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Our Favorite Campfire Pizza Recipes to Enjoy Outdoors

Who doesn’t love pizza? Answer: no one. Make this classic American dish in a variety of ways and treat everyone to a fantastic meal outdoors. And bonus: it’s also super easy to make over the campfire! Here is a list of easy, delicious campfire pizza recipes for your next camping adventure.

Recipes for Campfire Pizza to Enjoy Outdoors

1. Campfire Skillet Pizza

This version of the campfire pizza only takes 20 minutes. It can be made with flatbread instead of dough for a quicker, more camp-friendly version.

Make the pizza in a skillet placed over the campfire. Preparing this dinner is also a fun family activity. Get the kids involved in stacking the pizza toppings.

We use the pizza recipe from Lodge Cast Iron, the great makers of campfire cookware.

2. Campfire Pizza with Veggies

This vegetarian campfire pizza is hearty enough to satisfy the meat-eating members of your crew. It includes bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms. Of course, the beauty of making your own pizza is the flexibility to use whichever toppings you choose.

Try this vegetarian pizza recipe from Champagne Tastes.

3. Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Campfire Pizza

This twist on the classic campfire pizza recipe is salty, savory, and absolutely delicious. It includes chicken, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, sausage, pineapple, bacon, and onions.

You can try the pizza recipe from Princess Pinky Girl when you’re ready for a hearty campfire meal.

4. Campfire Pizza Log

Here’s is little bit of a different take on campfire pizza. Don’t worry, it’s just as delicious. Rather than a flat, round pizza, this version is rolled into the shape of a log.

All the tasty toppings are tucked up inside. If you are a creative cook, you can prep these into individual pizza logs. That way, everyone in your party can make their own personal pizza to enjoy at the campfire.

Check out the pizza log recipe from Shock Munch.

5. Garlic and Oil Red Sauce Pizza

Garlic is definitely one of my favorite things in the world. I’m tempted to make this campfire pizza at home, at the campsite, at a friend’s house… You get the picture.

The ingredients include olive oil, minced garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, and parsley.

Enjoy your dinner at the campfire by trying this garlicy goodness pizza recipe available from the Cooking Channel.

6. Catch of the Day Campfire Pizza

This campfire pizza recipe includes fresh greens, your choice of mackerel, trout or tuna, bacon, and olive oil. A different take on the classic pizza that everyone is sure to love.

When you want a unique meal, try the fish pizza recipe by Kamprite.

7. Campfire Naan Pizza

Instead of classic pizza dough, this campfire pizza is made with naan bread. If you’ve never had naan bread, the bread appetizer that originated in India, I highly recommend you give it a shot. It’s available in sweet dough or regular bread dough.

I recommend you check out the Naan pizza recipe from Stone Fire (a brand of Naan bread available at many grocery stores).

8. Caprese Campfire Pizza

This campfire pizza takes the Caprese salad and turns it into a delicious pizza! It includes the classic Caprese toppings: cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella.

Try this caprese pizza recipe for a fresh and delicious campfire pizza.

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