Emerald Isle Beaches: Visit The Point for Amazing Seashells

While searching for Emerald Isle beaches to visit, I stumbled on one called ‘The Point‘ where visitors said the seashells were unreal. And they weren’t kidding.

Watch our TREKKN video for a peek at the shells we found and our first-hand experience at ‘The Point’, one of the amazing Emerald Isle beaches.

Emerald Isle Beaches: The Point

Shortly after we picked up our daughter in Charlotte from the airport for her summer break, we booked it over to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. This small beach town is part of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast and is a small chunk of paradise.

Emerald Isle Beaches - The Point

I knew I wanted to find a beach area for us to enjoy for the day that wasn’t too terribly crowded. I kept seeing people talking about ‘The Point’ and how this was where the locals would tell you to go. So we went and let me tell you, I am so happy we did.

Where to Park at The Point?

The first thing you need to know when visiting The Point is the parking situation. There are two handicapped spaces (if my memory serves me well) at the entrance to one of the boardwalks.

Emerald Isle Beaches - The Point

The other parking is a couple of blocks away at the corner of Coast Guard Rd and Terrell Horne III Way. (GPS coordinates: 34°38’52.5″N 77°05’33.2″W) It’s a gravel area with a small amount of parking.

If you have little kids with you, adults who can’t make that two block trek, or you brought quite a bit of beach gear with you, just have your driver drop you off at the boardwalk entrance and then they can park and walk over.

What Makes The Point Unique?

There are several things that make The Point a unique beach area.

Emerald Isle Beaches - The Point
  • It’s Secluded
  • Peaceful
  • Not overcrowded
  • The seashells are out of this world

Let’s Talk About Those Seashells

In the reviews for The Point, I kept seeing how it was a great place to find amazing seashells. As someone who grew up going to the Texas beach every summer, my idea of amazing seashells was slightly different than the shells we found.

Our 14 year old found this one five minutes after we arrived.

Emerald Isle Beaches - The Point is the best place to find seashells

Our daughter found this whole conch shell in a tide pool. She saw the tip of it sticking out, started digging a bit and then voila!, a conch she’ll treasure forever.

Emerald Isle Beaches - The Point is the best place to find seashells

Any Skimboarders in Your Group?

If anyone in your group likes to skim board, our 14-year-old son who has skimboarded at beaches all along the west coast from Washington to California, the Texas beach, Florida and along the east coast personally recommends this as one of the best skimboarding spots around.

He had a blast, as you can see in the video above.

From a guy who was kite surfing while we were there, kids digging in the sand and dog owners passing the frisbee with their best friend, there is plenty of space to have one heck of a good day at the beach.

Have you visited any of the Emerald Isle beaches? Let us know your favorite spots!

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Emerald Isle Beaches - this is the best beach to find seashells hands down!

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  1. Hi there! We would love to shell here but it seems the city has zoned the point off just for the rich locals who live in the million dollar homes in the immediate area as there isn’t any public parking. The beaches in NC are really starting to suck!

    1. Hi Wendi,

      That is really sad to hear that they have closed off that great location! It’s even worse to hear that you haven’t been able to enjoy NC beaches in general, because I know there are some incredible ones out there.

      Thanks for the heads-up on that closure and we will definitely hope that is not a permanent change. All the best!

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