Exterior view of white Keystone Cougar 30RKD Travel Trailer RV

RV Tour of the Month: 2020 Keystone Cougar 30RKD Couples’ Travel Trailer

Yes, believe it or not, it is that time again! We were back out at Crestview RV in Georgetown this month for our August RV tour. And boy did we find a beauty to give you a peek at this time: The Keystone Cougar 30RKD Rear Kitchen Couples’ Travel Trailer!

Keystone Cougar 30RKD Travel Trailer

The first two tours that we have done out at Crestview covered a lightweight, entry-level travel trailer (Keystone Springdale 260BH) and a more luxurious rear living fifth wheel (Keystone Montana 3561RL). You will find video tours embedded in those posts as well.


So for the month of August, we landed somewhere between those two models with a well-appointed 30-foot travel trailer that includes a fantastic rear kitchen design. It’s perfect for the couples out there who also love to cook!

Oh, and if you’d like to see how we started out our adventures in full-time RVing, you can also take a look at the full tour of our Keystone Passport 2670BH travel trailer that allowed us to visit 36 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 15 national parks during our 17 months of travel. But back to the main feature here…

RV Tour of the Month: 2020 Keystone Cougar 30RKD Couples’ Travel Trailer

Let’s turn our attention to the remarkable subject of this month’s tour and give you all of the details we possibly can about this RV you’ve just got to take a closer look at. I will be answering some of the most common questions that come up during the RV shopping process, but if you have other questions about this model just leave us a comment below.

How many people can sleep in this travel trailer model?

This is always one of the first questions that comes up during RV shopping, and for good reason. It’s definitely an important detail, and the answer in this case is four to five people.

The spacious master bedroom includes a 70″ x 80″ king bed that you will absolutely love, with plenty of space left over in the bedroom for a comfortable living situation. And that is the only proper bed in this rig…because did I mention it’s a couples trailer? Yeah, you get the point.

But if you do have some guests crashing your pad for a few days, a 68″ tri-fold sleeper sofa and convertible dinette that come standard will provide enough horizontal space for another two folks (or maybe four really tiny ones in the shape of grandkids).

As you can see in the floorplan diagram below, however, you can choose to go with the optional theater seating and free-standing dinette if you don’t have any need for the extra potential guest space. The model that we toured had the theater seating option installed…and I am definitely all for that!

2020 Keystone Cougar 30RKD travel trailer

How many slides are included in this model?

Well, unlike the huge Keystone fifth wheel that we toured last time around, this model does not have five slides. Nope, instead you get all of this great living space with only two driver-side slides. In my book, that is a real plus for a couple of reasons:

  • Easier time parking and setting up with both slides on one side.
  • Refrigerator is not located in a slide, which seems to often create slide problems due to the refrigerator’s weight.

In my world, it is all about simplicity and just avoiding common problems by going without a few things that regularly create those problems. It’s always a trade-off, a give and take, but if I can get a little more peace of mind by going with a set-up like this, then you’d better believe I will do it.

If you are of the same mind, this travel trailer model just might be right up your alley: Great living space, king size bed, and peace of mind. Nice combo!

Keystone Cougar 30RKD Travel Trailer

How many people can sit comfortably in the living area?

Here we run into one major distinction from the Keystone Montana 3561RL that we toured last time. Instead of having the recliners plus an additional sofa for guest seating, this couples travel trailer only has the one sofa or theater seating area. Other than this cushy location, you only have the dinette seating to accommodate other folks.

And this is a key distinction between rear living models and rear kitchen models: the rear kitchen here obviously takes priority. The entire back wall and one corner is solid counter space. In a rear living setup, some of that counter space would be sacrificed for additional living room seating.

This is a good spot to remind you to really consider your top priorities when shopping for an RV. You know what your lifestyle leans toward, so be sure and purchase accordingly. I would even say that you should be careful about making a purchase based on what you “hope” things will look like, or could look like. No, look at what your priorities already are and understand we are creatures of habit. You have a much better chance of avoiding “buyer’s remorse” if you go that route. In my humble opinion.

Keystone Cougar 30RKD Travel Trailer

Is this travel trailer equipped for four season camping?

Just like all of the travel trailers in the Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton series, this trailer does come equipped with their Climate Guard Protection Package. This package includes all of these great features:

  • Astrofoil Insulated Slide Floors
  • Astrofoil Insulated Underbelly
  • Reflective Foil Insulated Front Cap
  • Forced-Air Heated and Enclosed Underbelly
  • 12 Volt Heat Pads on Holding Tanks
  • Heated/Enclosed Dump Valves
  • Dual Attic Vents

If you often feel yourself drawn to the colder climate options with your RVing adventures (like us), this package will be invaluable! It gets me excited just reading through that bulleted list, once again providing instant peace of mind as I consider taking this beauty into some chilly locations.

This is one of the hard things about working with RVs all day long: It makes me want to get back out there so bad and experience all of it again! But I’m fine. Everything’s fine. Moving on…

What is the interior height of this Cougar travel trailer?

Keystone Cougar 30RKD Travel Trailer

I felt it would be helpful to include this information about interior height because I realized, as I was thinking back on the tour we just did, that I don’t recall even thinking about ceiling height. As I picture it in my mind, the overall feel of the space seems so similar to the 35-foot fifth wheel that we toured last time.

While the interior height of the Cougar 30RKD is actually 7 feet, it had the same basic feel for me as the fifth wheel with interior height of closer to 9 feet! I know, that sounds crazy, but it really is true. Keystone has done a great job of giving this travel trailer a very roomy feel, and that thoroughly impresses me. It’s one of those ways that they have made it feel more like home.

So please, don’t be scared off by the 7-ft interior height! I seriously doubt that it will be a negative for you once you get inside and experience it for yourself.

And as a bonus, your exterior height stays at a reasonable level as well! At only 11 feet 4 inches, the exterior height will make your travel days much less stressful since you will encounter far fewer scenarios where clearance height is an issue. It can be quite a challenge having to re-route as you travel due to an expected low clearance in front of you.

Need to “geek out” on tank capacities and other specs?

Look, I get it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. When we were RV shopping, I was extremely interested in the capacities of every tank on every rig.

I had dreams of boondocking in all of the places. I wanted to go “off grid”, off the beaten path, and see some remarkable places away from the crowds. For me, it didn’t really work out like that…but I hope it does for you.

And if you are interested in boondocking, those tank capacities are extremely important! So let’s point those out to you right here:

  • Fresh Water: 60 gallons
  • Grey Water: 60 gallons
  • Black Water: 30 gallons
  • Propane (LP): 30 lbs (2 x 15 lbs)

Those capacities will make boondocking much more possible…especially if it’s just the two of you in this couples trailer. But since you are so in love with specs (like me), here is the full table for your to enjoy.

What else do you want to know about the Keystone Cougar 30RKD?

Keystone Cougar 30RKD Travel TrailerWe’ve covered quite a few of the details here that you will be interested in during your RV shopping experience. But there is still plenty more that you can explore at Crestview RV’s website.

If you still have some questions after that, please feel free to drop a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP with all the info we’ve got. And if we can’t help you, you still have the talented and knowledgeable folks at Crestview on your side as well. (Did I mention that we bought our first travel trailer at Crestview RV and had a great buying experience?)

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a closer look at this fantastic couples travel trailer. If you are interested in looking at other floorplan options in the Keystone Cougar Half-Ton Series, Crestview can help you out there as well!

Until next time…


Keystone Cougar 30RKD travel trailer

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