9 LEGO RV Sets for Kids & Adults Who are All About That Camping Life

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These LEGO RV sets are the perfect gift idea for both kids and adults. From a LEGO campervan and motorhome to a travel trailer and even the Toy Story 4 RV Vacation rig, there’s something for every RV and LEGO lover.

LEGO RV Sets for Both Kids and Adults Alike


LEGO Creator Vacation Getaways 31052 Children's Toy

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This fun Lego RV set features an open camper, a fold-out awning, picnic table, chairs, barbecue grill and even the, um, friendly campground bear. And for those summers out on the lake, you even have a motorboat to pull behind.

Pieces: 792 pieces

Dimensions: Camper with trailer is over 3” high, 14” long, and 3” wide.

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LEGO City Great Vehicles 60057 Camper Van

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This LEGO Campervan features two mini lego figures, a canoe that can be stored on the roof or taken off for play, 2 oars, 2 life vests, and 2 coffee mugs.

Plus, the campervan door opens on the side, as well as the roof compartment up top. This is everything you need for some campervan river adventures!

Pieces: 195

Dimensions: 2 oars, 2 life vests and 2 coffee mugs

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LEGO City Great Vehicles Van & Caravan 60117 Building Toy

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Put this fun LEGO camper and van together for the pretend RV adventure of a lifetime!

This RV Lego set features the van, camper,  male and female campers, pet dog w/a bone, grill, and hot dogs. What more could you need for your summer camping adventures?

Pieces: 250

Dimensions: Van is over 2” high, 4” long and 2” wide. Caravan is over 2” high, 5” long and 1” wide

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LEGO | Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 RV Vacation 10769 Building Kit

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This RV Lego set is from the Disney movie Toy Story 4 and features the RV from their epic road trip.

The set comes with an RV featuring a removable roof, interior with a bed, toilet and sink. It also features an RV Park sign with a tree and an opening gate and a park building wall with a special Starter Brick baseplate.

As far as Minifigures go, it comes with 4 Toy Story 4 figures: Jessie and Alien Minifigures, plus Forky and Rex LEGO figures.

Pieces: 178

Dimensions: Recreational Vehicle measures over 3-inch (10cm) high, 5-inch (14cm) long and 2-inch (7cm) wide Park building wall measures over 2-inch (7cm) high, 6-inch (16cm) wide and 3-inch (9cm) deep RV Park sign measures over 5-inch (13cm) high, 5-inch (13cm) wide and 1-inch (3cm) deep

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LEGO Friends Mia's Camper Van 41339 Building Set

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Mia and Stephanie are ready for the camping season! This RV camping LEGO set features an opening roof, bathroom, kitchen, folding canopy, upstairs sleeping area, a separate tent and a toy dinghy. It also comes with Mia and Stephanie mini-doll figures and a horse named Aria.

Pieces: 488

Dimensions: Camper van toy measures over 5-inch (13cm) high, 8-inch (22cm) long and 4-inch (11cm) wide Tent measures over 1-inch (5cm) high, 2-inch (6cm) wide and 2-inch (6cm) deep Inflatable dinghy measures over 3-inch (9cm) wide, 1-inch (5cm) deep and under 1-inch (1cm) high

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LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220 Construction Set

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Take all my money LEGO! That's what you probably said the first time you laid eyes on this LEGO Volkswagen Campervan. We sure did.

This classic 1962 camper van has all the features enthusiasts know and love such as “V” shaped color split, “splittie” safari windshield, pop-up roof, textile curtains, “boxer” engine, wing mirrors and folding furniture.

Pieces: 1334

Dimensions: The Camper Van is over 5-inches high and 11-inches long

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LEGO City Camper (7639)

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Get your hands on this RV LEGO set that's perfect for some city RVing adventures.

It features a kitchen and sleeping area with a roof that can be removed for playing inside. It comes with 2 minifigures, bicycle, surfboard, coffee cup and more.

Pieces: 165

Dimensions: Camper measures 5½ inches (14cm) long by 3 inches (7.6cm) tall

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LEGO Creator 3in1 Sunshine Surfer Van 31079 Building Kit

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This set is ready for beach RV camping at its best. It has everything you need for a summer of fun featuring a yellow camper van with kitchenette, surfboard, parasol, BBQ and camping furniture!

Pieces: 379

Dimensions: Sunshine Surfer Van measures over 3-inch (10cm) high, 9-inch (24cm) long and 3-inch (8cm) wide

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LEGO City Pickup & Caravan 60182 Building Kit

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LEGO has not left out fifth wheel lovers!

This RV LEGO set features a pickup truck that pulls the awesome fifth wheel with removable roof, opening side, and extendable support leg.

You can set up the inside by removing the roof and opening the side for hours of endless playtime. It comes with 3 Minifigures: mom, dad, and son, plus a crab figure.

Pieces: 344

Dimensions: Pickup measures over 2-inch (7cm) high, 5-inch (13cm) long and 2-inch (6cm) wide Caravan measures over 3-inch (10 cm) high, 7-inch (20cm) long and 2-inch (6cm) wide

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Which RV LEGO set do you have your eye on? We love how there are options for travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and camper vans. Now to just decide which one to add to cart!

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