Our All Time Favorite Travel Trailer Accessories

Our Favorite Travel Trailer Accessories for Camping

When we first started RVing just a little over two years ago, we were 100% clueless when it came to travel trailer accessories for our shiny brand new Keystone Passport.

Saying we had a few questions was an understatement.

We had questions like…

  • What does every RV need?
  • Are travel trailer accessories and motorhome accessories the same thing?
  • Where is the best place to buy said RV accessories? Walmart, Amazon, Camping World…where?!
Our All Time Favorite Travel Trailer Accessories

But thanks to the wonderful group of people within the RV community we have met over the years, we received lots of helpful tips. Then we filled up our Amazon cart with supplies and gear for our travel trailer. We crossed our fingers and hoped we were ready with the right equipment for our life on the open road.

It didn’t take long for us to figure out what we needed for our travel trailer and what we didn’t. We got rid of a few things along the way. A few accessories became all-time must-have favorites. We were extremely happy to have those items. Which is why we want to share that list with you.

Also, if you’re brand new to RVing, take it from us – you can do this. The best way to learn how to RV and gain confidence with an RV lifestyle, is to get out there and start your adventure. Research and planning are extremely important, but there’s nothing like hitting the open road and experiencing it first-hand.

So, go purchase that travel trailer if you haven’t already. (A Keystone Springdale is a good one to start with.) Get the basic travel trailer accessories you need to hit the road. And go adventure!

Must-Have Travel Trailer Accessories

Most of the following travel trailer accessories we used day after day during full-time RVing. All of these RV accessories are specific to travel trailers. For an extensive list of supplies that also work for motorhomes, check out this list of general RV accessories.

Ok, let’s talk travel trailer accessories shall we?

1. Andersen Hitches Levelers

If your travel trailer doesn’t have leveling features, Andersen Hitches RV Levelers are an absolute must. Trust me when I tell you, they will save your sanity.

With this leveling system, you can level your travel trailer at the campsite on the first try. No hassle.

Andersen Hitches RV Leveler System

These drive-on levelers make trailer leveling fast, precise, and easy. Fit trailers up to 30,000 pounds with tires up to 32".

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RV Camping Accessories for Setting Up Camp

Watch this video to understand how the Andersen levelers work.

2. Tri-Lynx Levelers

We used Lynx Levelers in two different ways:

  • As a stable pad for the trailer tongue jack (normally 3-4 blocks)
  • As a solid platform to support our four stabilizer jacks (normally 3-4 blocks per jack)
Lynx Levelers

Set Lynx Levelers into a pyramid shape to your desired height and use as a support base for stabilizing RV and/or other equipment. Each set comes as a pack of blocks.

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3. Hitch Bar and Spring Bar Storage Kit

Instead of storing the weight distribution hitch and the spring bars on the ground, install the Hitchport Hitch Bar and Spring Bar Storage Kit.

To give you a better idea and look at this product, Todd put together a handy dandy video.

Hitchport Trailer Tongue Hitch Bar Storage Kit

Stainless steel mount that can be installed above or below trailer tongue frame is used to store weight distribution hitch bar when not in use. Fits 1-1/4", 1-5/8", and 2" hitch bars.

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Hitchport Trailer Tongue Spring Bar Storage Kit

Lightweight stainless steel mount that can be installed above or below trailer tongue frame to store weight distribution spring bars when not in use.

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4. Hitch Coupling Tool 

HitchGrip, an ergonomically designed tool, makes moving and attaching the ball mount to your RV, boat, horse or utility trailer easier than ever before. So easy, in fact, you can hook up and remove your hitch without getting down on the ground. What was once a greasy job is now a neat, clean, and simple task.

HitchGrip makes it easy on your back, too. By stabilizing the weight and evenly distributing the load, HitchGrip gives you enough leverage to lift the hitch with one hand. Just Lift and Go.

Hitchgrip Ball Mount Carrier
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5. Trailer Coupler Lock

Protect your trailer with this high-security trailer lock that features a patented mechanism. The lock is made of stainless steel and cast iron which makes it heavy duty and rust resistant.


Pictures provided on marketplaces online may be illustrative examples. Make sure you choose the right model for your trailer or caravan (RV) coupler size and type before purchasing.

RV/Trailer Coupler Lock

Fits 2 5/16" ball coupler with straight lip. Before purchasing, confirm the model is the right size and type for your trailer or caravan RV.

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6. Leveling Gauge

We used a handheld leveler for a year and a half and really wish we would have installed something like this.

This levelers are made with durable materials. Mount the leveling gauge to the trailer’s exterior using either the self-adhesion strip or screws. You can then use the easy-to-read display to monitor any tilt in the rig.

Stick-On RV Level (2 Pack)
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7. Trailer Backup Camera

Until we installed a backup camera, we relied on our two boys to be on the lookout and provide warning signals on each side of the trailer to help Todd back in.

During our travels, we talked to a lot of fellow travel trailer owners. Those who had backup cameras were extremely happy with the convenience and enhanced safety. We also had some conversations with people who had backed into things, wrecking their trailer. They were in our group of individuals who wished they had installed a backup camera.

If you have the money and you’re travel trailer is wired for a back-up camera, this is a no-brainer purchase.

Auto Vox RV Backup Camera

Wireless, 7" Monitor, rechargeable battery, split-screen camera can be used for simultaneous truck and trailer backup views.

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8. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This is one safety item we purchased before we left on our trip. Todd watched many videos of travel trailer owners talking about blowouts and the damage it caused their rig.

In addition to keeping you safe on the road by helping you avoid blowouts, a TPMS will extend the life of your tires if you pay attention to what it’s telling you.

We recently heard from a friend that their tire pressure monitoring system alerted them to a problem, most likely saving them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and a lot of stress.

TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Includes 10 transmitters

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9. Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

Why is a weight distribution hitch with sway control important? Etrailer.com explains it well:

A weight distribution system helps to ensure a smooth, level ride and allows you to tow to the maximum capacity allowed by your hitch. It also helps to correct tow vehicle sag, improve steering and stopping, and – when used with sway control – correct trailer sway.

Now, the price tag on these is not cheap.

What Todd ended up doing to save us some money, was purchase a slightly used Equal-i-zer hitch from a private party in our area. After having it professionally installed, it came close to the cost of the new hitch, but we had it installed and ready to go.

We’ve become very aware of travel trailers heading down the road that don’t have some sort of sway control hitch installed. They’re the ones you see who have a hard time keeping the trailer in their lane and also struggling quite a bit on windy days.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of traveling in your travel trailer, especially long distances, we highly recommend one of these hitches.

Both the Keystone Passport and these travel trailer accessories helped us have an amazing, safe and adventurous year and a half on the road! If you have any additional suggestions or feedback, please provide them in the comments below. We are always grateful to hear more recommendations from other great RVers!


Travel Trailer Accessories

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  1. It is wonderful that you explained a HitchGrip will give trailer owners a clean and easy way to safely carry and install our trailer hitch as it helps keep the grease off our hands and hinders us from straining our backs. My father owns a trailer and he often complains how the grease gets on his hands and will suffer from backaches. Since his birthday is coming up, I am going to buy a HitchGrip as a present.

    1. Hi Kristofer,

      Really glad my explanation helped you out and I can guarantee he will love it! One of the simplest and most useful devices I have come across for travel trailers.

      Take care!

  2. Concerning the Hitch Port. I disconnect the trailer from my truck then re-connect the ball and lock it. I put a lock on the receiver hitch end (the male end) so it can’t be connected to a truck without removing the locks then swing it out of the way. No greasy mess. If theft is attempted, I’ll hear them cutting the locks, and I’ll pray for their survival.

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