Airstream travel trailer parked in lot and available for rent

How to Rent an Airstream for an Amazing Vacation

Can you rent an Airstream trailer for an epic vacation? You sure can! We’ve got the scoop on an Airstream rental near you including how much it costs, the different models available to rent and more.

Airstream rental

Airstream Trailers are Just Cool

Let me start off with a confession. Every time Todd and I would see an Airstream pull into an RV park, we were a tad bit jealous. On one of the first nights of our full-time RVing journey, we were parked right next to an Airstream Basecamp. The owner was nice enough to give us a tour and we were instantly wowed by this little travel trailer.

We also have a few friends who own an Airstream and they too have given us tours of their rigs.

Airstreams are just cool…there’s no doubt about it.

They’re so cool, even NASA has used them. Have you seen Apollo 11? It was so fun to see the RVs parked in the lot as people drove out to witness the space shuttle launch. But not only that, we noticed it was an Airstream that took the astronauts to the launch pad.

What You Need to Know About Airstream Rentals

From where to rent an Airstream and how much it costs, to popular Airstream rental destinations to rent one and the different models available, we’ve got the info you’re looking for.

Where to Rent an Airstream

Where is the best place to rent an Airstream? Outdoorsy! They are the #1 Airstream rental company and for good reason.

The Outdoorsy offices are located in our backyard of Austin, TX. We had the chance to meet with the team (including the cute pups running around their offices). Not only are they extremely passionate about RVing, but also about providing the best rental service to their customers. They offer great service to RV hosts and RV renters.

Outdoorsy is an innovative, pioneering company that wants to connect you with the outdoors and experiential travel. So do we, which is why we’re a good fit with Outdoorsy.

How to Rent an Airstream Trailer

Airstream Trailer rental is super easy. Visit, type in ‘Airstream’ into the keyword slot on the left side and start your search. You can also set the location and date for your RV rental search.

Airstream rentals


Once you find a rental that catches your eye, click on it and read all of the details. I recommend you look out for the following details:

  • What amenities does the rental have? For example, kitchen utensils and appliances, outdoor chairs, grill, etc.
  • Will they deliver the rig?
  • Are you allowed to tow it if you want to and if so, what’s required to tow? (hitch ball, etc)
  • What are the rules?
  • What are the extra fees?
  • Are they pet-friendly and if so, is there an extra cost?
  • Be aware of required levels of insurance you need to carry for the rental.

Why Rent an Airstream?

RVing is such a fun way to create family memories. And renting an RV is a great idea. Here are a few key reasons:

  • It allows you to try before you buy
  • You can (sometimes) bring your pets
  • No maintenance or storage fees, which any RV owner can tell you is a high cost
  • You can enjoy the comforts of a home on wheels
  • It can save you money on travel compared to airline and hotel expenses

As far as why you might want to specifically rent an Airstream, all of the above reasons apply. With a rental, you can experience what it’s like to travel and stay in an Airstream. Within a short one week rental, you can have a better sense of whether or not that type of travel trailer is a good fit for your family.

Your rental test will help you narrow down why it’s not a fit. Maybe you need more common area, a different kitchen setup, or more luxury items than a typical Airstream offers. Even if it’s not exactly the type RV you’re looking to buy, I think you’ll enjoy the vacation. Because, you know, Airstreams are super cool!

We’ve been through the RV Rental process more than once. Along the way, we learned a thing or two and have shared our experiences and insights on TREKKN. If you’re interested in making your first RV rental an enjoyable and pain-free experience, we recommend you check out some of our other RV rental resources:

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an Airstream?

The specific cost of renting an Airstream will vary depending on the rental location, age, and model of the rig. In addition, you need to factor in any extra fees such as for pets, cleaning service, and insurance.

In my quick search of Airstream rentals in our area, the rental prices range from $103 to $380 per night.

I recommend you search on Outdoorsy to get a sense for the price range in the area where you plan to travel. It’s fun to look at all the travel trailers available for rent. Start dreaming and planning that vacation.

Airstream Models for Rent

One search for Airstream rentals in my area and I could see that there are so many different models available to rent. From vintage to brand new, from towable to driveable Airstreams. 

Check out these rental examples, plus a couple of video tours.

*Note: All of these rentals are located in Austin, TX

Vintage Airstream Rentals


Airstream rentals

This vintage beauty used to be named Leon and is from New Orleans. But after a five-month restoration process, Leon became Leona. Why? Because look how pretty she is!

Airstream rentals
Interior of Airstream Cruiser for rent | Image Credit: Outdoorsy

This is a link you can use to search Outdoorsy for Airstream rentals in your area.


vintage airstream rental

This Airstream 20′ long and sleeps two. How cozy! Believe it or not, she does have a bathroom.


Vintage Airstream Rental

This gal is vintage inside and out. We saw a couple of these Land Yachts during our travels and it was always fun when we spotted one.

Vintage Airstream Rental
Interior of Airstream Land Yacht for rent | Image credit: Outdoorsy

This is a link you can use to search Outdoorsy for Class A Airstream rentals in your area.

Small Airstream Rentals


Airstream rentals

This little guy sleeps 3, two adults in the bed (a little smaller than a queen) and a small child can sleep on the kitchen table that folds to make a bed. This RV can be delivered to your camping spot if you don’t want to tow it.

Airstream rentals
Interior kitchen area of Airstream Sport | Image credit: Outdoorsy

Here’s a video tour of the 2019 Airstream Sport.

This is a link you can use to search Outdoorsy for Airstream rentals in your area.

Driveable Airstream Rental


airstream interstate rv rental

Do you want to see what it’s like to drive, travel in and rent an Airstream Interstate? How fun would this be?!

This Airstream rental includes snacks, silverware, plates, coffee, tea, a 6 person tent, 2 chairs with built-in drink coolers, and a hammock. It’s all gassed up and ready for an adventure!

Take a peek inside the Airstream Interstate for rent.

Airstream Interstate RV rental

Here’s a short video from the owner of this rental.

GoRV Adventures by Aaron Hix.

As you can see, there’s quite the selection of Airstream rentals available. Now just imagine taking off in one for a vacation you’ll never forget! I’m ready and definitely see an Airstream rental in my future.

Popular Airstream Rental Cities

If you’re planning an upcoming visit to a fun city, consider renting an RV instead of a hotel. It’s a fun way to vacation while testing out a travel trailer model you may be interested in buying. Here are a few specific links to help you search within popular cities:

Are You Ready to Rent an Airstream?

We hope we’ve given you enough information to find an Airstream rental near you so you and your family can have one epic vacation. It might even help you find the Airstream of your dreams!


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