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What is the Best RV Coffee Maker? Here are Four Options

What is the Best RV Coffee Maker? Here are Four Options

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For us, RVing and coffee go hand in hand. But, as you probably know, counter space is usually very limited. So we did some research to figure out what the best RV coffee maker was, and you know what we found out? There are several options. It just depends on what kind of coffee you like!

Me + Coffee = Happiness

What is the Best RV Coffee Maker (for You)

Best RV Coffee Makers Mentioned

Here are the RV coffee makers mentioned below:

  • Mr. Coffee Simple 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – Check  prices here
  • Espressotoria Caprista Espresso Machine – Check prices here
  • Yitelle Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Cone – Check prices here
  • Secura Stainless Steel French Press – Check  prices here

If you like waking up to the smell of coffee…

For 17 months, the smell of coffee was our alarm clock. I did not get out of bed until I a) heard the beeping from our coffee maker letting me know it was done brewing and b) smelled the aromas that delicious dark liquid gives off.

So for us, a regular good ‘ol basic coffee maker with a programmable timer worked perfectly.

There are a ton of programmable coffee maker options, but we decided to go with the smallest and simplest one we could find. It did the trick and we happily woke up to a freshly brewed cup every morning.

If you go this route, don’t forget the coffee filters or to reduce waste, purchase a permanent filter.

If you like Espresso…

When we were RVing with friends, one of their kiddos made me an espresso. Not only was I super impressed that their kiddo offered to make me one, but man was it good! We were sitting in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada with good friends, sipping an espresso. Life was good. (P.S. this made the list as one of our favorite RVing spots!)

But then I wanted an espresso machine. 🙂

Finding a compact one for an RV kitchen can be tricky, but I found one!

Best RV coffee maker if you like espresso

The Espressotoria Caprista Espresso Coffee Pod Machine is not only compact it’s also stylish and makes one heck of a good espresso!

The Caprista 2.0 has an incredible, fresh ground and packed taste, delivering pressure-based espresso which differs from other single serve coffee machines.

Also, just in time for Cyber Week, Espressotoria is offering a great deal: Buy 6 pod packs, get a machine FREE! The deal will run November 16 – December 17 on Walmart.com.

So you get 6 packs of coffee pods (12 in each pack) + a Caprista for the price of just the pods. Yep, it’s a great deal.

This bundle would make such a fun gift for the Holidays, or a new homeowner, or a wedding gift, or for RVers or for yourself because dang it, you deserve it!

To get the deal, click here and add the bundle to your Walmart shopping cart.

Here are the machine and frother in action.

If you’re a purist…

I don’t know if purist is the right word to use, but when I make myself a cup of pour-over coffee I just feel like I’m making a cup of coffee as they did back then. Back when? I’m not really sure.

I bought this handy little pour over gadget to use when we didn’t have hookups for the RV, which meant no electricity to run the coffee maker. I would just heat up water on the stove and voila!, a cup of coffee. This was the best way to make coffee in an RV when you have no electricity.

Also, it was small enough to store in the cabinet when not in use.

If you want to step it up a notch when it comes to pour over, you could always get one of the Chemex I’ve heard so many great things about. Just remember it’s glass and sometimes RVs and glass things don’t go so well together.

If you want to sip coffee in your flannel shirt by the campfire…

Every time we use our french press, I have a strong desire to change into a flannel shirt, light up a campfire and ask my husband to grow a beard. My kids call flannels and beards and french presses hipster. I just call them cool.

We’ve been using a french press for years and it really does make a good cup of coffee. You just have to be patient (not my strong suit) and wait for it to do its thing.

If you’re not familiar with a french press, the cliff notes version of how it works is you scoop your grounds in, pour hot water over the grounds, wait for 3 to 5 minutes and then push the plunger thingy (not the right term) down, which pushes the grounds to the bottom of the container, leaving you with a yummy cup of coffee.

There are stainless steel ones, glass ones and a heavy duty stainless steel version that keeps coffee hot for up to 60 minutes.

These four options are the perfect RV coffee maker choice for small spaces. Now that we live in an apartment and are not full-time RVing any longer, we have both the programmable coffee maker (because I still like to wake up to coffee ready to go) and the Caprista (because I like an espresso mid-afternoon) on our counter.

What’s your favorite way to fix your cup o’ joe?


Four options for the best RV coffee maker

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