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Our Top 7 Luxury RV Picks You Must See to Believe

Whether you are truly interested in a luxury RV rental or purchase, or you are just curious about what’s out there, these luxury RVs are sure to drop your jaw. How much does a luxury RV cost? As you’ll see, the sky is the limit….

luxury rvs you have to see

To be completely honest, I’m not really a huge fan of true luxury in everyday life. It’s just not something that really “floats my boat”, if you know what I mean. My DNA is just a touch too practical for the luxurious life, I guess. (I’ll drive a “luxury” Honda till the day I die. Probably.)

No, you’ll find me attracted to (and drooling over) smaller spaces with the practical necessities. That’s why you’ll see me talking about truck camper living and small campers with bathrooms much more often. These get my juices flowing because I know for the average person these types of options will actually make the RV life seem attainable and realistic.

But sometimes it’s fun to just leave attainable and realistic behind for a bit and see how “the other half” lives. That means I may not necessarily be renting or purchasing one of these beauties below, but I can certainly appreciate them!

We will take a look at the “big boys” for sure, the monster Class A motorhomes that seem too big to be real. But I also want you to see some smaller, but equally luxurious, options in the Class B and Class C categories. Maybe we’ll find one for you that’s juuuust right….at least to dream about.

One caveat: Everyone’s definition of luxury is different. My standard for luxury might be lower than yours, but regardless of that difference I think you’ll be impressed with the list we’ve come up with here.

So let’s take a dip in the luxurious end of the RV pool, shall we?

7 Luxury RVs of Your Dreams

Well, let’s start off on the smaller side of the spectrum with a Class B RV and then build our way up to a “monster” Class A that will blow your hair back.

Trust me: Luxury does come in small packages as well!

1. Class B – 2021 Grech RV Strada

I’ve been immersed in the world of RVs for a number of years now, but this is the first time I have come across Grech RV. And after seeing what they are producing, I can’t believe they hid so well for that long.

“The Grech RV Class B product line will offer a return to hand-crafted coach-building with remarkable craftsmanship, unparalleled fit & finish, and attention to detail that will set a new standard of quality in the motorhome industry with the highest level of standard equipment in its class.”

-Grech RV

The Grech Strada is built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, which is very popular as a Class B chassis today. But boy oh boy, they have taken this chassis to all new places!

luxury rvs
Grech Strada Class B on the road

One footnote before we look at the specs on this beauty: It may be hard for you to consider this a “luxury” option without a permanent and uber-comfy queen or king size bed like you will find in a Class A option. But if you can get past that, and you enjoy a tiny and simple lifestyle, there is plenty to be impressed by here.

luxury rvs you can purchase
Grech Strada Class B Setup


**Note: GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and UVW stands for Unloaded Vehicle Weight in the lineup below.**

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 w/170″ wheel base
  • 3.0 L V6 BlueTEC w/188 HP and 325 lbs torque
  • 7 speed automatic transmission
  • 24.5 gal diesel tank
  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • Empty Weight (UVW): 9,300 lbs
  • Cargo Capacity: 1,730 lbs
  • Towing Capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 290 inches (bumper to bumper)
  • Exterior Height: 9′ 8″ (incl. AC unit)
  • Exterior Width: 6′ 7.7″
  • Interior Height: 6′ 2″
  • Fresh water capacity: 26 gal
  • Gray water capacity: 27 gal
  • Black water capacity: 13 gal
  • LPG (propane) capacity: 9.8 gal (41.2 lbs)

Yup, I told you there’s a lot to love here! As a previous (and future) full-time RVer, I always evaluate how an RV would meet up to my full-time expectations. Regardless of whether I would choose to spend this much on an RV, I am impressed overall with its specs and features that would help me live the full-time RV life.

Of course, you’re not going to find the same tank capacities on a Class B like this as you would on a much larger 5th wheel. Having said that, its tank capacities are quite respectable for this size RV.

In addition, the fact that it can tow 5,000 lbs is another bonus as well! In practice, however, I would be very hesitant to put nearly that much strain on a V6 engine. It might be up to the task for long haul since it is a diesel engine…I just don’t want to be the one to test it out! I’ll leave that to you if you buy one. Let me know…

Finally, it’s nice to see an exterior height under 10′. Clearance issues definitely become a serious consideration if you are traveling a great deal in your RV. (I had more than one close call with our 10′ 6″ tall travel trailer during our travels.) Staying under 10 feet will add to the simplicity of your route planning and keep you out of plenty of “tight” situations. The exterior width well under 7 feet will help also.

inside the Grech Strada luxury rv
Grech Strada Interior


With this particular Class B model, you only have to choose between two different floorplan options:

floor plan of the grech strada luxury rv
Grech Strada Floorplans

Your choice between the Lounge and the Tour floor plan is really dependent on whether you really want or need the two extra swivel chairs for seating. If you do decide you need those seats, it appears you will be giving up your refrigerator and your wardrobe for your RV adventures in the Lounge plan. Not to mention the tiny bit of kitchen counter that you had with the Tour plan.

For my tastes, those two extra chairs certainly aren’t worth what you lose. But each person’s situation is different and that 4-chair floorplan may be just what you are looking for.

And finally, we’ll point out some additional “goodies” that you will be able to enjoy in this sweet ride:

  • FireFly Mulitplex Control System w/ 3 Touch Screen Panels
  • Onan 2.5 kW (LPG) Generator w/ Auto Start and Ultra Quiet Resonator Exhaust
  • Zamp Solar 300 Watt Solar System
  • Inverter – Freedom XC 2,000 Watt True Sine w/ 80 Amp Inverter Charger
  • Power Entry Step
  • Carefree Power Awning w/ LED Lighting


List price for this bad boy is right at $200,000, but it looks like you can score a new one “on sale” in some locations for around $180,000. What a steal! 🙂

As a side note, this Class B RV also comes with the option to upgrade your chassis to a 4×4. I haven’t been able to track down the price tag for that upgrade, but you can be sure it will push you well over that $200K mark.

2. Super C – 2021 Nexus Rebel 4×4

So what do you follow up that Class B beauty with? Well, you follow it with an RV that dwarfs it in size, performance…and price!

super c nexus rebel 4x4 luxury rv
Nexus Rebel 35R Front Corner View

That’s right, we are only into the Class C category, and we are ready to leave that $200k sales price behind us. But we will cover price later on.

“Nexus RV is a customer-driven RV Manufacturer focused on the Super C market space. We continue to achieve a steady growth trend through our outstanding dealer network and delivering what we promised when we promised it. Our market-focus RV offerings are a testament to our industry partner promise.”

– Nexus RV
super c luxury rv
Nexus Rebel 35R Front View

Founded in 2010 in Elkhart, Indiana, Nexus RV now has more than a decade of track record which shows they know how to meet and exceed customer demand and expectation. Again, this company is fairly new to me, but from what I have seen so far I have no problem believing that they do exceed expectations.


And with that, let’s dive into the details of this beefy behemoth of an RV! After all, the specs are where it’s at:

  • International 22,000 GVWR
  • GCWR: 37500 lbs
  • 350 HP Duramax Engine
  • 700 Ft. Lb. Torque
  • Allison 6 Speed 1750 Series Transmission
  • Engine Block Heater 
  • 65 Gallon Fuel Tanks w/Driver’s Side Fill
  • 7 Gallon DEF Tank
  • Exterior Length: 34′ 11″
  • Exterior Height: 12′ 2″
  • Vehicle Exterior Width: 8′ 5″
  • Fresh water capacity: 85 gal
  • Gray water capacity: 50 gal
  • Black water capacity: 50 gal
  • LPG (propane) capacity: 20.3 gal

That’s a lot of RV right there! My goodness…it’ll make you break out in cold sweat it’s so beefy. Just wow.


Now as if you weren’t impressed enough, let’s finish this off with a peek at the other “bells and whistles” included on this rolling apartment.

  • 6.0 Onan Diesel Generator
  • Generator Auto Transfer Switch
  • Electric Roof Vent
  • Porcelain Toilet
  • Wineguard 360 Antenna
  • Radius Tinted Windows
  • Roof Ladder  
exterior paint options for the super c luxury rv
Nexus Rebel 35R Paint Options and Floorplan

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “I dunno…that interior doesn’t really look too luxurious to me.”

inside the Nexus Rebel 35R
Nexus Rebel 35R Interior

Honestly, this doesn’t look like super high end finishes you would find in a million dollar Class A. So no, this is not the most luxurious RV you are every going to see. (And it doesn’t cost nearly that much.)

But in my mind, when you factor in the performance factor that the 4×4 chassis gives you, it feels like luxury to me. The luxury of confidently going just about anywhere you want to go with no worries….that’s my kind of luxury!


I told you this one would get a bit more pricey, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Rebel 35R Super C comes with a base price of $226,686.

Add a few of their optional upgrades and you could easily top $250K for a Nexus Rebel 35R!

The only question is: Is this your chosen brand of luxury? And what is it worth to you?

3. Super C – 2021 Renegade XL

I know what you’re thinking: “Why do we need to see another Super C?”

Let me just say, keep reading and you will definitely find out.

Yes, this Renegade RV is technically categorized as a Super C, but there really is no comparison between this behemoth and the Nexus Super C we just covered!

super c Renegade RV
Renegade XL Super C RV

You see, this is not your ordinary Super C! I’ve looked at plenty of Super Cs in my day, but I’ve never come across something like this before. No doubt about it. It doesn’t get any more “super” than this Super C!

“When you’re a renegade, you stand out because of the choices you make, and so the 2020 Renegade XL luxury motor coach is a declaration of those who not only live life large, but who live life on a grand scale. Each detail of this class-leading luxury motor coach was created to stand apart from other high-end motorhomes, starting with the heavy-duty Super C motorhome chassis it rides on and the tandem rear-drive axles that deliver unmatched stability, traction and towing capacity to power your unique journey.”

– Renegade RV

To start with, we are dealing with a Freightliner Cascadia or Volvo chassis on this RV, with either 500HP or 600HP depending on your preference.

This will give you the thrill of driving a full-size diesel tractor chassis without the added stress of the trailer behind you. Just that beautiful straight body to deal with instead, and what a body it is.


Alright, you asked for it. Here are all the specs we can pull together for this luxurious line of RVs:

  • Freightliner Cascadia or Volvo chassis
  • 500HP or 600HP Engine Options
  • Fuel capacity: 120 gal
  • 3 stage engine compression brake
  • Air ride rear suspension system
  • Multiplex system with color touch panel & Bluetooth app control
  • All electric coach w/one 3000 watt Magnum Hybrid inverter
  • Exterior Length: 43′ or 45′ (depending on model)
  • Exterior Height: 12′ 10″
  • Vehicle Exterior Width: 100.25″
  • Fresh water capacity: 150 gal
  • Gray water capacity: 75 gal
  • Black water capacity: 75 gal
  • LPG (propane) capacity: NA (all-electric coach)
Inside the Renegade Luxury RV

As you can see from these specs, this is definitely not your run-of-the-mill Super C! (I don’t know about you, but the thought of paying for a fill-up on that 120 gal fuel tank gives me indigestion.)


So what goodies will you find hiding inside this too-big-to-believe luxury coach?

  • Whole house water filter
  • Porcelain macerator toilet
  • 12.5KW Onan quiet diesel generator w/AGS
  • Deluxe MultiPlex electrical and lighting system w/ bluetooth app control
  • Color side and rear vision cameras
  • HD stationary satellite system
  • 18 cu. ft. stainless steel french door residential refrigerator
  • Battle Born lithium battery package
Renegade RV floor plans

What does the inside of this beauty look like? See below….

Renegade XL living room and kitchen
Renegade XL Living and Kitchen Area
Renegade RV XL Bathroom
Renegade XL Bath


As you can clearly see, the Renegade RV is a step or three up from our last Super C in terms of finishes and features. So what would you expect with price? You guessed it.

To get your hands on a Renegade XL, be prepared to drop somewhere in the neighborhood of $530,000 to $600,000. (I told you it was a step up.)

Happy shopping!

4. Class A – 2021 American Eagle 45G Motorhome

Well, if you haven’t seen something that drops your jaw by this point, I’m not sure what to say. Those three above are truly the cream of the crop.

And if the features and finishes haven’t dropped your jaw, certainly the price tags have.

But…those certainly aren’t the biggest or most expensive out there!

American Eagle Class A Motor Coach Luxury RV
American Eagle Class A Motor Coach by American Coach

That’s right, we are now ready to step into the “big leagues” of the RV world by taking a close look at this luxury Class A motorhome: American Eagle 45G.

“At American Coach, we only use top-of-the-line components and the latest technology and then follow rigid construction standards. That’s because we stake our reputation on both what we build with and how 
we build it. After all, we have a history we need to live up to—being the premier luxury motorcoach company. It’s what we’ve been for 30 years. And we intend to keep it that way.”

– American Coach


So you thought the specs on those Super Cs were impressive? Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  • Freightliner® Custom Modular Chassis
  • Cummins®, X15, 605HP Engine w/3 Stage Engine Brake
  • 1950 lb/ft Torque
  • Allison 4000 Series Transmission, 6-Speed
  • Fuel capacity: 150 gal
  • GVWR: 51,000 lbs
  • Towing capacity: 20,000 lbs
  • 12.5kW Onan® QD, Generator w/AGS
  • Exterior Length: 44′ 11.5″
  • Exterior Height: 13′ 1″
  • Vehicle Exterior Width: 102″
  • Fresh water capacity: 105 gal
  • Gray water capacity: 75 gal
  • Black water capacity: 50 gal

One of the first things I noticed as I put together that list of specs is how the tank capacities compare to the Renegade XL Super C above.

I was expecting to see increased tank capacities across the board, but the only capacity that increased on this Class A is the fuel tank!

It holds 45 fewer gallons of fresh water, the same volume of gray water and 25 gallons less in the black water tank. Yeah, a bit of a shocker, honestly.

Don’t get me wrong here: For the average RVing couple, either the Super C or the Class A will give you all the tank capacity you need to go and do whatever the heck you want!

But if you do have a family along for the ride, you could start to feel those smaller tanks at some point, depending on how you are traveling and where you are staying.


Now that we know everything there is to know about the size and engine of this luxury Class A, it’s time to take a peek inside and see what surprises await us.

American Eagle 45G Floorplan
American Eagle 45G Floorplan
  • 4 slides
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • Encore Series King Size Memory Foam Mattress
  • Winegard 360° OTA Antenna
  • Winegard In-Motion Satellite Dish
  • NEW Quartz Countertops Throughout
  • Stackable Washer/Dryer
  • 22 cu. ft Samsung Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher (optional)
  • Samsung Black Stainless Microwave Convection Oven

And now to get your eyes on this incredible interior!

American Eagle RV Living Area
American Eagle Living, Dining, Kitchen Area
American Eagle Luxury RV Kitchen with Mindful Gray Finish
American Eagle Kitchen with Mindful Gray Finish

If you’d like to get a full tour of this ride, you can go check out this YouTube video tour.

One day, I hope to get inside this luxury model and really explore. It looks absolutely stunning in the pics!


So, you found the luxury you’ve been looking for, right? The only question left is how much will it cost you to live a life of luxury in this adventure capsule.

And the answer is:

American Eagle Class A Price
American Eagle Price with ALL Options

Your eyes do not deceive you, my friend. If you want to maximize your level of luxury and pile on every option available, you are looking at a price tag of just over $795,000.

If you want to “control costs”, the base price here is just over $760,000. Easy peasy.

5. Class A – 2021 Prevost Emerald Motor Coach

You didn’t think I would stop this ride before we broke the $1 million mark, did you? I thought you knew me better than that. Oh well…

Hold on to your socks, my friend, because we are taking a step WAY up in the RV world to the Prevost line of luxury motor coaches.

The first thing you need to understand is that Prevost produces the “shells” of these motor coaches; it does not convert them into setups for RVers or traveling entertainers (apparently that last one is a big part of their market).

The vehicle starts out looking something like this “blank canvas” when it leaves the Prevost plant as a basic chassis….

2021 Prevost Emerald Motor Coach

And then Emerald Luxury Coaches sinks its teeth into this canvas and creates a masterpiece….

Luxury RVs to purchase

*Note: several conversion companies have partnered with Prevost to produce top-of-the-line coaches. You can see the list of conversion companies here.

So this RV is truly the product of a team effort! And what a product it is. Essentially, it’s the equivalent of a penthouse apartment on 5th Ave in NYC. Not as big, obviously, but you can take this penthouse with you anywhere you roam!


So what’s “behind the curtain” on this masterpiece?

  • H3-45 Prevost Chassis
  • 500 hp Volvo Turbo Diesel / Allison series 4000 combo
  • GVWR: 55,500 lbs
  • Fuel tank capacity: 222 gal (!!!)
  • Fuel filler necks on both sides of vehicle (standard)
  • Wheelbase: 316.2″
  • Overall length: 45′
  • Overall width: 8′ 6″
  • Overall height: 12′ 5″
  • Floor to Ceiling Height: 6′ 11″
  • Underfloor storage: 497 cu. ft.
  • Turning radius: 42′

Did you catch that fuel capacity? 222 gal of diesel fuel! Just picture yourself paying for a fill-up on this machine…or not, in my case.

For this particular RV model, information is pretty scarce when it comes to details of the finishes, appliances, floorplan, etc. because each model is so custom.

So instead of covering all of that, we will just end with some interior images that will WOW you….and then the price you’ve been waiting for.

Prevost Emerald RV living, dining and kitchen
Prevost Emerald Living, Dining, Kitchen
Prevost Emerald RV Kitchen
Prevost Emerald Kitchen
Prevost Emerald RV Dining and Living Areas
Prevost Emerald Dining and Living Areas
Prevost Emerald RV Master Bath
Prevost Emerald Master Bath

Like I said….WOW. Those pics are beyond words anyway, so I will just move along to the price.


I already told you up above that this one would send us over that million mark.

But I didn’t mention how far over. The reality is that depending on the specifics of your Emerald conversion, you will be looking at a price tag in the $2 – $2.5 million range for this slice of portable luxury!

Nope, I can’t wrap my head around that either. As I said, my practical brain just can’t fathom numbers like that, to be honest. (I can’t even fathom a trip to the gas station, for crying out loud.)

If your brain and bank account can handle it, however, this beautiful motor coach could be yours. Be aware that Emerald only cranks out about 12 of these Prevost chassis units per year, so be prepared to wait a while as well! My guess is they actually have a waiting list.

Since this post has already gotten much longer than I planned on, these last two Class As won’t get the full treatment. Instead, I’ll give you some images, prices and a link to dive into all of the details of each one on your own.

6. Class A – 2021 Newmar King Aire

Let’s say that last price tag of $2+ million was just a biiiit too much for you to swallow. I could see how that would be the case.

So let’s dial it back a few notches to a luxury Class A RV that keeps the package well under that $2 million mark with the 2021 Newmar King Aire.

2021 Newmar King Aire Luxury RV

For the “ultra elite” among us, there could possibly be a noticeable difference in “luxury appointments” between the Prevost Emerald we covered and this beautiful Newmar option.

But for us average Joes, we wouldn’t feel a thing. I mean, just get a load of this interior!

Newmar King Aire RV Living, Dining and Kitchen
Newmar King Aire Living, Dining, Kitchen
Newmar King Aire RV Refrigerator and Pantry
Newmar King Aire Refrigerator and Pantry
Newmar King Aire Kitchen
Newmar King Aire Kitchen

Like I said: Luxury. Period.

And for a starting price of just over $1.3 million, this thing is practically a steal for the “budget conscious” among us! (Note the sarcasm, please.)

You can get the full scoop and specs and features at the Newmar site.

7. Class A – 2022 Newell Coach P50

Last but not least, in case you got bored with that one under $2 million, we will highlight a 2022 P50 model from Newell Coach:

Class A 2022 Newell Coach P50
Newell Coach P50 Exterior

With Newell, you will be riding in luxury every mile of your journey. That’s one thing I can guarantee for sure after looking at this interior images…and the price tag.

Newell Coach p50 Living and Kitchen
Newell Coach P50 Living and Kitchen
Newell Coach P50 RV Kitchen
Newell Coach P50 Kitchen
Newell Coach P50 Master Bedroom
Newell Coach P50 Master Bedroom

These images highlight one of the lighter interior finish options for this coach, but they have three to choose from. You are sure to find one that floats your boat.

You can check out all of the specs and features with a quick visit to the Newell Coach site.

And how much will this luxurious ride set you back? Approximately a cool $2.2 million!

If that’s just a bit out of your comfort zone, you could always consider something from the Newell Coach pre-owned inventory instead. You could save yourself a half mil or so going this route!

Which Luxury RV Do You Have In Your Sights?

Whether you are interested in a well-appointed but manageable Class B for around $200,000, a rugged and ready Super C for over $500,000 or a maxed out Class A north of $2 million, we’ve covered it all!

It’s just a question of which category of luxury fits your current situation.

And if you’re more interested in some luxury towable options (travel trailers and fifth wheels), be sure to come back and check out the site as I work on covering what luxury looks like in those categories as well!

Whatever RV level suits your fancy, it’s out there…trust me!

Keep looking until you find a good fit and then get out there and keep on TREKKN.

Luxury RVs you have to see to believe

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