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The Best Toy Hauler Travel Trailers (2024 Edition)

Whether you’re an ATV enthusiast, insatiable cyclist, or whitewater kayaker, you need a safe and secure place to store your favorite toys and equipment. Thankfully, the RVing community came up with a solution: toy hauler travel trailers!

Before we dive into which toy hauler RVs have enough great features to make it on our “Best Of” list, let’s first cover a few important items. Namely, the things you should consider before buying your first (or next) toy hauler.

Key Considerations Before Buying a Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Before you head to your nearest RV dealership, there are a few things to think about when you decide you want a toy hauler.

  • What vehicles or equipment do you want to carry in your toy hauler?
  • Do you have a tow vehicle?
  • What are your tow vehicle ratings, including stopping power, towing capacity, and payload
  • On what type of terrain do you expect to be driving?
  • Is there a certain length of trailer that best serves the places you visit frequently (consider winding roads of state and national parks, trailheads, RV length restrictions at parks, etc.)?

General Purchasing Considerations

In addition to finding the best prices, factor in the following additional costs and considerations before buying a toy hauler travel trailer:

  • Sales tax
  • Interest rates (which vary for qualified buyers)
  • Monthly payments vary for loan term and interest rate
  • Delivery fees
  • License fees
  • Insurance
  • Registration tags
  • Garage space
  • Cargo space

I know I may be stating the obvious here, but the actual buying process – regardless of the particular model or model year – is worth a couple of minutes of consideration. As you put together your wish list of options and dream destinations, leave a sidebar for costs and fees at the dealership.

Of course your personal purchase decision will also take into account whether you buy a used or new RV.

Cargo Weight and Towing Capacity

In addition to the financing, it’s important to nail down exactly what your toy hauler will carry. You want to avoid carrying more cargo than your trailer or towing vehicle is capable of.

There’s a big difference in weight if you’re going to haul dirt bikes versus a jet ski. Or a golf cart. Or, a race car! (Hey, I can dream, right?) Also, depending on your toys, the rig may need specific functionality, such as a ramp door or patio.


If you don’t have a tow vehicle, and even if you do have one, it’s important to double-check which vehicles are capable of towing a toy hauler. Also, narrow down the list based on which options are within your price range.

Not only will you be carrying people and a trailer, but you’ll also be adding the weight of another vehicle (like an ATV) or other outdoor equipment.

Where Will You Take Your Toys?

Last but not least, you should think about where you want to take your toys. Will you be off in the backcountry unloading motorbikes or dropping your kayaks and paddleboards at the marina?

If, for example, you are heading off-grid to the backcountry you may want to ensure the trailer is setup for proper installation of solar panels.

You’ll want a toy hauler that brings out your true adventure, while also considering the size limitations of the places you visit. Naturally, it’s also nice if you have a comfortable living space.

State and national parks have limitations on the size of vehicles entering and camping inside their boundaries, so it’s important to know the length and size of your toy hauler to avoid any issues.

Our Favorite Top 5 Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

Now that you have a few questions in mind for when you head to the dealer, let’s take a look at our favorite best toy hauler travel trailers. Find the perfect RV and get revved up and ready to take on the summer and fall months locked, loaded, and ready to roll.

Heartland Torque 281 Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Meet the impressive Heartland Torque 281. At over 32 feet in length, it’s the largest of the toy haulers we will cover. Yes, there’s plenty of living space for the family and lots of room for all of your toys!


Here are the important specs on this toy hauler travel trailer:

  • Dry Weight: 7,954 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 4,798 lbs.
  • Length: 32 feet 8 inches
  • Width: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Fresh Water: 98 gallons
  • Gray Water: 57 gallons
  • Black Water: 30 gallons
  • Garage Storage Space: 16 feet 4 inches


This specific unit has everything you need for a long weekend of road-tripping, off-roading, and definitely some relaxation.

With a 2-seat couch and two additional armchairs in the living area, this is the kind of RV that’s made for comfort.

In the garage, you’ll find the second bed, an electric queen-size bed, which is situated above a second sofa with a dinette. And just outside? A fueling station for your toys on the go!


There are several extra trailer features that make the Torque 281 a real winner.

These include a 10-gallon water heater, two 30-lb (7-gallon) propane tanks, a 3-burner stove in the kitchen as well as an 8 cu. ft. refrigerator that operates on 110V power or on propane.

All in all, you can’t go wrong taking a much closer look at this Torque option by Heartland RV.

Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 Toy Hauler

Here’s a Forest River rig for hauling gear and equipment: the No Boundaries 19.1.

The No Boundaries line is a more rugged, outdoorsy version of Forest River trailers. The goal of these trailers is to offer storage that’s adaptable for almost any sport or hobby from kayaking to bikes to fishing equipment.

Forest River No Boundaries toy hauler travel trailer
Forest River No Boundaries


Besides offering adaptive storage, here’s everything else you need to know about the No Boundaries 19.1:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 4,941 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 2,955 lbs.
  • Exterior Length: 24 feet 11 inches
  • Exterior Width: 7 feet 4 inches
  • Fresh Water: 30 gallons
  • Gray Water: 30 gallons
  • Black Water: 30 gallons
  • Garage Storage Space: 10 feet 6 inches


Forest River claims that “Your RZR 1000 has met its match,” and for good reason.

The No Boundaries 19.1 allows you to mix home and play. With a front-to-back garage area of just over 10 feet, you can easily fit most toys and equipment inside without much need for an additional storage compartment.

This trailer is particularly light for a toy hauler. It can easily be towed by a 4 or 6-cylinder towing vehicle and carry over 3,000 lbs in extra cargo, which is ideal for an ATV or several motorbikes.


Inside, the trailer offers plenty of space for living, even if your ATVs or kayaks are inside. A full bathroom, queen size bed, fold-up sofa, and full kitchen make it easy to feel at home even on the road or in the backcountry.

Jayco Octane Super Lite Toy Hauler

The Jayco Octane Super Lite 222 is, indeed, super lightweight. It also offers everything you need for a weekend getaway, too. Though this trailer is smaller, it’s mighty, to say the least.

toy hauler travel trailers by Jayco
*Note: Jayco Model shown above is larger than 222 model we are discussing*


Here’s everything you need to know about it:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 5,560 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 2,440 lbs.
  • Length: 26 feet 5 inches
  • Width: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Fresh Water: 53 gallons
  • Gray Water: 45 gallons
  • Black Water: 45 gallons
  • Garage Storage Space: 8 feet 6 inches

Jayco toy hauler travel trailers


This trailer is the perfect size for a couple or small family. It has everything you need from a microwave to a queen-size bed to make your tiny home on wheels feel just like home.

No matter where you are, there’s plenty of space to store and relax.


The interior storage area, at over 11.5 feet, is also the bedroom and living area. The table is actually an indoor/outdoor table while the bed area converts to a couch for when you entertain friends or share a meal.

Coachmen Freedom Express Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

With the Freedom Express Select, you can stow away pretty hefty equipment or vehicles inside the garage.

best toy haulers 2020
*Note: Coachmen Freedom Express Model shown above is larger than 271BL model we are discussing.*


Let’s take a deeper look at the specifications of the Freedom Express Select 28.7SE to see what makes it a great toy hauler.

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 6,286 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 2,714 lbs.
  • Length: 32 feet 10 inches
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Fresh Water: 50 gallons
  • Gray Water: 70 gallons
  • Black Water: 35 gallons


This trailer is great for hauling because it not only gives you space to store your vehicle or equipment, but it also has room to sprawl out and relax, too.

With two queen-sized beds, one being a convertible sofa bed in the garage (electric lift optional), there’s plenty of room for two couples or a small family to curl up when a long day of adventuring is done.

Full bath and kitchen areas make it easy to wash up and cook after spending a day on the lake or out on the trail. There are two pass-through storage bins at the front of the trailer, too, to stow away any extra equipment.

A summary of the specs across all 5 toy haulers is provided below.

Grand Design Momentum G-Class 25G Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

The Grand Design Momentum G-Class 25G is one of the bigger toy hauler travel trailers on our list at nearly 31 feet in length.

While it may look like many toy haulers on the outside, the inside of this trailer is one-of-a-kind with a more contemporary look.

toy hauler travel trailer 2020
*Note: Model shown is smaller than 25G model we are discussing.*


But before we talk about the inside of this trailer, let’s take a look at the specifications:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 7,900 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 3,600 lbs.
  • Length: 30 feet 11 inches
  • Width: 8 feet 3 inches
  • Fresh Water: 100 gallons
  • Gray Water: 78 gallons
  • Black Water: 39 gallons
  • Garage Storage Space: 13 feet 6 inches


There’s plenty of room inside this toy hauler to carry any gear while still having the luxuries of home.

With two queen-sized beds, two Euro chairs, a full kitchen, and a separate bedroom, you can bring your friends and family without sacrificing privacy and comfort.

There are two sliders to extend the garage and bedroom for extra room as well.

Oh, and don’t ignore the 30-gallon fuel tank included with this toy hauler that allows you to easily refuel your toys while you’re out adventuring. The ultimate in convenience!


Inside the Momentum, you’ll find plenty of space to store clothes and other necessities as there are almost endless overhead cabinets. In the bedroom, you’ll get your own dresser and closet.

This trailer also comes with an exterior grill/kitchen area as well as a 1.6 cu. ft. refrigerator.

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Chart comparing weight, length and other measurements of toy hauler travel trailers.

Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel

Now I know we are focused here on travel trailers, but there are a lot of available options in the market. I love browsing RV designs and floor plans. It’s always fascinating to see innovations, new designs, options, and amenities. So please humor me while I include a model from our list of fifth wheel toy haulers.


We have a vast audience and many of our readers may be searching for top rated fifth wheels. Let’s take a quick look at the Keystone Raptor. Whether you see it as a beauty or a beast, there’s no doubt it offers a level of comfort you could easily call home. It also has enough space for ATV, paddle board, dirt bikes, or other toys.

This is a high performance brand that comes packed with special features and options such as on-demand hot water, soft-close cabinets, wireless charging stations, a flexible hitch that reduces stress while towing, and automatic leveling.

Interior floor plan of Keystone 358 toy hauler fifth wheel
Floor plan of Keystone Raptor 358 Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel


Here are the top specs of the tandem axle Keystone Raptor 358 Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel.

  • Weight: 13,035 lbs
  • CCC: 4,270 lbs
  • Height: 13′ 2″
  • Length: 38′ 11″
  • 13-foot garage area
  • Fresh Water: 94 gallons
  • Grey Water: 44 gallons
  • Black Water: 82 gallons
  • 16.5 cu. ft. / 12V Refrigerator
  • 1 1/2 Bath with 40″ x 28″ Shower
  • Front bedroom with queen bed and bunkhouse
  • Entertainment Center
  • 12′ Awning
Keystone Raptor

Which Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Will Best Fit Your Lifestyle?

At the end of the day, whatever toy hauler you choose should fit your needs and no one else’s. There are many different options when it comes to choosing the best toy hauler. Review the standard features, floor plans, and storage options.

Because we all have our own individual vision of what makes the best outdoor adventures, only a few toy hauler models will be a good fit for your lifestyle. Try to picture yourself on your first road trip and see if the trailer you’re considering is the one that pops into that vision.

Whether you want to haul ATVs out to the backcountry or paddle your way through the weekend at the lake, you can find a toy hauler to combine your living and storage spaces into one.

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  1. Hv a dodge 3500 (2005) all after market front end and suspension. Lance 1181 (2006). Looking for a toy hauler to accommodate my dogs and myself for RV travel, winter and summer. The Lance has never frozen up 1 time. Been in -30 degrees. Looking for a hauler that will follow us, with Camper and have no issues with weather. There is no mention of durability in true winter conditions. Might you think of this issue. Also, the axels, most on the market will crash over being totally loaded rig and rough roads.

    1. Hi Bob, that’s great to hear about your experience with your Lance camper, and I really appreciate your feedback. Lance is on my short list for our next RV if we go the towable route again.
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      I really hope that all makes sense to you. I just don’t have the ability to address every factor related to each RV that we discuss or highlight, that’s the reality of it. But I still hope you found the post helpful as you continue your search for the right toy hauler! Good luck!

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      Let’s hope for better options in the near future.

  2. IM looking to buy a used toy hauler to live in in Yuma for the winter and haul my 2021 Harley revival with me . Im single and wonder what hauler you would reccommend for quality and Durability. I will be using my F150 2021 Supercrewcab 4×4 3.5 eco boost with a 3.55 axle. thank you.

    1. Hi Doug,

      I wish I could give you a recommendation, but without any personal experience with any toy haulers and only experience with one brand of travel trailer, I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.
      It will just be a matter of gauging user satisfaction online with different manufacturers when it comes down to it, but evaluating that data is not something I have taken on.
      I wish you the best in search and am sorry I can’t be more help!

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