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RV Names 101: Ideas for Giving Your RV a Name

Are you looking for some RV name inspiration and ideas? Let us help with our guide to giving your RV a name! We have examples, RV name generators and more to help you choose the perfect name for your home/vacation home on wheels.

RV Names: How to Come up with the perfect one

Do People Name Their RVs?

Do people really name their RVs? You better believe they do! It’s a fun topic to discuss in RVing Facebook groups.

Before we left on our full-time RVing trip, we knew both our truck and travel trailer needed a name. We had the name of our truck decided – Benny. How did we come up with that name? Because we purchased it from a place called Benny Boyd and the truck just looked like a Benny.

One name decided. One name to go.

How did we decide what to name our RV? Well, we went to the place that helps you diagnose medical problems, where you can share what you ate for dinner, argue politics and brag about your vacation…Facebook, of course!

RV Names

Our Facebook friends sure delivered! Here are some of the RV name ideas they came up with:

  • Pheonix – “a new adventure rising from the ashes! It looks like it has fiery wings anyway!”
  • Fawkes
  • Bonnerville (get it? Because our last name is Bonner. 😀 )
  • Quicksilver
  • Potato (he was kidding, but hey…we do like potatoes!)
  • The Vortex
  • Bonnie-bago (If we purchased a Winnebago this name would have been perfect)
  • Forward Only
  • Bonnie
  • Meriwether
  • The Milk Carton (LOL!)
  • The Dreamer
  • Bonner Donner – “Donner in French means ‘to give’. You’re giving your family the gift of travel and adventure.”
  • Shamu
  • BonnerRoo
  • More votes for Potato (sigh…come on Facebook!)
  • The Cramalot
  • Hauly

But wait, there’s more…

  • Betty
  • The Ship – “Because wherever you go you get to say fun things like:
    “We have to get back to the Ship . . . To the Ship!!! . . . I thought I told you to stay in the Ship!”
  • Camper McCampface
  • Piper the Passport or Pipes
  • The U.S.S. Potato (Oh boy)
  • Bonner’s Bone (Um, no…for obvious reasons.)
  • Bonner’s To-go Abode
  • Doc Holiday – “It’s appropriate because you park it (dock it) & life will be kinda like a holiday… mostly.”
  • Homer
  • Eli (recommended by a friend named Eli.)
  • Taj-mahaul
  • Bismarck Isabella The Cool Hitch (It was recommended not to turn this one into an acronym.)
  • Steve
  • Big Bertha

So, as you can see, our friends did not disappoint. Maybe you’ll even find an idea in this list that you like.

What name did we choose? Drumroll…

Haully, spelled with two LLs. We chose it because it was short and we thought “Benny and Haully” sounded like a cute couple. 

Benny and Haully ended up traveling quite well together for 17 months solid!

Just look at them.

RV name suggestions

Benny and Haully have both gone their separate ways, but we know Haully is doing well. She went with a great family who Todd is friends with on Facebook, so we get to see pictures of her every once and awhile.

Okay, enough about our truck and travel trailer’s love story. You came here for RV name suggestions and ideas.

Great Name Ideas for an RV

Here are some ideas of how to come up with a name for your RV, plus where to go for RV name suggestions.

1. Ask on Social Media

You could try the route we did to come up with a name and ask your social media friends. Personally, I think it’s fun for the people who know you and are invested in your journey to help come up with a name. It’s entertaining at least.

Be sure to post a picture of your rig and then let the RV name ideas pour in! Even if you don’t choose a name suggested, it might give you a good starting point.

2. Use an RV Name Generator

There are a few companies that have put together RV name generators:

  • Campers Inn RV Blog: For this one, you choose your favorite National Park and write down the name next to it. Then choose your favorite outdoor activity. According to this RV name generator, our RV would be named “Frozen Trailblazer”. While you might not pick the exact name generated, it could definitely give you some great ideas.
  • LazyDays RV: Here’s an RV name generator they pinned on Pinterest. This uses the first letter of your first name and last name.
  • General RV: Same concept as LazyDays RV.
RV Name Suggestions

3. Use a Random Name Generator

Just by Googling “Name Generator” you’ll see all kinds of different places to choose a name. While most of these are for naming your child or business, I think they could help you with your RV name as well.

  • Name Generator: Just for fun, I chose ‘Rapper name’ for this one, because who wouldn’t want to give their RV a rapper name, am I right?

I couldn’t think of a TV character or criminal, so I clicked ‘Suggest’.

RV Names Generator

Here’s just a sampling of what it generated for me:

Rapper Names for Julie Bonner

A Performer of Positive Music Deserves The Perfect Name

  • Bing Ring
  • Chandler Chandler Choo
  • Bing Cling
  • Da Real Julie
  • Positiveman
  • BeeOhEnEnEeAre
  • Big Calico
  • Julie Duly

The Kind of Rap Songs Bing Ring Might Perform

  • Calico Said Go
  • Follow the Sloths
  • Ultra-Julie Goes Flip
  • I is Positive (And Don’t You Forget It)
  • Two, Three, Four Sloths
  • So Positive (I think I’ll Scream)
  • I Ain’t No Darth Vadar
  • The Chandler Bing Effect

OK, so maybe choosing Rapper names wasn’t the best one, but you get the idea. (It was fun at least.)

Here are a few more name generators to check out:

4. Ask In RV Facebook Groups

We are members in a few RV Facebook groups (our favorite is The RV Entrepreneur) and we’ve seen people ask for name suggestions, what others named their RV and ideas for how to come up with an RV name. The feedback has usually been great.

Plus, it’s fun to hang out online with fellow RVers!

RV Names: How to Come Up with One

5. Grab a Pen and Paper + Google

You could go the old fashion route and sit down with a pen and paper and either brainstorm by yourself or get your partner/family in on it. Use Google to help you come up with synonyms for a list of words.

Here’s some brainstorming help:

  • Look up synonyms for words like adventure, dream, travel, wanderlust
  • Write down feelings you get when you think about RVing like maybe: freedom, weekend, warrior, daring, happy
  • Write down names of your favorite songs and pull words or a phrase from those
  • Write down your favorite quote and maybe a word or two will jump out at you

6. Browse RV Blogs

Some of our fellow RV bloggers have done a lot of the brainstorming for you:

  • Camper Report has 101 names ideas
  • RV Blogger has 250+ name ideas
  • RV Travel asked for what people named their RVs and they listed them in the comments. There are over 300 for you to browse through!

As you can see, there are quite a few resources and ways to come up with a name for your RV. We hope these RV names and suggestions of where to go help you give your RV the perfect name.

And please tell us in the comments what you come up with, or what the name of your RV is so others can benefit from your ideas!

RV Names 101

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