25 S’mores Dessert Recipes: An Alternative to Campfire S’mores

Do you love the taste of s’mores, but are not a fan of the campfire smell that sticks to everything? Or maybe you’re camping and there’s a fire ban. No worries! These 25 s’mores dessert recipes are the perfect alternative to campfire s’mores.

Why would you want/need an alternative to campfire s’mores you ask? Isn’t it like a law or something that when camping you have to make a s’more? I’m fairly certain it is, but there are times when it’s just not possible or convenient to do it over a campfire.

When we set off on our full-time RV travels, all we wanted to do was relax by the campfire, cook our dinners over the campfire and make melty, messy, tasty s’mores, you guessed it, over the campfire.

See exhibits a, b and c. This is us in Colorado when we were still very new to this life.

Relaxing by the fire

Making fajitas over the campfire

The all-important campfire s’mores

But, as we worked our way up to Canada, a couple of things started to happen. 

We started getting a little tired of everything we owned smelling like campfire 24/7. When you’re camping for the week or a weekend, you welcome that campfire smell because it means relaxation. But when you’re traveling full-time with everything you own in your home on wheels, your perspective can change a bit.

Also, the farther we made our way up, the more strict burn bans started getting. It was the summer of 2017 when Washington and parts of Canada were on fire. On one of the hikes in Banff National Park they witnessed helicopters flying over and dropping buckets of water on the fires nearby. 

Needless to say, there was no relaxing by the campfire or campfire s’mores happening.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We still had many campfires during our 17 months on the road. They just weren’t as frequent as we thought they would be or we chose to break out the propane fire pit that brought with us during our travels. That was definitely one of the best RV gadgets we owned.

So if you want the taste of s’mores but you can’t do them over the campfire for whatever reason, these s’mores dessert recipes are the perfect alternative. From rice Krispie treats and dips to brownies and cake pops, you get all the yumminess of this classic camping dessert.

25 S’mores Dessert Recipes

Layered S’mores Rice Krispie Treats

Submitted by Delicious Little Bites

S'mores Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

“My go-to alternative are these Layered S’mores Rice Krispie Treats! They can be made ahead of time, and are easy to bring along on all of your summer outings!”

Get the recipe here

S’more or Taco? It’s a SMACO

Submitted by Keeping Life Sane

“This is one of my family’s favorite desserts and the one camping dessert we always have. One reason I love it so much is that my kids can make their own.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Fudge

Submitted by A Bride on a Budget

“Maybe you live somewhere where May is too cold to go outside and roast s’mores outside your wedding venue. No worries. You can make s’mores fudge for your wedding favor. It’s so easy and delicious!”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Dip Recipe

Submitted by Confessions of a Disneyaholic Mom

“While I make them on the grill, I also love to be able to make them in a small skillet to enjoy as more of a dip for the summer and beyond, too.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Cake Pops

Submitted by Pint Sized Baker

S'mores Cake Pops

What do you need for these?

“Just your basic stuff of cake, marshmallows, graham crackers, sticks and a stand, candy coating and your imagination.”

Get the recipe here

Soft and Chewy S’mores Bar

Submitted by Bunny’s Warm Oven

S'mores Bars

“An easy delicious Soft and Chewy S’mores Bar made with four layers. The first layer is the dough the second is chocolate bars the third is marshmallows and the final layer is another layer of dough.”

Get the recipe here

No Bake S’mores Cup

Submitted by Dancing Through The Rain

“When things are busy, it’s always good to keep an easy no bake recipe in your back pocket. For these S’mores cups, you may already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen as we speak!”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Macarons

Submitted by Conserva Mom

S'mores macarons recipe

“These macarons are absolutely heavenly and easy to make if you follow the instructions.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Cupcakes

Submitted by Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

S'mores cupcake

“This cupcake recipe pays homage to the s’mores of my youth.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores French Toast

Submitted by Chocolates and Chai

S'mores French Toast recipe

“Is this S’mores French Toast recipe exactly what you think it is? Well, if you think it’s a decadent French toast recipe with chocolate, crushed graham crackers, topped with some perfectly gooey torched marshmallows…well, then you’d be exactly right.”

Get the recipe here

Fudgy S’mores Pie

Submitted by The Kitchen is My Playground

“But just like most everyone else, I’m really not around a campfire all that often to enjoy my beloved S’mores treat.  So I’ve come up with various ‘indoor’ ways to get my S’mores fix!”

Get the recipe here

Grilled Banana Campfire S’mores

Submitted by Adventures of Mel

“There are so many enjoyable ways to make and eat s’mores, and bananas add a whole new twist to this favorite campfire snack.”

Get the recipe here

Mini S’mores Cheesecakes

Submitted by Miss in the Kitchen

mini S'mores Cheesecake recipe

“S’mores are a must- have for summer and these mini cheesecakes are a fun spin on everyone’s favorite campfire treat.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Puppy Chow Recipe

Submitted by Curry Trail

S'mores Puppy Chow Recipe

“Muddy buddies or puppy chow call it however you want, this sweet and crunchy snack is a treat your whole family would love.”

Get the recipe here

Golden Grahams® S’mores Brownies Recipe

Submitted by Ann’s Entitled Life

“You do not need a campfire to get the great taste of S’mores. This updated twist on traditional s’mores is made with delicious, sweet golden Grahams cereal.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Stuffed Cookie Recipe

Submitted by A Cookie Named Desire

“The trick, as it turns out, is to get the dough as cold as possible without freezing them, and getting the s’mores cookies to cool quickly, without putting them in the refrigerator.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Hand Pies

Submitted by Dad, What’s 4 Dinner?

“Who needs a campfire when you can make these awesome little S’mores Hand Pies. Perfect for when it is inconvenient to make traditional S’mores.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Cake (Poke Cake)

Submitted by My Heavenly Recipes

S'mores Poke Cake Recipe

“Rather than trying to recreate “s’mores indoors” (I’m trademarking that if it isn’t already done), I wanted to try to bring that quintessential summer taste sensation to the table in a fresh and nearly as easy way.”

Get the recipe here

Bakery Style S’mores Muffins

Submitted by Ever After in the Woods

“The key to these muffins and their high tops is that you bake them at a high heat first and then finish them in a lower temperature oven.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Pudding Bowl (Vegan)

Submitted by Veggie Inspired

Vegan S'mores Pudding Bowl

“Bowl food is fun. And easy. And colorful. And customizable. And great for leftovers. And less messy for little hands to eat. What’s not to love about food in bowls? Nothing.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Toffee

Submitted by The American Patriette

S'mores Toffee Recipe

“Let’s have a chat around the campfire about how good this s’mores toffee is. Be prepared for a very long conversation.”

Get the recipe here

Brownie S’mores Pie

Submitted by My Organized Chaos

“S’mores doesn’t have to be made only on a stick over a campfire, this recipe is proof that you can have this mouthwatering dessert anytime you wish – it’s smores in an oven!”

Get the recipe here

Homemade S’mores Frappe

Submitted by Plating Pixels

S'mores Frappe

“It’s a simple blend of chilled fresh brewed espresso (or strong cold brew) blended with ice, milk and sugar or flavored syrup. Topped with chocolate sauce, crumbled graham crackers and mini marshmallows.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Pavlova Recipe

Submitted by We Are Not Martha

Smores Pavlova recipe

“Since s’mores are clearly on my mind a lot, I decided to combine my two loves into a s’mores pavlova. It involves lots of whipped egg whites and chopped chocolate and cocoa.”

Get the recipe here

S’mores Fruit Dip

Submitted by As the Bunny Hops

“Mixing marshmallow fluff and cream cheese is kinda sorta already known as a fruit dip. But add in a little chocolate and graham crackers? Then you have something amazing happening.”

Get the recipe here

Now the only decision you have to make is which one of these S’mores dessert recipes will you make first?!


S'mores dessert recipes

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