7 Full-Time Family RV Tours That’ll Give You Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to set up your RV for full-time travel, these seven RV tours will not only help, they’ll make you want to hit the road asap.

When we were in the research/getting prepared stage for full-time RVing, I guess you could say I became a tad bit obsessed with watching video RV tours and reading every blog post I could get my hands on. I wanted to know all the things!


How they decorated.

Where they stored things.

How they squeezed so many people into a small space.

How they set up their kitchen.

I wanted to know every little tip, trick and RV hack there was.

While a lot of setting up your RV for full-time travel has to do with things like your type of rig, how many people are traveling and just preference, watching video RV tours will definitely help give you some really useful ideas.

I rounded up a variety of RV tours, ranging from big families to couples.

7 Full-Time Family RV Tours That’ll Give You Ideas and Inspiration

A Rustic Modern RV Tour

Get ready for some serious RV decor envy. The couple from Mountain Modern Life amaze me with what they’ve done with this space. Watch the video for decor and storage ideas out the wazoo.

A few items mentioned in their RV tour:

They’ve obviously done some really big renovation jobs for their rig, which turned out incredible. That whole media/table/fireplace area is ingenious!

If you’re like me and don’t have a renovation bone in your body, their decor elements alone are pure gold and something you could easily implement.

After watching this RV tour, I ended up adding white curtains in our bedroom and a white rug that covered the ottoman. Just those two simple decor items brightened up the space and made it feel more like a home. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make a difference.

Family of 5 Living in a Travel Trailer

This RV tour from Keep Your Day Dream was the very first one I watched and gave me a taste of what it’s like to live in a travel trailer. Not only did it make me instantly fall in love with this family, but it gave me some great ideas for setting up our travel trailer for our family of five.

This is a tour of the 28 Foot Pacific Coachwork’s Northland 28DBSS.

A few items mentioned in their RV tour:

The thing I liked most about their tour was the fact that they did zero renovations. It was so relatable for us and helped me see that not every full-time RV family paints their walls white. 😛 (Although believe me, I wanted to!)

With some simple organization and storage items, plus their positive attitude that shines through on their videos, they made this travel trailer work for them.

They’ve since upgraded their rig to the 2018 Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS. You can see that video tour here.

RV Tour with a Family of 11

Yep, you read that right. Knorpp and South traveled in a fifth wheel for a while with their nine kids. As they said at the beginning of the video, they didn’t exactly enjoy living in 400 sq. feet with this many people and wouldn’t be doing it forever.

If you’re interested to see how fitting these many people in an RV full-time works, watch the video below.

They’ve since moved into a house, which they document daily on their YouTube channel.

Rv Tour with Pets

If you’re thinking about RVing with your pets and wonder what it’s like, this video is for you. Here’s a tour of a 30-foot motorhome where Brittany and her husband have lived for three years with their two dogs and three cats.

I like how she shares the less glamorous side of RV living. Like how she has to leave the cabinets open so their food doesn’t spoil in the Las Vegas heat and how not everything in RV life is about looking good. Hence the heat reflectors on the windows.

Family of 7 Living in a Motorhome with No Slides

What’s it like to work from the road in a motorhome with five kiddos? Trent & Siobhán from Everyday Family Adventure shares how they work and travel with their 22-year-old Foretravel Motorhome with their family of seven.

Since we traveled and worked from our RV, seeing other RVers workspaces is fascinating to me. It seems that a lot of motorhome owners set up their office space in the front and just move everything when it’s time to hit the road.

For travel trailer and fifth wheel owners, they use the dining table, a bedroom, the great outdoors, etc. Regardless of the type of rig you have, you have to get a little creative when setting up a workspace.

I’m also fascinated by how large families set up spaces for everyone to sleep. For their five boys to all sleep in this motorhome, it required a bunk room remodel.

A Couple and Their Dogs

This couple travels full time in their Winnebago Trend 23D with their super cute dogs.

This the first full-time family RV tour I’ve watched where they have to convert their bed every night. But they have wine, so they’re good. (My kind of people.)

When our daughter was visiting from college and traveling with us, at first she slept on the dinette that transformed into a bed, but it’s not even remotely comfortable. The cushions kept slipping off and the padding wasn’t quite cutting it.

So she started sleeping on the pull-out couch. The only problem with that was Todd and I had to climb over her if we needed to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And when we woke up before her and were ready for our morning coffee. And pretty much any time we needed to get somewhere other than outside. 🙂 But it worked for the short amount of time she was with us.

Full time family RV tour

Couple Traveling in a Vintage 16 foot Camper

Kyle and Olivia have traveled for almost three years in a 1985 Fiber Stream. It’s only 16-feet long! But they’ve made it work.

The pantry they created as you walk into the camper is incredible. What a great use of space! Which is the key when you live in such a small area.

2018 Parade of Home: How 7 Families Live in Their RV

This video from Less Junk More Journey is a bonus because you get to see not one, but how seven families live full-time in their RVs.

They attended one of the Fulltime Families rallies and one thing they do at these is have a parade of RVs. If you want, you can let other families tour your RV as well as go on the tour. It’s a chance to get some really good ideas for your own space. Plus, it’s a blast seeing how others live.

They also did a video of the Parade of Homes in 2017 and we actually met one of the families from their video at a campground in the Sedona, AZ area. They invited us in and as I was sitting there I told them I felt like I’d see this RV before. Long story short, they were the first family highlighted in the video below.

Our youngest son has spent quite a bit of time in their RV hanging out with their kids. It’s such a cool set up with the treehouse type room for their daughter.

P.S. They’ve been on the road for about 9 years now!

Did you get some good ideas and inspiration from these full-time family RV tours? I hope so. I know it helped me tremendously when going through the planning stages, as well as when I needed some new ideas for decor and storage while on the road.

If you’d like to tour the travel trailer we traveled in for 17 months, check out our RV tour here.


Full time family rv tours

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