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Top 7 RV Tech Products for 2021

Top 7 RV Tech Products for 2021

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Once upon a time in a magical land called Texas, there lived an RV boy.

RV Technology Gadgets

Well, that may be a stretch. He was actually a 40-something dad who had no clue about operating and taking proper care of RVs, but now he owned one. A travel trailer, to be more precise. And we’ll still call him RV boy because I want to.

RV boy needed many RV things. But figuring out which ones he really needed, and would not regret buying, turned out to be quite a challenge. It nearly consumed him as the date to move into this RV with his family and travel the continent drew closer and closer.

The biggest struggle for RV boy was trying to determine which of the RV technology products would really be worth his money starting out. With so many shiny and sparkly tech gadgets available for RVs, it would be easy to blow an entire bag of gold on them. But RV boy needed that gold for all of the travel his family was planning. Sigh.

Thanks to the helpful input of experienced RV YouTubers and bloggers, RV boy was eventually able to wisely choose the RV tech products that would keep his family safe and make the most difference in their RV travel experience. He didn’t end up regretting a single purchase he made. (Yeah, pretty remarkable.)

And RV boy and his family lived happily ever after (well, about 1.5 years) in their beloved adventure capsule.

Safety, Convenience and Coolness

Alright, enough with RV boy. The truth is, I am RV boy. And I did buy lots of stuff for my RV before we hit the road. My primary consideration was safety, followed by convenience, and that is how I’ll present these RV tech products to you now.

We’ll start with items to increase your safety on the road, because that is of paramount importance. If you can’t keep yourself safe, convenience won’t even matter now will it?

After safety, we’ll cover some items in the convenience category and maybe even one or two in the “just plain cool” category. Might as well have some fun here!

Top 7 RV Tech Products for 2020

Safety, convenience, and coolness. Those are our top priorities for what to cover in this list of the top RV tech products for 2020. I believe you will find this list helpful, informative and hopefully a bit entertaining as well.

Which of these RV Tech Products Are Going On Your Christmas List?

We’ve given you plenty to think about here as you look forward to getting your RV fully prepared for “adventure season”“. Make sure that some of these items make their way onto your Christmas list this year, or we both know you are going to wish they did when RV season rolls around again.

Happy techie travels, my friend. Keep on TREKKN!


RV Tech Products for 2020

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