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10 Simple RV Hacks For You to Improve Your Space

Would you like to improve the way your RV looks and functions? These simple RV hacks will help step up your RVing game to create a space you love. Plus, they can be done in a few hours!

The two biggest complaints we’ve heard from RV owners, whether they buy it used or new off the lot, is the lack of storage space and how it looks.

Let’s Talk About That Lack of Storage Space

Now, obviously, not all RVs are created equal. I’ve watched RV tours that make me green with envy over the amount of space they had to store everything. Between their cabinet space and outdoor compartments to little nooks and crannies that seem ingenious.

On the flip side, I’ve had people look at our travel trailer and comment on how they wish they had drawers in the kitchen as ours does.

But I’ve never heard anyone say their RV was perfect and didn’t need any modifications. We made a few decorate upgrades to our travel trailer to make homey and comfortable for a family of five.

Update Those Masculine Colors

Todd and I are not natural DIY people. We’re generally the type of folks who live with it like it is and spend our time and money elsewhere. So, when it came to most of our travel trailer’s decor, we kept it as is and made the best of it.

So the masculine colors stayed and that was that. Why are most RV companies stuck in a rut when it comes to design? I have no idea.

A friend of mine asked this question on a Facebook Group as he was shopping for an RV. He was curious why every rig he looked at, although new, seemed to be stuck in the 1950s. Let’s just say the answers mostly centered around the “who knows” variety.

But most likely you’ll pay a pretty penny for it. So the average RV shopper purchases what they can afford and gives their rig a DIY upgrade.

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Simple Hacks to Update Your RV Style

Whether you’re living in your RV full-time or you take it out on the weekends and summer trips, a few little genius RV hacks here and there can help you enjoy your space even more.

We’ve rounded up some of the best RV hacks for things like RV curtains, RV storage ideas, upgrading the look of your RV and more.

RV Hacks for the Kitchen

A Beautiful Backsplash with Peel & Stick Simplicity

Some RVing friends of ours did this in both their kitchen and bathroom and it looked amazing. It not only brightened the space up, but it gave the space a more modern look.

They used simple and effective peel and stick subway tiles. We liked the look so much, we did the same thing in our RV kitchen.

Peel & Stick Backsplash Tile
$59.99 ($6.67 / Sq Ft)

Self-Adhesive wall tile. Each piece is 12.5" x 12.2" x 0.12". Includes 10 pieces.

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Peel & Stick Backsplash Tile
$29.99 ($3.00 / Count)

Self-Adhesive subway tiles. Each sheet is 12" x 12". Includes 10 sheets.

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Someone pouring red wine into glass inside RV kitchen.
We used a white subway peel & stick tile inside the RV (Julie Bonner/TREKKN)

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It was fairly simple to install and so far it’s stayed put through steam and heat from the stove, constant moving, and just daily use. It’s also easy to keep clean. Just wipe it down with your basic cleaning solution and it’s good to go.

Upgrade the Kitchen Faucet

We really disliked our RV kitchen faucet. The handles squeaked so loud it made me slightly angry. Plus, it was just plain flimsy to begin with.

So Todd purchased and installed a new one and it made all the difference in the world. The handles were smooth, it didn’t squeak, and the water flow was improved. I also loved the updated look.

RV Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Designed for RVs and Travel Trailers. Non-metallic, 8" arch faucet.

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Measure your RV sink and double check the measurements of your choice of faucet before purchasing to ensure it is a proper fit for your rig.

Tension Rods to Prevent a Mess

This hack doesn’t update the look of your RV, it just keeps your plates and cups from flying out during a move. That’s pretty important.

During RV travel days when we moved to another campground, I always put one tension rod in the cabinet that held our mugs. That way I knew they were secure.

Another option is to bungee cord your cabinets so they can’t fly open in the first place. Bungee cords are a good item to have on hand while RVing. They’ve come in handy on multiple occasions!

Easy Updates for Your RV Living Space

Notice I didn’t call it a living room? Now, some RVs we’ve been in had a really nice living room area. An area you could actually call a living room. They have an open concept connecting the kitchen and dining. That’s a nice setup for an RV lifestyle.

But our living room was literally a couch and entertainment center. It worked for us. Here are a few things we did to make it more relaxing and functional.

Collapsible Ottoman

We purchased a collapsible ottoman before we even headed out on our RV road trip adventure. The reasons we chose an ottoman are because we needed (a) something to prop our feet up on for comfort and (b) more storage space. It’s also great to have another option for additional seating, when needed.

This ended up being one of our best buys for the RV.

When our daughter was with us, she used the ottoman to store her clothes. When she wasn’t with us, we used it for our youngest son’s school books and other odds and ends we needed to get to on a daily basis.

To give the area a little more upscale look, I purchased a faux fur rug to place on top of the ottoman. It was these type of simple little touches that help brighten the place up.

Folding Ottoman

Folds for easy storage. Also includes storage space inside ottoman and supports up to 660 pounds. Compact size of 15" x 30" x 15" is a great fit for an RV.

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A faux rug can help make your RV space feel cozy. (Julie Bonner/TREKKN)
Faux Fur Rug

Easy to maintain, washable faux fur rug comes in various sizes and colors. An inexpensive way to update RV decor.

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06/17/2024 01:20 pm GMT

Install Fresh RV Curtains

This is something I didn’t actually do in the living room, but I wish had. I did remove the ugly side curtain panels so we were left with only the valances. That helped a little.

You have quite a few options when it comes to your RV curtains. You can make them yourself, buy actual RV curtains from stores like Camping World, or you can install regular curtain rods and curtains you would use in a home.

Here are a few select videos to help you remove the valances, make new RV curtains, and hang the curtains in your rig.


If you’re traveling to Alaska in the summer like a lot of RVers do, you might want to invest in RV blackout curtains.

We lived in Alaska for several years with the military. Blackout curtains or drapes were a must-have on our windows year round. We used them in the summer to darken the rooms (try convincing a toddler it’s time to go to bed when the sun is shining in her face). It also helped throughout the winter to keep the house a little warmer on those really dark, cold days.

RV blackout curtains can be great for blocking out the sun, as well as general privacy.

RV Curtains for Camper Windows

Set of 2 thermal, insulated, blackout curtain panels for an RV. 42" x 50"

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Refresh Your RV Dining Area

For us personally, the dining area was not only where *some* of us ate our meals. All five of us couldn’t fit comfortably without elbowing the heck out of each other. The dining area was also where our sons did their work – one was building a website and the other was doing school.

As if that wasn’t enough, the dining area was also our daughter’s bed when she was with us. So that little space served a lot of purposes!

What I really wanted to do was rip out the dinette, burn the pieces and start from scratch, but that wasn’t possible since we were moving across the U.S. and Canada at warp speed. So we just dealt with it as is and it worked.

If you’re not wanting to get into the renovating that space quite yet or ever, here are some simple hacks.

Cover Dinette Cushions with New Fabric

I absolutely love these no-sew cushion covers for an RV dinette. It completely changed the look of the space and it’s so easy!

This is definitely something I wish we would have done before we even left on our trip. I was always giving those ugly cushions the evil eye and they were so dark!

I could only find this one picture I took of our dinette area. And yes, that was our Christmas tree one year. Santa had a heck of a time fitting presents under there, but he did it!

A small corner of the dinette in our travel trailer (Julie Bonner/TREKKN)

If you do decide to recover them, I would highly recommend going with sturdy upholstery fabric. We used our dinette all the time and low-quality fabric would have never stood the test of time and wear and tear.

You might pay more up front, but you’ll pay less in the long run if you have to replace the fabric.

Cover Dinette Table with Fresh Contact Paper

Again, this is another RV hack I wish we would have done while living and traveling in it to spruce up the place. A friend of mine covered her dinette table in this marble contact paper meant for kitchen counters and it turned out beautifully.

Benefits of Using Contact Paper

One great benefit you realize from covering your RV dinette table with contact paper is that it’s waterproof, oil proof, and is easy to wipe clean.

Waterproof Contact Paper for Countertops

An inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your RV dinette.

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If you don’t want to go the contact paper route, you can use a laminate tablecloth. Stretch it past the edge of the table and wrap it underneath the table. Then use a staple gun to affix the tablecloth directly to the dinette.

This approach will not be a permanent solution. Well, the solution may be permanent, but you will likely need to remove and replace the laminate tablecloth over time. It wears out fairly quickly. That said, it’s a fairly inexpensive fix, which can generally be done for less than $20.

Simple Updates for RV Bathroom

In our little travel trailer, we had five people sharing one bathroom. So to say this space needed to really work for us would be an understatement!

Storage was definitely an issue in our RV bathroom. The only storage available was the medicine cabinet and *some* space under the sink.

Most of the under the sink space was taken up by pipes, so we actually couldn’t store much in there. Here’s how we made our RV bathroom work for us.

Organize a Space for the Towels

I’ve seen all kinds of storage options for towels in an RV:

  • Wine rack installed on the wall
  • Towel rack or rod
  • Over the door hook/shelf combo
  • Wire baskets

None of these would work for us because we didn’t want to screw anything into our walls. They’re super flimsy, as a lot of travel trailer walls tend to be and we could see all kinds of damage possibilities.

So we opted for large Command towel hooks, which worked perfectly.

Large Metal Bath Hook

Satin Nickel, 1-Hook with water-resistant strips to organize your space without damaging the walls.

Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/17/2024 02:11 pm GMT

During all our months of travel on the open road, I think only one hook fell off. It was during a stay in a pretty humid climate. But, I reapplied the hook and had no more issues. Moreover, any time we removed a hook, there was no damage and no trace of the adhesive was left on the wall.

Use the Shower for Additional Storage Space

One of my biggest questions when I was researching all about living and traveling full-time in an RV was what people did with their laundry.

I didn’t want it laying out in the living or dining space and it wouldn’t fit in our bedroom. So, where do you store the laundry? Turns out, a lot of people store their laundry in the shower or tub.

So that’s exactly what we did and it worked out great. We had two round laundry baskets that stored the laundry, as well as helped us transport it to the laundry room. When someone needed to shower, they simply took the baskets out of the shower. Easy peasy.

Baskets are Versatile

Not only did I have laundry baskets in the tub, we had baskets under the sink, baskets on a shelf in the bathroom and another basket in the tub that held shampoos/soaps/etc.

There are about hundred more RV hacks I could cover (and I will), but I wanted to give you a rundown of some quick options to help turn your space into one you really love.

I hope these help transform your RV and help it feel more like home, as well as make it more functional for everyday living or vacationing.

Do you have any RV hacks that have worked great for you? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for more ideas.

Collapsible Storage Baskets
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Simple and Easy RV Hacks

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  1. Lots of great ideas! I love reno-ing RVs and am on my 3rd. I have a little Youtube channel where I’ve shared a few of my projects. I made Roman blinds for my latest RV and like them so much, I’m thinking about replacing the blinds in the others too. Really easy to make!-Sue

  2. Love your hacks !! We just bought our first RV it is permanently parked at a lovely resort. We wanted to make it ours, so I got to work… I covered the dinette seats with 2 shower curtains. Placed coastal pictures on the walls, a nice teal rug to warm up the wooden livingroom floor, and seashell bedspread !! I hung curtain roads, and purchased sheers and cut and himmed those. We love it !!! Our little cottage camper on the beach !!!

  3. Hi. Thanks for nice ideas.
    My little suggestion is simple: Dish pans!
    Do you even remember them? The brand name was Rubbermaid, but there are lots of brands, and cost less than $3. Lots of colors available. Get several at the same time so they nest well. Under the kitchen sink, I put the dish detergent, pan brushes, cleaning spray, etc. Bottles don’t tip over, and if they did, the mess is contained. The dish pans actually serve as drawers, easily slide out. I use extras as a high sided tray to take implements and condiments out to the picnic table; for outdoor dish washing; great to capture kids’ outdoor crafts and protects; great for dog toys; nice for soaking your sprain ankle; and more.
    We used them way back 50 years when we were tent campers. Still have a few from the olde days. Very durable! The colors clearly indicate which are new, which are vintage. Heck, I even used one of these little bins for bathing babies!
    Happy camping!

    1. Hi Cindy,

      We know exactly what you are talking about! And you have some great ideas for how to use them more extensively. We actually used one of those dish pans for washing our dishes when we were boondocking, but it was used the rest of the time to hold our lids for plastic food storage containers in the cabinet under the sink.

      We didn’t have any babies to bathe, but I can see how that would work out also!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and we wish you many more great camping and RVing memories.


  4. When hanging curtains in an RV kitchen make sure they are not near the stove. They can catch fire in an instant. To help prevent them hanging near a burner, hang them on a regular curtain rod on top and put a rod on the bottom (through the hem) and attach to the wall. This keeps them from flapping about as well. This can be done on any window curtain but it really is a safety factor if your curtain hangs near open flame.

  5. I am enjoying reading all these tips. We do not live in an RV, but do vacation in one.(16 days was our longest stay.)We recently purchased our third RV and it has a laundry”chute”which I love!The access door is in the bedroom and you place the laundry basket in the utility space. I’m sure that would be an option in other rigs for a DIYer.

  6. I got some puck lights for all the cabinets. They are motion sensitive so they come on by just waving your hand. They go off automatically are battery powered and stick up anywhere. So great for those dark corners when we’re looking for something!

    1. That is a great idea, Misti! Those things could come in so handy, especially in travel trailers that tend to have less light overall (natural and artificial). Thank you for sharing!

  7. Now retiree, I Traveled for work and I saved all of the soaps, shampoo, etc that they throw away when you leave. (Friends still save them for me) This allows my guests to have personal toiletries when going to campground showers that I don’t worry they’ve left when returning to the RV.
    SECOND, fold all extra bed sheets into matching pillowcase with marked size on each bundle for quick and easy use at bedtime for guests, even those with extra tents for grandkids

    1. @VICKI B, Great idea about the travel soaps, shampoos, etc. I use your pillowcase idea at home. Keeps each set together. I try to get different coloured sheet sets for the different sized beds. My bed at home is a double (white sheets), the rv bed is a queen (pale beige sheets). Now when I wash them all I don’t have to figure out which set is which.

  8. I cook with a lot of spices but our RV does not have a lot of kitchen storage. So, I spray painted an old cookie sheet that I had and ordered some magnet spice containers from Amazon. I hung the “rack” on the inside of one of my cupboards with command strip Velcro strips. Just line it up before sticking and make sure you can space out the containers to clear the shelf. You can get a set of 12 for about $20. I have pics of mine if you want.

    1. That’s a great little hack, Carol! Sounds like it worked out really well for you and could definitely help some other folks. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Can you explain how to hook up I phone and stream movies we have a summit tv do we need a new tv for streaming with the I phone?

    1. Hi Cindy,
      You just need to get this Apple adapter which connects your TV’s HDMI cable to your iPhone’s lightning charge port. Very simple and straightforward. It also allows you to charge your phone while you are streaming, so very handy!

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  10. One hack I have never seen is one that I use in my RV. I put a tension shower rod, in the shower, from wall to wall to hang wet wash cloths, hooks for back brush, razor or any hangable item.

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