Green and grey outdoor gazebo with awning pitched at campsite.

GOzeebo Tent to Elevate Your Camping and RV Living

The GOzeebo is a great tent to take with you if you have multiple people and animals when you adventure! There’s plenty of room for all five of us (three dogs and two adults) in this tent, too, which is the main reason we were interested in testing this product. There is a lot to like about this gazebo screen room. Read on for our honest opinion and in-depth review of the GOzeebo tent.

Disclaimer: We received a promotional sample of the shirt and shorts in order to test and provide an honest review of these products. This review is the honest opinion of the author after using and evaluating the product.

We received the GOzeebo by mail. It was perfectly packaged and included all the accessories and instructions for setting up the tent. There was no need to contact customer service as we received all the parts and we were able to get started with this tent fairly quickly.

It is, of course, designed for outdoor use so we tested the gazebo in several terrains, including the desert and at local parks.

Ok, let’s get started.

Green GOzeebo brand tent pitched at campsite near lake.
Image courtesy of SylvanSport

In-Depth Review of the GOzeebo Tent

GOzeebo Screen Room for RV Camping

Weighing 33 pounds and measuring 9′ x 9′ x 8′, this is not something you would bring with you on a day trip in my opinion, but it may be perfect for your multi-day camping and long term RVing.

The GOzeebo, made by SylvanSport, is an outdoor screen room that is well designed for multi-day camping.


Whether you call the GOzeebo a tent, a gazebo, or screened in outdoor space, you will certainly enjoy the extra space it provides while you’re camping. The great thing about having an outdoor tent that is fairly quick to setup is having shelter so you can enjoy the outdoors without always being exposed to the elements.

Set up the GOzeebo as an extension of your living space. It gives you another place to simply relax after a hike, enjoy a meal, or do some work without going back inside the RV or camper.

The windows are made with a mesh screen that can be easily closed by zipping up the covers. That keeps the bugs at bay and offers you more options for either sunlight or privacy. When you’re camping at a public campground, especially during peak season, it will be pretty special to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining a little private area.

The GOzeebo features four full-size doors, side screen windows, and a roof vent, which improves air circulation and temperature control. The tent is fully seamed to ensure it is both bugproof and waterproof.


We use it to corral the dogs when we are out traveling and camping in one place for more than a few days. It’s definitely a great addition for us so we don’t have dogs running around or getting tangled up in leashes while we cook dinner at camp.

It’s also a nice addition for when we just want to relax for a bit after a long hike. This tent could also be a nice option to set up when inviting your RV neighbors over for a visit.

Man seated inside GOzeebo tent pitched at park while he tested out the product.
Image Credit: Erin Maxson

GOzeebo Specs

Let’s take a quick second to review the general specs of this sunshade tent.

  • 33 pounds (15kg)
  • Pitched dimensions: 9′ width x 9′ depth x 8′ height
  • Packed dimensions: 13″W x 28″D x 13″H
  • Constructed with 210-denier poly ripstop. The floor is made with 400-denier poly packcloth
  • Poles are aluminum and color-coded to simplify setup
SylvanSport GOzeebo Tent

Enhance your outdoor living space with this durable and easy-to-use gazebo tent from SylvanSport.

  • Waterproof
  • Bugproof
  • Wind-resistant
  • Full-sized doors
  • Roof vent to improve air circulation
  • Constructed of Poly Ripstop
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GOzeebo Setup

How to Pitch the GOzeebo Tent


The SylvanSport Gozeebo is is not a popup outdoor gazebo. This is definitely something you want to set up with more than one person.

Setup takes about 30 minutes with two people.

I am 5’2″ and couldn’t reach the top of the tent to connect the pieces at the very end. It was much easier once I had someone (much taller than me) there to help me set it up. With two people, we were able to set it up in about 30 minutes.

SylvanSport constructed the tent with color-coded indicators to make setup fairly easy to follow. For example, the grey poles are used on the top and slide through the grey webbing. Likewise, the orange poles are inserted into orange webbing on each of the four sides of the GOzeebo.


That said, once you have an extra set of hands, the setup process is fairly straight forward.

These are the three main steps for setting up a GOzeebo:

  • Unfold the GOzeebo
  • Spread out the GOzeebo fabric at your desired location. The black base should be facing down.
  • Locate the silver clips so that you can identify each corner of the tent.
  • Insert and Secure All Poles
  • Extend all six poles, including the two grey poles for the top and four orange poles for the side arches.
  • Slide the grey poles through the top sleeves.
  • Slide the orange poles through the arch sleeves located on the sides of the gazebo.
  • Once the orange poles are inserted, place the end of each grey pole into the red balls that are set in the middle of each orange arch pole.
  • Complete this step by plugging the silver corner clips into the end of the orange poles.
  • Stake the GOzeebo
  • Push the four stakes through the corner loops and push each stake into the ground to secure the gazebo.

If watching a step-by-step example will make it easier to understand the setup, check out SylvanSport’s official video for how to setup the GOzeebo.


There were a few minor issues with our initial setup because the tent itself is fairly heavy. We found it more difficult than we initially expected to get the tent poles situated on the very top as they go through two sleeves and connect on all sides.

Because of the overall weight of the tent, inserting the grey top poles can be a little challenging.

Taking Down and Packing Up

Taking down the tent is much simpler. If done right, it fits right back into the storage sacks that you receive with the product. It took us about 10-15 minutes to take it down.

GOzeebo Quality and Durability

While the GOzeebo is heavier than other tents or similar products we’ve used in the past, we appreciate the quality and durability of the GOzeebo.

Durable Fabric

The material of the GOzeebo is heavy duty and doesn’t feel like it’s going to tear when you are zipping and unzipping frequently. That’s a plus because we use the windows in this tent quite a bit.

Strong Enough to Bring the Dogs

Our dogs haven’t put a scratch on the floor or the sides of this tent, which is not something I can say for other tents we’ve previously used.

That said, like all tents, it does collect dog hair and dirt. To clean it, we were able to simply lift the tent with two people and shake it out. There wasn’t a need for too much of a wipe down after that.

Head Room and Interior Area

This is a very roomy tent for all of us. There is plenty of head room for a 6-foot tall individual to easily stand up and exit the tent without having to bend down too much.

Enough room to relax inside and be protected from the bugs, sun, wind, and light rain.

One thing I wish this had was more storage inside of the tent itself. But, I understand that the tent is already very heavy so I don’t think that’s a make or break for us.

We brought enough with us to store our food and other gear in the car or inside of the tent, so we were happy. There is enough space for all of us to sit and relax inside away from the sun and wind.

GOzeebo tent pitched at campsite with accessory awning attached.

Storage Sacks

The storage sacks are made with heavier duty material than other tent stuff sacks. This is great because the hardware for the tent poles needs a durable bag, especially given the overall weight of the equipment.

These sacks makes it easy to store the tent. It will also help ensure that the tent itself lasts for many years of outdoor camping adventures.

SylvanSport GOzeebo Tent

Enhance your outdoor living space with this durable and easy-to-use gazebo tent from SylvanSport.

  • Waterproof
  • Bugproof
  • Wind-resistant
  • Full-sized doors
  • Roof vent to improve air circulation
  • Constructed of Poly Ripstop
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Conclusion for GOzeebo Tent Review

As I said at the beginning of this article, the GOzeebo is a great tent. It’s roomy enough for multiple adults and has the space and durability to accommodate your pups.

Overall, I feel like this tent will last us a long time.

The GOzeebo is a great RV and camping accessory for expanding our outdoor living space. We look forward to using it often when we are camping in one spot for longer periods of time. It gives us enough extra space to create a separate, private living area.

Moreover, using this as a screened-in room will help protect us from bugs and dusty wind while we enjoy meals or even setup a remote working area in the backcountry.

And of course, the GOzeebo will be perfect for when we’re on the road for a long period of time with our dogs.

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