Harry Potter experience), a stay in the Tampa area to send our daughter off on a flight back to Texas following her Spring Break with us, and plenty of time enjoying the friendships and comfortable amenities we found at Thousand Trails Orlando (affectionately known by regulars as TTO).

This park was one of our best overall experiences and we highly recommend a stay there if you are RVing in the area for a few days, or a few months.

Heading South Toward the Keys

The Beautiful Drive to the Florida Keys

But when we headed south toward the Miami area and Everglades National Park, and then on to the Florida Keys, we felt like we had entered a completely new dimension!

Never before had we experienced such a lush, tropical environment like we found in southern Florida. With fruit farms at every turn and more tropical vegetation than you can even imagine, it sometimes felt like we were on a tropical island instead of mainland US. You can click here to get more details about our stay at Miami Everglades RV Resort.

Just our experience in the Everglades introduced us to nine different ecosystems! It’s hard to convey the diversity that this national park displays, and it is absolutely worth your visit.

But my friend, when we actually drove out on the keys for the first time, we could hardly believe our eyes. Yes, the water really IS that blue and that clear! It made us feel like we were driving directly into the heart of paradise as we slipped past beaches with impossibly white sand coupled with that pristine water. There’s just nothing like it.

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Fiesta Key RV Resort

With our first glimpse of this unique part of the country, we immediately knew that a few nights was not going to feel like a long enough stay. However, that’s all we were able to manage for our stop at Fiesta Key RV Resort.

As we approached the resort heading south on the highway, we could honestly hardly believe our eyes when we realized that it was completely surrounded by that beautiful water. I know, you’re thinking, “Duh, it’s the Florida Keys. Of course it’s surrounded by water!” But we were mostly clueless and didn’t have a concept of what that would actually look and feel like.

To say we were pleasantly surprised by this 28-acre island with 324 RV sites would be a huge understatement. I can’t even tell you the number of times that we looked at each other and said, “Can you believe this?”

Fiesta Key RV Resort

So the RV sites themselves are relatively spacious with full hookups, but it’s essentially a gravel lot without any shade trees or grassy areas (at least during our visit). Each site has a picnic table, but other than that it is all very simple. That certainly didn’t bother us. We got ourselves situated in our comfy site and then headed out the door as quickly as possible toward that coastline to see what awaited us.

We discovered a large sitting area with many “tiki hut” style shades available located right next to the waterfront restaurant and bar and accessible swimming area. A 30-second walk from there we found a large pool sitting up above the water level to give you a great view of the crystal blue ocean from the pool deck.

Music, Breeze, Drinks, Friends

As if that weren’t enough, we discovered on our first night that they offered live music out in the patio area of the bar. Great live music, ocean view and breeze, a cold drink, friendly folks that we instantly connected with, capped off with a perfect ocean sunset. We had literally found it all right here and we gratefully drank it all in.

Fiesta Key RV Resort Fiesta Key RV Resort hot tubs

Do yourself a favor and spend a decent bit of time (hopefully more than just the few nights we had) to enjoy this fantastic RV park in an unforgettable location. You’ll be glad you did…and you’ll be back.

Oh, and if you find that you want some time outside of your RV? They have suites and small cabin rentals available here as well that look absolutely fantastic.

Sunshine Key RV Resort

I mentioned above that we made some friends during our stay at Fiesta Key, and we have actually stayed in touch with them and even met up with a couple in Colorado later that year! This is one of the best parts of RVing, in my book.

One of those couples that we met gave us the recommendation to check out Sunshine Key RV Resort as soon as we had the chance, located about 45 minutes further south. Sunshine Key was actually their normal place to stay, but due to some damage from a recent hurricane, they found themselves at Fiesta Key instead. Of course, we are glad it worked out that way, but this year they returned to their normal spot since all repairs had been completed in time for their winter escape from the frozen north.

Sunshine Key is a 75 acre resort with nearly 400 full hookup RV sites available. And if you want the RVing experience in the Keys but don’t have your own? Well, just rent one of  their “vacation trailers” instead! They have 1- or 2-bedroom units available for rental, and I can just about guarantee that you won’t find a hotel option in the area that offers the location and the experience that one of these RV rentals will.

Recreation All Around You

Curious about what you might spend your time doing during your visit? Well, you could play a little basketball on their top-notch courts, or a game of tennis on one of their two courts on the property.

Naturally, if water activities are more what you were thinking, you won’t have any problem locating a dozen options either on site or within a short driving distance. If fishing is your thing, you can partake in that past time right on the property. But snorkeling and diving experiences are also at your fingertips in the surrounding community.

Whatever you choose, something tells me you won’t find yourself bored in this corner of paradise they call Sunshine Key RV Resort. (If you feel really adventurous, plan some time to explore one of the most remote national parks of all: Dry Tortugas National Park.)

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Grassy Key RV Park and Resort

Sitting between the Fiesta Key and Sunshine Key resort is actually one of the best-rated RV parks in the keys (4.7/5 on Google), according to my brief research: Grassy Key RV Park and Resort

Grassy Key is a much smaller RV park than the first two we have highlighted, with only about 15% of the number of sites (40). Each site is equipped with full hookups and you can choose from Standard sites ($69 per night) all the way up to Deluxe Waterfront ($144 per night). They do offer extended stay rates (weekly, monthly, 4-month, 6-month) that will save you a bundle over that daily rate, however.

These rates may seem higher than you expected, but they are at least in line with, and possibly lower than, the rates at our first two options. When we visited Fiesta Key, we only paid $20 per night because of our Thousand Trails membership, but the going rate at Fiesta Key at the time was $100 per night for standard sites, from what I understand.

Folks, it’s the Florida Keys! You’d better be prepared to fork out some cash if you want to have an enjoyable stay, because it is paradise after all.

Pelican RV Resort and Marina

Located just a hop, skip and jump back to the north from Grassy Key is another highly rated RV resort that deserves your consideration: Pelican RV Resort and Marina

So what does this option offer you?

  • 80 full hookup gravel sites
  • 300 feet of secluded waterfront
  • 16 boat slips
  • Fishing dock
  • Beach area with tiki hut

Interested in having friends or family join you for your Keys adventure…but not too keen on the idea of them staying in your RV with you? No problem, because they also have a nine-room hotel on site that will accommodate the others in your party. You can actually enjoy each other’s company instead of stumbling all over each other inside the RV. What a concept!

While I don’t have access to current rates for Pelican, it is part of the Sun RV Resorts chain of properties. In my travels, Sun Resorts were some of the most expensive RV park options that I came across in 17 months of traveling the continent. They are of high quality with solid amenities and great service, but you will pay for what you get in my experience.

Having said that, in this part of the country there may not be much of a difference in rates at all compared to our first three options above. It’s absolutely worth a check because I am pretty certain you will enjoy your stay…and that’s the most important factor.

Bluewater Key RV Resort

Now, we couldn’t possibly give you a list of Florida Keys RV Parks that didn’t include at least one RV park in the iconic Key West. And so, we offer Bluewater Key RV Resort

Here’s what you need to know: You will have a longer drive to this spot since Key West is near the end of the keys, you will pay more because…Key West, and you will live in luxury for the duration of your stay.

Bluewater Key bills itself as “a luxury RV resort”, and from the pictures I’m seeing I certainly can’t argue with that. Just look at the vegetation and palms that surround you in those RV sites in the image above! Looks paradisey to me.

But as I said, you will pay for paradise. If you choose a Canal or Bayfront site option, you will likely be paying north of $200 per night for the winter season. Wow! That is no joke, folks. Luxury does come at a price, and if you are willing to pay it then this is probably the perfect fit for you. You’ll be near the heart of the action with more to see and do than you could possibly take advantage of.

Which of these Florida Keys RV Parks is the Perfect One for You?

We’ve covered a wide range of RV parks that span a good portion of the paradise-like Florida Keys. By now, you should have a pretty solid idea of which parks might be a good fit for your needs, preferences and wallet.

If you’ve stayed at any of these parks already, give us some details on your experience so that other readers can benefit as well.

Now, by all means, continue with planning your trip to explore the fantastic Florida Keys! You’ll be so glad you did.


Florida Keys RV parks to visit


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