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Is a Luxury RV Rental Worth It? (And 3 of the Best Luxury RV Listings)

Ah, luxury RV rentals. The RVs of our dreams! Owning a luxury RV will probably never be on our list, but we can’t say we haven’t dreamt about spending some time in some RVs that seem to have it all wrapped into one vehicle.

is a luxury rv rental worth the price

Renting a luxury RV can be costly, but not as costly as owning one, right? Let’s dive into the top luxury RV rentals we could find to have you drooling over. Just make sure you have one foot firmly planted in reality before you make any rash decisions about your current RV setup! 😉

As always, before we get into the rentals themselves, here are a few things to consider before renting a luxurious RV for your next road trip.

Is Renting a Luxury RV Worth It?

You’re probably wondering why anyone would want to rent a luxury RV if you like hanging onto your money like us, which is totally understandable. As a nomadic traveler who has car camped, tent camped, and slept in the bed of a pickup truck a time or two, I would say for us it’s not at the top of our list to rent a luxury RV. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about it.

If you’re not sure if renting a luxury RV is worth it, we’ve put together some considerations and hesitations to be aware of to ensure renting a luxury RV is the right choice for you. As with every home on wheels, there are a few things that set these rentals apart from the less expensive RVs and a few things you should double-check before sending off your cash to secure the reservation.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind before reserving a luxury RV rental:

Larger deposits are needed: In order to drive away with a luxury RV, you’ll probably have to put down a heftier deposit than most other rentals. Some deposits are over $1,000 per trip, so be sure to keep that in mind before hitting “Reserve.”

Some require your own insurance: Some luxury rentals require that you have your own insurance (trailer or other insurance) in order to rent them. Check with each individual listing to see what is expected of you to have in case the worst happens on the road.

Minimum night stays: Most luxury RVs require you to have them on the road for several nights at a time. It might sound like a fun time to have it for a full weekend, but make sure the deposit and the nightly fee fits your budget!

Pet fees: Make sure you’re doing your due diligence and not skipping out on a hefty pet fee. Most luxury RV rentals don’t allow pets and the ones that do only allow them onboard for a chunk of change.

With all that said, people rent luxury RVs for a reason. It’s still cheaper than what you’ll pay for a luxurious rig on your own and it allows you to see if a luxury vehicle is really worth the price tag before you buy. If you’re used to lounging around in a small to moderate or low to medium priced-RV, it’s always nice to see how the other RVers live from time to time, too. Treat yo self, as they say!

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3 Luxury RV Rentals We Love

Now is the time you’ve all been waiting for! The top luxury RV rentals I could find are luxurious indeed (and well over our budget), but if you can afford to rent these rigs or just want some inspiration for the future like us, we’ve got you covered.

Big Buck the Sprinter

Not a traditional RV per say, but you’ll find many Mercedes Sprinters online for rent at a luxury rate (and for good reason).

Luxury RV Rentals

Big Buck is a grey van that offers all the amenities of a luxurious RV from sleeping spaces to bathroom amenities. There’s plenty of places to lounge about and have a good time on the open road in this one.

Things to know about renting Big Buck:

  • 4×4 capable for even bigger and better adventures.
  • Sleeps 4 in the back and mid-section of the van.
  • Solar power and batteries for off-grid adventures.
  • Fridge, freezer, and pantry for food storage.
  • Stove & sink for cooking all your meals.
  • Kitchenware and other essentials are included.
  • Awning to keep the vehicle and its passengers shaded on hot days.
  • A/C (shore power only) & fan for days when you’re not plugged into shore power for an extra breeze.

Luxury Camper Van Rentals

For $375/night, you can rent Big Buck and have him delivered to you within 30 miles of Burbank, CA.

You’ll have to put down a $2,000 deposit before you set sail and remember no pets, festivals, or smoking allowed. The nice thing about this rental is that it provides you with all the essentials you need like towels, first aid, a camping table, chairs, and the like to make sure you don’t forget anything at home.

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2019 Tiffin Phaeton

For a large and in charge luxury RV, look no further than this 2019 Tiffin Phaeton. With 40 feet of living space, this RV truly has everything you need for an extended stay on the road.

Luxury Tiffin RV Rental

Here’s what you need to know about the Phaeton before you rent:

  • 40 feet long, sleeps 4 people.
  • Has all the amenities including a full-size washer and dryer, reverse osmosis water system, and dishwasher.
  • Has things you don’t need or expect an RV to have including a fireplace and heated tile floors.
  • All the entertainment you need from Netflix to WiFi are available inside this rig.

For this RV, you’ll drop $3,000 for the deposit with a minimum of 5 nights for every trip. The nightly rate starts at $500 per night and decreases to $400 per night if you decide to rent it for a full month. The nice thing about this listing is that you can have the RV delivered to you within 120 miles of Tonopah, AZ, which is just due west of Phoenix.

Luxury Tiffin RV Rental

No pets, smoking, or festival road trips are allowed for this particular listing, but it sure does look like the inside of a luxury home, not an RV, when you first take a look at the inside and that’s what matters!

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2021 Fleetwood Bounder

The Fleetwood Bounder, located in Palm City, FL, is available for rent for just $550 per night. Brand new and ready for your next adventure, this RV sleeps 8 and looks like it rolled off the lot just yesterday.

Luxury Class A RV Rental

Here’s what you should know about the Fleetwood Bounder:

  • It’s 35 feet long and sleeps up to 8 people with a King bed, Queen bed, sofa sleeper, and a convertible dinette bed.
  • There are two bathrooms in this layout, but only one has a shower.
  • This rental comes with 4 TVs that live inside and outside the RV, one with a soundbar for the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience.
  • 6 seat belts are available, which means you can strap the kids in as you scoot down the road.
  • A fireplace, furnace, and dual air conditioners are all available to ensure you are comfortable in whatever weather conditions you face on your next adventure.

Luxury Class A Rental

This RV is truly luxurious as it offers all the necessities and more than a handful of luxuries all in one place. From the washer and dryer to the heated side mirrors, this RV should deliver on all of your expectations and more.

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To Rent or Not to Rent Luxury

At the end of the day, renting a luxury RV can be pricey. You definitely pay for what you’re renting though, which can leave you with a little less anxiety and homesickness for your first run with an RV.

For those who want to live on the road and still have the luxuries and amenities of a brick and mortar home, luxury RVs are definitely a good fit for your lifestyle on the road. If you’re not sold on a two-bedroom, two-bath RV, then a luxury RV may not be your style.

The biggest thing to remember is that you know what you need best, not someone else. At the end of the day, if luxury is (or isn’t) your thing, there are plenty of RVs out there that can fit your needs. All you have to do is try them out!

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