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Our Favorite RV Camping Supplies to Relax Outdoors

Outdoor living. That term stirs up all kinds of images and emotions, doesn’t it? It hints at peace, fresh air and deep breaths, cold drinks, and memorable times with friends and family. That’s how we enjoy our RV lifestyle. So we wanted to share our favorite RV camping supplies to help you enjoy relaxing outdoors.

There is more to life than what’s inside the box of our houses and our daily routines. I understand, it’s fairly easy to get trapped in a rut.

Thankfully, it’s also simple to get outside and enjoy nature. Whether it’s for an afternoon walk, a weekend road trip, or a life changing transition to full-time RV living.

Relaxing outside of your RV is just as important as getting your RV out there on the road in the first place. Here, we are fully enjoying our time outdoors in the Vermont woods on a perfect summer day.
Todd Bonner/TREKKN

Whatever outdoor living means to you, I’m going to assume it’s a positive message. And I’m going to do what I can to support those activities.

Today, we’re talking about our favorite items for RV camping. These are the things we love to use for outdoor life.

Top Picks for RV Camping and Outdoor Living

I can tell you without a doubt that those ruts that keep us inside, cut off from nature and a fresh breeze, are also easy to get caught in while living a full-time RV lifestyle. You may assume that RVing naturally leads to outdoor living. But I’m sorry to say that assumption is wrong. We are living proof.

It takes effort, desire, and focus to avoid the “indoor ruts.” We need to disconnect from devices long enough to pause, breathe, and appreciate nature.

Whether you are currently enjoying life as a full-time RVer or are able to get away once or twice each month, these RV camping supplies will help you fully embrace and enjoy outdoor living as it was meant to be.

#1 RV Camping Item – Outdoor Rug

If you have done any amount of RV camping at all, you obviously understand the role that dirt, dust and rocks play in the experience. I mean, you really can’t have one without the other. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to control the amount of dirt and grime that makes its way into your RV.

Keep Your RV Clean

We purchased an outdoor camping rug during our first month of full time RVing and have used it religiously ever since. After the stabilizer jacks are down and the trailer slide is out, we pull our camping rug out of the storage bay and spread it out.

It instantly makes the place feel a little homey. It’s also essential for enjoying the outdoor space while also keeping the inside of the RV clean.


Look for an outdoor rug that is waterproof, foldable, and reversible. A good size is 5′ x 8′.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Rug

There are many different sizes and colors of outdoor rugs you can choose from. It takes only a simple search on Amazon. Of course, there are so many it’s a little overwhelming.

I recommend filtering the search for outdoor rugs that are waterproof. That makes it easier to rinse off before storing for travel days.

Reversible rugs are nice to help mix up the look and feel of your space. Also, a rug that is foldable is easier to store. A rug made of stiff material that you can only roll could be a challenge for an RV lifestyle.

Outdoor Camping Rug

This reversible, waterproof 9' x 12' area rug is great for setting up an outdoor living space for RV and Camping.

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RV Step Rugs

As a side note, another accessory for keeping your RV as clean as possible is an RV step rug. These come in various sizes, typically 18-inches or 23-inches. Be sure to measure your steps first and order the correct width for your rig. I highly recommend step rugs to keep the interior clean.

RV Step Rug

Reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked into the RV. 18" weather-resistant step rug.

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#2 RV Camping Item – Zero Gravity Chair

Let me tell you this: Don’t underestimate the power of a really comfortable chair to enhance your outdoor living experience. Seriously, it makes such a difference. That was especially true during our first couple months of living full time in our travel trailer.

I shared my story in a prior article. My adventure started with a really messed up back. And I mean it was Really. Messed. Up.

My zero gravity chair was the only place I could get the pain to stop. It completely relieved the pressure on my lower back when I was fully reclined, and it was like heaven.

TIMBER RIDGE Zero Gravity Recliner

Oversized zero gravity chair has a seat height of 22.25" with a reclining locking system to adjust your recline position up to 170 degrees.

  • Made with a heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Includes fully padded seat and adjustable padded headrest
  • 22 pounds
  • 30.5" L x 24" W x 43.5" H
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Yes, I got the nice, cushy, padded one. There are other, less expensive options. The luxury version is not absolutely necessary. But, I don’t regret selecting that beautiful outdoor recliner. 🙂 Given how much time I spent in that chair during the first few weeks of recovering from my back injury, it was worth a little extra money.

The first picture at the top of this post shows how much enjoyment I can get from that chair. Kicked back and relaxed.

Moon Chair for RV Camping

Another option that RVers love has a completely different design. Rather than a recliner, it sort of envelopes you with cushiness. It definitely makes the outdoors feel homey. I don’t have one, but it’s worth checking out if this is a better fit for your style.

While there are quite a few different names, it’s generally referred to as a moon chair. You can easily find lots of colors, padding types, and other options such as drink holders.

Padded Outdoor Chair

Collapsible outdoor chair with a cup-holder option.

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Personally, I have found the attached side tray on my zero gravity recliner to be really handy. You may want to take that into consideration when choosing an outdoor chair.

#3 RV Camping Item – Propane Fire Pit

If you’re just starting out with your RVing lifestyle, you may be shocked to learn how many RV parks and campgrounds across the country restrict campers from building a wood campfire.

This is especially true when you travel to and camp in the Western part of the U.S. Chances are high that you will not be able to enjoy sitting around a campfire. The risk of wildfires is too great so open fires are often forbidden.

This can be really frustrating. It’s also a little depressing to understand that so many beautiful areas are burning at an alarming rate.

All that said, certain campgrounds do allow the use of a portable propane fire pit, even if wood burning campfires our not allowed. Always check first with the park ranger.

Propane Fire Pits are Perfect Alternative to Wood Campfires

Our good friends in San Diego gave us a Camp Chef fire pit as a gift (thanks guys!). Otherwise, we might still be going without fires far too often. Sure, it’s not exactly the same as a real wood fire, but there are lots of benefits.

One benefit is to have a centerpiece as you relax after a long hike and a nice dinner. Another nice benefit is you will not go to sleep smelling like smoke. Don’t forget it’s simple to start and just as simple to turn off and put away. There is no waiting 45 minutes to an hour for the coals to burn down.

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There are plenty of options on the market. You can choose from different sizes, colors, and designs. We even wrote up a post that summarizes our top picks for portable propane fire pits. Whatever you choose, we hope it elevates your outdoor living and you enjoy!

Outland Living Firebowl

Smokeless gas firebowl is perfect for camping and RV travel. Measures 19" D x 19" W x 11" H.

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#4 RV Camping Item – Portable Gazebo

We purchased this gazebo earlier this year and oh what a difference it makes! It transforms our outdoor living space almost instantly. Set up takes less than five minutes with almost no hassle. Moreover, the design and functionality is perfect.

A Little Privacy and an Escape From the Bugs

Take another couple of minutes to stake and secure the gazebo and you’re ready to grab a book and breathe in the fresh air. Let me add that this pop-up tent enables you to read without the mosquitos buzzing in your ear.

It easily fits our two outdoor recliners so that my wife and I can relax in comfort and style. Yes, we are free from the pesky flying critters. It’s an inexpensive way to increase your living space and add a little semi-private area to your campsite.

What Features to Look for in a Portable Gazebo

As with most items these days, there are many options available on the market. I recommend you look for a portable gazebo with the following:

  • large mesh screen windows (ideally with zip-up covers)
  • pop-up set up
  • ground stakes
  • tie-down ropes
  • carrying bag (wheeled is nice, but remember those wheels take up extra space in the RV storage and you’re typically not transporting it far)
  • wide ground skirt to keep the crawling critters on the outside
  • ventilation options
Pop-Up Outdoor Gazebo

A portable, pop-up gazebo is a great way to increase living space during RV and camping travels.

  • No assembly required
  • Portable and designed for instant set-up
  • 102 sq ft of interior space
  • 5'8" side and 7'1" center clearance
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#5 RV Camping Item – RV Privacy Panel

Maintaining your RV awning in good condition is extremely important. You want to avoid having to replace or repair the awning because it is truly an important part of a relaxing RV lifestyle. Without the awning, your RV is exposed to the elements, including both increased sunlight that heats up your space and more rain that can lead to mold or leaks.

There’s more value to having an RV awning and privacy panel, which is our next top pick. As we mentioned above with the gazebo, our RV awning is an important aspect of enjoying life outdoors while living in our travel trailer.

An awning on your RV provides you with shade on hot, sunny days. It also protects you from the rain while you step out to take in the fresh outdoor air.

Keep in mind, a built-in RV awning has a big drawback. It only provides partial protection, and only for part of the day.

Enhance the Functionality of Your RV Awning

The solution is an RV awning shade panel that extends both the area of protection and the portion of the day that you can be protected. Both are very important. It also offers an additional level of privacy at your campsite. Now that’s a bonus that makes this camping supply item a must-have.

These come in various sizes so please measure your RV awning prior to purchasing a shade screen privacy panel.

RV Awning Shade Screen
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#6 RV Camping Item – Folding Table

I know, you’re probably thinking that this isn’t a big deal and probably not something you need to review. But stay with me for a minute. When you walk outside on a cool morning with a hot cup of coffee to settle in and read a book for a bit, you will quickly realize how handy a little table would be.

Multi-Purpose and Easy to Store

My wife does not have a small table attached to her reclining chair, so having this little table sitting next to her makes life much easier. Nobody wants to be relaxing in a zero gravity chair only to have to lean over and pick up their coffee mug from the ground for every sip.

This folding table is lightweight and stores easily. We use it for multiple purposes. The most common are as an extra side table at meals and as counter space when prepping those delicious campfire meals.

Adjustable Folding Table

This table folds for compact easy storage. Adjust to 24", 26", or 28" height and use as extra counter space for meal prep, a side table, or work space.

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#7 RV Camping Item – Camping Hammock

Stick with me here, because I understand if you’re surprised to see this item on our list. It’s a little out of the ordinary. But, I truly believe a lightweight camping hammock is one of the best ways to enjoy outdoor living and fully relax whenever you have the chance.

All that said, I will disclose to you that I watch my kids enjoy their hammocks time and time again, but I have not yet purchased one for myself.

Look, a nice reclining chair is definitely important for your outdoor living. You’re not going to be drinking a cup of coffee or eating a meal in a hammock, after all.

But when you are really ready to kick back and soak in a book or binge on your favorite Netflix show with perfect weather outside, nothing beats a super comfortable hammock. Anywhere you have a few trees, you have hours of relaxation built in, suspended between heaven and earth.

And hey, maybe you don’t want the chance to share it with someone else. The nice thing is, there are plenty of options on the market. You can find hammocks designed for one individual or for two people. Either way, we recommend it. Ok, my kids recommend it!

ENO TravelNest Hammock

A lightweight, portable hammock that is available in either a 1 person (SingleNest) or 2 person (DoubleNest) size. The TravelNest includes the hammock and the straps.

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Embrace the RV Lifestyle in Your Own Way

Chances are, not every single one of my recommendations for luxury outdoor living is going to be a good fit for you. We are all wired differently and we all value certain things over others.

But I do hope there are a few options here that are right up your alley. Or hopefully something I mentioned sparked a fresh idea that will work for you. Either way, I hope that everything we do at TREKKN helps in some way as you explore an outdoor lifestyle.

What is Your Favorite RV Camping Item?

We would love to hear from you. Are you a full-time RVer or a weekender who enjoys clean, fresh air, and some peace and quiet? We welcome your comments below and would love to hear your favorite items when you embrace the outdoors.

Here’s to some complete relaxation as you keep on TREKKN!

Relaxing outside of your RV is just as important as getting your RV out there on the road in the first place. Here, we are fully enjoying our time outdoors in the Vermont woods on a perfect summer day.

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