Exterior view of lightweight travel trailer with retractable roof.

RV Review: Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 2000lbs

There’s just something about a tiny trailer. Yeah, you know exactly what I mean.

Something about looking at these ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2000 pounds seems to kick up your wanderlust, making it almost impossible to sit still and play nice in your cubicle.

I feel your pain, I get it, I know the struggle. And I want to help. The best way I can help you is to point out some really solid options in this space so you can move forward with your research, planning, and hopefully buying.

Even if you’re not doing your research with the intention of buying, I understand why you want to read through our review of these small travel trailers. They are just too cute to ignore.

Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2000 Pounds

Believe me, I know from experience how important it is to find the right (light weight) travel trailer. When we started shopping for our first RV to live in full-time, I spent hours upon hours researching and touring travel trailers under 5000 lbs.

That was the maximum weight limit I set for a “home on wheels” for my family of five. So yes, I have firsthand experience and understand that weight is a critical factor when shopping for a new RV.

Let’s take a closer look at some amazing RVs that may work well for you. (If an inside toilet is a deal breaker, take a look at small campers with bathrooms.)

Top Travel Trailers Under 2,000 Pounds

When creating this carefully selected list, our goal was centered around giving you the best small travel trailer options on the market. So while there are many pop up campers under the weight limit of 2000 pounds, trucker campers and pop-ups are not travel trailers.

Accordingly, this list is narrow and focused on ultralite small trailers and teardrop trailers.

Scamp 13-foot and 16-foot Travel Trailers

If you’ve been looking at the small trailer market for any amount of time, there is little doubt that you have come across the Scamp brand. This popular brand is well known for innovative designs and unforgettable high quality.

Scamp offers two different lengths that fit our criteria to qualify and make it to our list of one of the best options on the market.

13-foot Scamp by Scamp Trailers

This well-known manufacturer makes both a 13-foot ultralite travel trailer AND a 16-foot model. Both options hit the scales at under 2000 pounds empty weight. I couldn’t quite believe it at first glance. So I double-checked to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Scamp 13′ Trailer Specs

Here are the general specs for the tiny 13-foot Scamp trailer:

  • Overall Height: 7′ 6″
  • Interior Height: 6′ 3″
  • Interior Width: 6′ 6″
  • Two floor plan options: With or without a bathroom
  • Empty Weight: 1200-1500 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 200 pounds

Standard Features

This great RV offers a comfortable and efficient way to travel and explore the outdoors using a smaller tow vehicle. The interior living space is designed with fiberglass cabinets that offer plenty of storage. Standard features include a 2-burner propane stove, kitchen sink, 45-Amp power converter, 12 volt water pump, small refrigerator, screen door, and 44″ bed.

Optional Features and Deluxe Edition

In addition to the great amenities offered in the standard 13′ Scamp trailer, you can opt to improve your RV lifestyle with a few extras. Optional features include a larger bed, air conditioner, 19,000 BTU furnace, solar panels, electric tongue jack, and a door step, among others.

Moreover, you could order your new RV with a sani potti and a sink in the bathroom.

Scamp also offers a Deluxe edition of the 13-foot travel trailer. With a 54″ bed, you’re sure to get a great night’s sleep. The Deluxe edition is prepped for A/C and includes additional storage space as well as a choice of Oak or Birch cabinets.

Scamp 16′ Travel Trailer Overview

If you’re more interested in the 16-foot travel trailer, no problem! She also weighs in under 2000 pounds. With this slightly larger living area, Scamp has designed 5 different floor plan options.

While it still qualifies as tiny home living, this little jewel includes several modern amenities. Enjoy a refrigerator, a stovetop, a compact bathroom, and U-shaped dinette table.

16-foot Scamp by Scamp Trailers

Scamp 16′ Trailer Specs

Here are the general specs for the Scamp 16-foot travel trailer:

  • Overall Height: 7′ 10″
  • Interior Height: 6′ 3″
  • Interior Width: 6′ 6″
  • Five Layout Options
  • Empty Weight: 1750-2000 pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 165 pounds

16′ Deluxe

Scamp offers a 16-foot Deluxe edition, which comes with Oak and Birch hardwood cabinets as well as a 10-foot awning. However, at up to 2600 pounds, it’s disqualified from our list. (Worth a look though, isn’t it?)

Warning: If you buy a Scamp Trailer, be prepared for some paparazzi! I can just about guarantee you will catch the eye of many onlookers eager to see this incredible tiny house.

Roulotte Prolite Travel Trailers

Listen, I’ve got to tell you that this next tiny travel trailer I am going to share with you has really got me excited…like, I’m ready to go track one down right now kind of excited.

Honestly, this is the first time that I’ve come across this travel trailer, and I am thoroughly impressed with absolutely everything I am seeing from the Prolite Travel Trailers so far.

Before we get too deep into this brand, I want to be sure you know that this is a Canadian company, based in Quebec. Can you get a new Prolite in the U.S.? Yes, but only in limited locations through Prolite’s US-based dealer network.

Image Credit: Roulotte Prolite

The Evasion model that you see above is actually the largest of the models that stay under our 2000 pound limit. But believe it or not, Roulotte has a total of 15 different travel trailer models ranging in weight from 590 pounds to 3700 pounds.

What’s more, 11 out of those 15 models are under 2000 pounds! You’ve got plenty to choose from here.

Honestly, their interiors are a little bit darker than I would prefer. But for overall functionality and quality I think they have nailed it.

As a side note, if you are interested in buying one of these beauties used instead of new, you can get on Roulotte’s mailing list to be notified of used models for sale. Used or new, I don’t think you can go wrong with a ton of quality packed in a tiny package that you find with Prolite travel trailers.

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Travel Trailer

If you have been operating or looking within the RV industry for any length of time, there is little doubt you have come across the popular Forest River brand.

Forest River Flagstaff Travel Trailer Overview

While Forest River has a plethora of RV model options to consider, only a select few are under 2,000 pounds. Let’s take a look at the Flagstaff E-Pro Series, which offers a model at 1,903 pounds (Unloaded Vehicle Weight).

The E-Pro travel trailers are designed to create the comfortable feeling of a spacious interior within a small package that is easy to tow.

Enjoy a carry out range and griddle to set up your outdoor kitchen!

Floor plan of lightweight travel trailer designed by Forest River
Image Credit: Forest River

Forest River Flagstaff E12S Travel Trailer Specs

  • Exterior Height: 7′ 3″
  • Exterior Length: 12′ 3″
  • Empty Weight: 1903 pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 200 pounds
  • Fresh Water: 20 gallons
  • Gray Water: 6 gallons
Image Credit: Forest River

Forest River Flagstaff E12S Standard Features

Despite the small space of this little beauty, it comes packed with many features to enjoy. The 6-sided aluminum cage construction houses vacuum laminated roof and walls, tinted frameless windows, and an aluminum cage dinette base and bed.

Enjoy roller shades, a 12 volt refrigerator, microwave, and an on demand water heater. The exterior includes two 20lb LP tanks, outside spray port, power awning, ground solar prep, polished alloy wheels, and a 200W roof solar panel with 1800W inverter.

You will have the option to upgrade your tiny trailer with a bike rack, slide topper, and an additional 200W roof solar panel.

Forest River R-Pod

The r-pod is a unique, affordable, travel trailer with the lowest tow weight in its class. With an exterior length of 15′, the RP-107C model has a CCC of 1926 lbs and UVW of 1789 lbs.

One great feature of the RP-107 is the queen-sized sofa bed combo. That is sure to allow anyone to have a great night’s sleep after a long hike or fishing adventure. Forest River didn’t forget to include the comforts of home. There is a TV and fireplace on the front wall.

Forest River R-POD Features

  • Exterior Length: 15′ 0″
  • CCC: 1926 pounds
  • UVW: 1789 pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 215 pounds
  • Fresh Water: 30 gallons
  • Gray Water: 0 gallons

Exterior and Interior Features

Built with aluminum framing and a tongue and groove subfloor, the R-POD 107 has a single piece fiberlass roof. Exterior features include cable and satellite hookup, friction hinge entranced door with a screen door, 20 lb propane tank (and tank cover), and a moonshade awning.

Interior features include a 4-speed Maxxair fan, butcher block countertops, 2-burner cooktop stove, and a refrigerator.


R-pod travel trailer floor plans and features are designed for the specific region within the United States where the trailer is sold. Standard features vary by region.

Teardrop Trailers Under 2000 Pounds

I’ll admit to you right here that I definitely have a weakness for these teardrop trailers. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but they just pull me in and get my “wander juices” flowing. Let’s take a look at a couple of strong teardrop trailer options available to you that stay under that 2000 pounds mark.

A nice feature here is that both of these trailers have options to upgrade your travel with an interior toilet.

Little Guy Micro Max Teardrop Camper

Be careful here: You can’t let the name of this unique teardrop camper fool you into thinking it can’t do the job. Nope, you should focus more on the “max” part of that name than the “micro”, because this one packs quite a punch indeed.

Image Credit: Little Guy Trailers

The Little Guy Micro Max by Little Guy Trailers is a serious contender in your quest for a rig that offers far more than its weight might tell you. With tubular steel chassis construction, Azdel panels and sidewalls, and block foam insulation, the Mini Max is constructed of high quality materials.

Enjoy plenty of natural light with the dual pane windows that open wider than traditional RV windows. This trailer is equipped with a 2″ rear receiver, enabling you to install a bike rack or storage rack for your camping equipment.

Little Guy Micro Max Standard Features

Here is a summary of the high quality features and general specs of the Little Guy Micro Max travel trailer.

  • Towable with small or mid-sized SUVs (some well-equipped crossovers)
  • 14″ premium tires with a 2-year warranty and roadside assistance
  • 5 insulated dual pane windows with shades and screens
  • 100% custom-built maple hardwood cabinetry
  • 40″ external storage compartment with LED lighting
  • 5,000 BTU window air conditioner
  • Cassette toilet or prepped with a porta-potty
  • Exterior Height: 6′ 10.5″
  • Interior Height: 5′ 9″
  • Dry Weight: 1860 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 260 pounds
  • Fresh Water: 12 gallons
  • Grey Water: 8.5 gallons
Interior view through window of Little Guy Micro Max travel trailer
Interior view of Micro Max by Little Guy Trailers

The interior is designed with integrated storage and a dinette in the rear of the trailer that converts to a twin bed or queen bed (depending on selected options).

As you can see, this little guy is no slacker! He has come to play, and if he doesn’t have your attention…then please pay attention because this ultra lightweight travel trailer might just be the answer to your prayers.

R Series by Safari Condo

Yes, I know I said that I would not be including any pop-up campers in this list of lightweight travel trailers. BUT, in my humble opinion, the Alto Teardrop Camper does not fall under the pop-up camper category. It’s not a pop-up, it’s a retractable!

Image Credit: Safari Condo

Before we get too deep into this ultra-light travel trailer option, I want to warn you that if you are prone to “sticker shock” you should sit down and brace yourself. The price of the Alto starts at more than $42,000.

I tend to lean toward (then quickly away from) the “sticker shock” side of things. This one was a bit hard for me to swallow. With that said, the Alto offers a lot of options for that price tag. I think this small space could work remarkably well as you check off your bucket list of national parks and outdoor adventures.

If you’re looking to enjoy your natural surroundings to the fullest, check out the images of the Alto. The panoramic moonroof lets in plenty of natural light. It’s an incredible living room that seems to bring the wilderness right indoors.

Image Credit: Safari Condo
  • Sleeps up to 3
  • 72″ x 76″ King Bed (twin convertible)
  • Fixed flush toilet
  • Exterior shower outlet
  • (Optional) 13-foot removable awning
  • Interior Height: 6′ 10″
  • Empty Weight: 1,949 pounds

Even if this isn’t the perfect travel trailer option for you, I am almost certain that you will still get quite a bit of enjoyment from looking at the details of this remarkable rig. It truly is like nothing you have ever seen before!

And by the way, they do have a couple of models with fixed roofs as well. One of them is also under 2000 pounds, so be sure to take a complete look at their site to get all of the details.

Safari Condo is a Canadian manufacturer. Contact Four Corners RV, a dealership based in Durango, Colorado for more information.

Other Small Travel Trailers

Casita 17-Foot Travel Trailers

When you look at a Casita Travel Trailer, you will immediately know that you are in for something good. You may also ask “Is that a Scamp trailer cousin?”

The similarities are undeniable in their overall shape, style, and construction. But, they are not manufactured by the same folks.

Image Credit: Casita Travel Trailers

Casita makes five different 17-foot travel trailer models. They are single-axle lightweight trailers with a lot of great amenities. However, none of the models meet our 2000 pound limit. That said, in the spirit of offering you up a comprehensive list of options for lightweight RVs, I thought it was worth including a review on Casita travel trailers.

Depending on the max tow package of your vehicle, these slightly larger trailers may be the perfect fit for your outdoor lifestyle.


Always check (then check again) your vehicle’s towing capacity before buying any RV.

Image Credit: Casita Travel Trailers

I have to tell you that the interior of the Casita trailers really impresses me. Overall, I feel like they have a cleaner and more modern look than the Scamp trailers. In addition, they are highly functional and use their tiny space incredibly well. Ultimately, it’s really about what your needs and preferences are, so seriously consider both of these tiny trailer contenders.

Here are the specs for the 17-foot Casita Spirit travel trailer:

  • Overall Height: 7′ 8″
  • Interior Height: 5′ 10″
  • Interior Width: 6′ 8″
  • Approx. Empty Weight: 1,970 pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 215 pounds

If you happen to be on the taller side of the spectrum, you should pay special attention to the interior height difference between the Casitas and the Scamps. Surprisingly, you lose 5 inches of interior height with the Casita. (To be fair, you do gain two inches of width in the living area.) So if you’re tall, your head might thank you for moving back to the Scamp options above.

With the Casita, you also add quite a bit to your hitch weight. So again, be sure and do your homework on all aspects of towing capacity before you make a purchase decision.

Try Before You Buy: Lightweight Travel Trailer Rentals

Pardon the interruption, but I think at this point you should be aware of our plan when it comes to finding the next RV that will be perfect for our needs. It might be exactly the idea you’re looking for.

The worst thing any of us can imagine is making the wrong choice when purchasing an RV. Nobody wants to end up with poor quality or pay for extra features we won’t use.

That is especially true for a full-time RV lifestyle, which is our hopeful plan. Accordingly, we are trying several different RVs on for size, from camper vans, to spacious travel trailers, to adventurous driveable motorhomes with plenty of space. By trying different models, we can ensure we will find the best recreational vehicle that fits our needs.

So, whether it’s a smaller trailer or a fifth wheel, ultimately we want a safe vehicle for every long trip and a great place to call home.

RV Rental Marketplace

Outdoorsy is our RV rental platform of choice. We have reviewed and rented through Outdoorsy multiple times and have been very pleased.

Here are a couple of ultralight travel trailers that currently rent for approximately $75-$100 per night. A weekend in one of these will be money well-spent. You will have a much better idea of whether this is a realistic RV option for your particular situation.

Plus, you will no doubt have a blast on a weekend adventure! The best way to conduct your research!

Image Credit: Outdoorsy

So, maybe it’s time for you to try before you buy. At least consider it as one reasonable option on your path to your next small travel trailer purchase!

Which Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailer Gets Your Vote?

Please, triple check and be 100% sure about your vehicle’s towing capacity before making a travel trailer purchase of any kind. I’ve heard too many horror stories of folks who made purchase decisions based on bad information and regretted it for a loooong time to come. Don’t do that.

Realize that you have to factor in the weight of the cargo that you will load the travel trailer up with before heading out on your adventure. Critical stuff to remember, my friend.

It’s probably pretty tough to vote for a single option out of this list. The manufacturers have managed to make these tiny adventure capsules into truly livable spaces. You essentially have no excuse if you’re not escaping to the nearest state or national park for weekend adventures in the very near future. It’s time to feed your wanderlust.

Do you own any of these travel trailers? We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback based on your adventures in one of these tiny homes. I know our readers love to learn from others who have firsthand experience.

Let us know in the comments which of these tiny travel trailers gets you most excited about an escape to the outdoors! And thank you for visiting TREKKN and for sharing your time with us.


Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2000 Pounds

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